Samples for handwriting. Taken from “The Instructor, or American Young Man’s Best Companion Containing Spelling, Reading, Writing, and Arithmetick” by George Fisher, published in 1786 by Isaiah Thomas, Worcester.

The original is now located at the Massachusetts Historical Society, Boston, Massachusetts.

So now, let’s take our nibs and pens and practice these to use in our Christmas cards! (OK, that will be another entry XD)

Hello, I’m back!

I’ve been a bit quiet on here, as I stopped studying last year with the Open University after receiving my a Certificate of Higher Education in Health and Social Care.

Thought I’d reappear (with a new blog name, since I’m no longer an OU student!), as I am going to be studying Occupational Therapy in September 2017! Definitely need to get my study brain back into gear. 🙈