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I literally just found you Kid!Quisitor stuff and just like... HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME FEEL IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME?! D: HOW DARE YOU! ;~; daddy Solas and daddy Varric and Sisterly Sera and just... ugh... too much for my soul D': (but I love it none the less... your art is amazing and I love the Kid!Quisitor comics. Can't wait to see more c:)

I can go from this:

To this:

Real quick.

<3 thank you by the way !!

Gunpowder II - Alfie Solomons

A shoot-out brings you and Alfie closer together.

Gunpowder pt. 2 - Alfie Solomons

Despite starting off as a secretary balancing books for Alfie Solomons it took only three months (and shooting Will in the arm) to move up the ladder. Ollie was, of course, his right hand man but Alfie was the first one to say that the only thing people suspected less than an errand boy was a secretary. So he started taking you with him on meetings. It was then that your relationship truly changed.

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                ❛ FUCKIN’ HELL —— ❜ he’s managed to escape the parade of cameras & questions, & it’s quite possible he pulled some of stitches in his arm. ( perhaps coming outside without any security was a BAD idea after all ). he’s in an unfamiliar place, breathing heavily. the freaking press. ❛ they’re FUCKING animals, ❜ he says, turning to his new company.