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I literally just found you Kid!Quisitor stuff and just like... HOW COULD YOU MAKE ME FEEL IN SUCH A SHORT AMOUNT OF TIME?! D: HOW DARE YOU! ;~; daddy Solas and daddy Varric and Sisterly Sera and just... ugh... too much for my soul D': (but I love it none the less... your art is amazing and I love the Kid!Quisitor comics. Can't wait to see more c:)

I can go from this:

To this:

Real quick.

<3 thank you by the way !!

                ❛ FUCKIN’ HELL —— ❜ he’s managed to escape the parade of cameras & questions, & it’s quite possible he pulled some of stitches in his arm. ( perhaps coming outside without any security was a BAD idea after all ). he’s in an unfamiliar place, breathing heavily. the freaking press. ❛ they’re FUCKING animals, ❜ he says, turning to his new company.