I don’t know why I never posted this before but I figured I’d let you guys in on some fascinating history from my hometown.
This statue in the center of the city, is commonly known as TurtleBoy as it represents a naked boy riding a flying turtle. It’s an unfinished fountain/statue that was sculpted by a schizophrenic artist by the name of Charles Harvey, who was the protege of Daniel Chester French, the artist responsible for Lincoln’s statue in the Lincoln Memorial. French was originally supposed to create this but he passed it on to Harvey, who soon after “finishing” the sculpture, slashed his own throat in Bronx Park because voices told him to do so.
Also, some time in the 1970s, the entire statue went missing and there was a full search. Months later it reappeared and no one knows how it happened. Anyways, this local landmark has such a long, scary history and 95% of us locals know it by the name of The Turtle Fucker.
So noble.


This may be a small, shaky cellphone video, but I truly believe it conveys the intensity of this tour. Thank you Stick To Your Guns, Thank you Worcester Mass. xx


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