Worcester Gothic
  • the WAM declares a day of free admission, but only priests attend. they congregate in dark-robed knots, frowning at every installation with leaden disapproval.
  • they closed coes reservoir last year. they said it was an algae bloom, but the water is as clear as glass.
  • clark declares a new achievement scholarship for women in the sciences. the same day, holy cross shuts its gates and proclaims it will no longer accept students from outside its own grounds.
  • a WPD officer directs traffic in kelley square, tears glistening on his face as the traffic lights blink lies to him, only to him, in coded flashes.  “you will lose them,” they signal. “a great wind rises.”
  • a full-grown jaguar, mangy, blind in one eye, nearly catches a man in the vacant lot next to state liquor.  the man escapes, runs cackling down park, his coat left in the big cat’s jaws.
  • you call yellow cab and ask for a pickup. nine minutes later a cabby pulls up to the curb, hands you a battered suitcase, and then peels out. she fishtails off through the driving rain.
  • you step out your door and find yourself in a replica of your apartment. it is made from snow, every detail reproduced with exacting attention, every scuffed wall and scratched floorboard. it is cold. pure. perfect.
  • you tell your landlord there is black mold in the bathroom. he sighs.  he is silent for a long time. static crackles over the connection and at last he wets his lips and husks out, “good.”

MOTHERS NEWS READERS ARE THE BEST!!!!!!!!!!! shoutout to Patrick N who sent me this 3D print of the Burnside Fountain (aka “Turtleboy”), a public sculpture from my hometown of Worcester MA. more info on the sculpture here: https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Burnside_Fountain . and shoutout to our buddy newspaper Happiness Pony, who scanned this from the fountain and made the file available for download (via http://www.thingiverse.com/thing:93401 )


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