Hey Guys,

due to a lot of upcoming bills  and a money hardship I’m in,  I’m opening commissions!
The pricelist is a guiding idea. There is a lot more I can do So if you have an unique idea, hit me and I give you an individual estimate of cost.
Instead of full body you can also have, waist ups and headshots, the prices will be less than described on the list (except animation).

Here are the rules:
- You know what you want, than e-mail me at wopanda@gmx.de with subject matter “commission request”. Tell me what you want, the more you describe the better I can do.
- Payment needs to be done up-front, only via Paypal and only after I accept your request.
- I preserve the right to accept or deny any request and once done.
- You can have any file you want, but if not specified you get an high-resolution .jpg
- If not specified, you get digital art
- Refund excluded

- You want me to animate your character, than I need a full body design of him or her. For walkcycles from the side you want him/her to be animated and for a turnaround at least from the front and one side. You don’t have a design, than make an additional request for a character sketch or colored character dependent on whatever animation you want (rough or colored).

This will help me a LOT! I’m looking forward to your requests.