The Other Stars - You Looked Better At The Party

FFO: Modern Baseball, Front Bottoms, Piebald, Menzingers


Sometimes I think when I was happy
I had just turned twenty and I met her at a party
I was starting to get all those funny feelings in my chest
and all those feelings in my chest won’t go away
And she said
“Connor, you should watch out because I’m bad news”
I said “I’ve been to hell and back, I think that I can handle you”
I guess that we’re all wrong sometimes
And if I get a cut I’ll bleed for a day
but this pain, it just won’t go away
it might not be a broken heart
but it’s a start
Now Joe got his new car and he’s driving south
Josie’s making stories up with her big mouth
Me, Derek, Matt and Tom are trying to move it all along
and break the audio surface tension with our songs
Dan’s in Milford, Eric’s nowhere to be found
I’m spinning circles, tipping bottles upside down
seems only yesterday we placed our bids on life
seems only yesterday that we were kids, alright
And if I get a cut I’ll bleed for a day
but this pain, it just won’t go away
it might not be a broken heart
but it’s a start
Oh, I am so drunk that it’s funny
but maybe it’s not as funny as we think?
no, it’s ok, cause we’re just joking
just silly kids, we took up smoking
Did I ever tell you just how sick I felt
when you were all fucked up on drugs and screaming in your prison cell?
It isn’t very funny anymore
when we get too fucked up and pass out on the floor
No, it isn’t very funny anymore

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The Potluck concert..

Was so FUCKING amazing. Even though I was there like 3 hours early, (thought the trip from Maine would be longer), me and my friend made the best of it and walked around Worcester. I didn’t realize the Palladium stage was only like 3 feet tall and had no gate in front of it. The bass in that place was pretty fucking great. The local opening groups were awesome. J Hornay was incredible. His performance was just awesome. He sat there and spit lyrics with people. He gave the front row Blunt Wraps and threw out quite a few. And one of his roadies gave me a free cd too(: Irv da Phenom, Sunspot Jones, and Glasses Malone all were great too. Glasses Malone killed it. You could tell he was drunk lol When he came out all you could smell was the alcohol. But Nothing compared to Potluck’s performance. UnderRated killed the 2 minute drill. It’s so much better live. And Ton and Garth were just as good. Last night blew my mind. I got pulled onto stage by Garth, along with the other girls in the crowd, for the last song(stoner bitch). That shit was crazy. I got to meet UnderRated and 1 Ton after. And they signed my cd. I honestly had no idea 1 ton was so tall. I personally am 5'3’’ and he had to be like 6 foot something. I felt so short lol. All in all it was a good night. Got a hat, a couple cds, and an i <3 Doobiez braclet. I honestly don’t think I could have had a more fun night.

Worcester, MA indie rock band The Other Stars channel The Front Bottoms and The Impossibles on new single Home Is Where You Make It.

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FFO: Modern Baseball, Piebald, The Front Bottoms

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