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Jihoon: I’m gonna play a song for you right now.

Jihoon: It’s called ‘My life so far’

Jihoon: *Takes a deep breath, plays a chord*

Jihoon: *SCREAMS*

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other versions: hoshi  | seungcheol 

  • the campus library has always had this old looking sofa chair on the second floor and usually,,,,,people would avoid it because it looks tattered and uncomfy
  • but,,,,,,,the ancient thing is right next to the only open power socket and tbh once you sit in it for a while,,,it’s actually not that bad
  • so during finals week - it’s like an all out WAR for that dumb chair because everyone wants to charge their laptop and sit in some contorted position while typing their essays last minute
  • and you’ve devised a system for snagging that chair - all you have to do is get there ten minutes before opening and BAM running up the stairs to the second floor - throwing your backpack onto the chair - and you’re good for the next,,,,,,,,,,6-8 hours 
  • it’d worked for three semesters straight until,,,,,,at some point you got there and instead of it being empty,,,,,,,,there was this guy
  • and there he was,,,sitting blankly typing away,,,,hands moving quickly across the keys and earphones in 
  • but,,,how could he be there???? Earlier than you??? the library TECHNICALLY just opened and he hadn’t been waiting outside like you were
  • so,,,,,,cautiously you go up and tap his shoulder
  • with an almost deadpan expression he pulls his earbud out and goes “what?” 
  • you crinkle your nose and motion to the chair “,,,,,did you sleep here?” 
  • sensing your disdain about the chair a small smirk tugs at his lips and shaking some blonde hair from his eyes he goes
  • “no. i work here so i have these-”
  • out of his pocket he pulls out a set of keys, the tag that hangs from the side reads ‘library’ and your eyes narrow
  • “that’s not fair - this chair is sacred during finals and it should be anyones-”
  • “aren’t you the person who waits outside the library a half hour early to get it, that isn’t fair either.”
  • speechless you look at him and blink. the boy just grins and puts his earbud back in and you turn away deciding that whatever you’ll go use another-
  • but then you realize spending fifteen minutes bickering with him has guaranteed no spots left,,,,
  • and this persists for the entire first week of finals - you do your usual ‘early bird gets the chair’ thing but EVERYTIME he’s there
  • with his expensive looking laptop and perfectly neat blonde hair and music textbooks and pretty cute eyes i mean no what pretty dumb ,,, eyes???
  • but finally,,,,,you crack 
  • the monday of a big essay due for the only class you’re really worried about you march your way over to that old chair
  • and the boy is there,,,,this time no laptop just scrolling aimlessly through his phone and you stand in front of him and you’re like “this might be childish, but i will result to it if i have to. please let me use this chair or else,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,,i will just sit in your lap.”
  • the boy looks up at this,,,running his lips over his tongue and tilting his head because “you wouldn’t dare.”
  • and you’re like honestly. hOnestly im tired. im tired of sitting on the floor of the library next to 594073 other kids waiting to fight like a pack of wolves over the first free outlet and if i have to sit on some guys lap to get this hellish essay done then,,,,,,,,,,fuck it i dont care
  • instead of getting up like you expect,,,he just chuckles and shakes his head leaning back in the chair and going “i don’t believ-”
  • but just like that you sit right down, looping one arm around his neck and the other balancing your laptop on your knees and you’re like “this essay is a twenty pager so get ready.”
  • twitching the guy nudges you a bit but you’re like “not moving” and he’s like “listen,,,,,,if you just wanted an excuse to sit in my l-”
  • and you’re like nO you jerk i wanted this chair fair and square ok so seriously you can get up and let me have it and this will be over
  • but instead you suddenly feel his arms wrap around your waist and you’re like huh,,,,,,
  • and he’s like “well it’s not that bad.”
  • and you’re like no WAY HOW INFURIATING CAN HE-
  • but then you feel him rest his chin on your shoulder and he’s like 
  • “my finals are done so you don’t mind if i nap right?”
  • and you’re like at a loss for words because what- just get up what is he doing????
  • “im woozi by the way.”
  • “why the heck are you introducing yourself to me and why don’t you just get-”
  • “im not letting this opportunity go to waste, you’re cute and you’re the one who sat in my lap first soooo,,,,,”
  • you open your mouth to think of a comeback but,,,,,,wait - did he just call you cute????
  • and you’re like “,,,,,by any chance were you just sitting here the whole week because you knew id come here everytime?
  • with no reply woozi rubs his cheek against your shoulder and yawns
  • “sure, but seriously - im gonna nap ok?”
  • you shake your head looking at him,,,,,,,,and you know when he’s not smirking at you like he knows everything in the world,,,,he is kinda cute??
  • but you try to chase away the thought and focus on your essay but just as you start typing you hear him go
  • “,,,,,,,,,don’t know what the library rules on pda are so we both might get kicked out of this chair,,,,,,,,,” 

Wonwoo: Could you pass the salt?

Mingyu: I would… but I don’t think Jihoon would appreciate being picked up.



request: accidentally sending smutty fanfic to your crush, vocal unit. Sorry for the wait!

smut used: Woozi | Jeonghan | Joshua | Seungkwan | DK

If Hoshi was Woozi's dog
  • Hoshi: WAT DOING
  • Woozi: Nothing. I just stood up.
  • Hoshi: WHERE GO
  • Woozi: I'm literally walking 3 feet away. I'm not even leaving the room.
  • Hoshi: CAN I COME
  • Woozi: I mean sure but I'm literally just-
  • Hoshi: I COME TOO
  • Hoshi: WAT DOING
  • Woozi: I need to open this door.
  • Hoshi: I HALP
  • Woozi: No but you're in front of the door. Move please.
  • Hoshi: I HALP
  • Woozi: Sigh.
  • Hoshi: WHERE GOING
  • Woozi: I am going right back to the exact place I was sitting a second ago.
  • Hoshi: CAN I COME
  • Woozi: Sure.
  • Hoshi: I SIT IN LAP
  • Woozi: No please don't you are-
  • Hoshi: I SIT IN LAP
  • Woozi: No there's no room and-
  • Hoshi: LAP
  • Woozi: No, sit on the floor and I'll pet you.
  • Hoshi: RIGHT HERE
  • Woozi: That's literally on top of my leg.
  • Woozi: I am petting you. One second, let me just grab my glass-
  • Woozi: I literally am petting you, I just needed a drink-
  • Woozi: I AM
  • Hoshi: I SIT IN LAP
  • Woozi: .......
SVT- Click a Prince: Intro

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Series: Click a Prince 

Member: OT13 x Reader 

Status: Complete

“You have to marry.” The words that your nanny had said to you before closing the carriage door reverberated in your ears, plaguing what had been the worst nap you had ever had.

The bumps along the road reminding you how long the different kingdoms had been waiting for this moment, the bethronment between one of the thirteen kingdoms and your own. Before any of you had been born, during the years of treaty, the fourteen kingdoms had decided that on the 100th anniversary of the peace, the oldest princesses would marry one of the chosen princes fromt the other thirteen kingdoms.

It was bullshit, having your destiny decided before you were even born.

The tree branches scratched the carriage, and the greenery seemed like it wanted to invade your personal space. No one had even been down these roads since they had been built, for all you knew you were actually down the road to death. Or worse…sacrifice, but giving up your freedom to some random prince was sacrifice as well, so why not.

The carriage came to a stop and you stole a peek from the curtained windows. Thirteen different carriages circled a fountain that no longer looked in use.  

“Princess.” The coach master opened the door and extended his arm to help you down. You looked at your bags which were no longer tied to the roof of the carriage and instead were laid in front of you.

“These will be taken to your room immediately. The princes are already inside as it is time for lunch; they are waiting for you inside the dining hall.” He bowed and walked to the entrance, pausing only long enough for you to get the idea that you were supposed to follow him.

Once inside you realizing how misleading the gothic styled castle had actually been. It was far larger than it had seemed. Medium sized windows with curtains that reached the ground, but a large ceiling dome window that kept natural light inside took your breath away.

“Four floors high madame, of course you will reside on the third floor until your marriage day. The princes will sleep on the second floor.”

“Ah, very well.” You replied stiffly as the stationed butler bowed and lead you toward two tall wooden doors.

Two maids bowed before opening the doors simultaneously, rushed words coming from inside. The energy that had been inside suddenly disappeared and instead a pregnant silence took hold of the atmosphere.

With your ruffled dress, as best you could, you marched inside heading toward the south end of the table, where the queen normally sat. For years you had seen your mother sit confidently in these chairs and know it was your turn.

Your eyes passed over each of the prince in front of you. None of them had chosen to sit on the future king’s chair and you couldn’t help but feel a tad bit hurt.

“Please sit.” You motioned to chairs. It felt like a business meeting from the way that the one at the far left side nodded at the others. He was dressed his kingdoms colors, gray and black that met together in on his military coat; gray coat, black cuffs, and black buttons that swung a string across each one to tie them together.

“We’ll introduce ourselves from oldest to youngest. I’m Prince Seungcheol.” He bowed then sat down.

“Prince Jeonghan.” The prince with a turquoise and white jacket like Prince Seungcheol said then sat down. You quickly gazed at all of them, noticing that they all wore the same type of jacket but in different colors.

“Prince Jisoo.” The salmon-black, brown haired boy said.

“Prince Jun.” The red and black clad boy bowed.

“Prince Soonyoung.” A purple-black boy smiled cheekily.

“Prince Wonwoo.” The tall midnight blue and black boy bowed slightly.

“Prince Jihoon.” The shortest one said, dressed in lime green and white combination.

“Prince Dokyeom.” A ball of sunset orange, black, and smiles grinned in your direction.

“Prince Mingyu.” A shy puppy-like boy smile adorned the tallest one, who was dressed in  peach and white combination.

A figure dressed purely in black, smiled lightly “Prince Minghao.”

A burgundy-black figure clapped him on the back, “I’m Prince Seungkwan,” he smiled gently and nodded at you.

“Prince Hansol.” The boy dressed in light brown and white smiled shyly but met your eyes anyways.

Only one remained, the youngest.

He was about to introduce himself but Prince Jeonghan interrupted him. “That’s our baby! We call him Dino.” He loudly proclaimed, earning himself a red faced boy.

“I’m Prince Chan.” He smiled awkwardly, rubbing his neck with one hand, and sinking into the plush chair. His baby blue and white jacket clashing with his red face.

You smiled at them as they dug into their food. “We look like a circus with all these colors.” They chuckled agreeing with you.

You eyed the soup in front of you, feeling distressed because of the boys in front of you. How were you supposed to choose.


Pick your Prince:

Prince  Seungcheol

Prince  Jeonghan

Prince  Jisoo

Prince  Jun

Prince  Soonyoung

Prince  Wonwoo

Prince  Jihoon

Prince  Dokyeom

Prince  Mingyu

Prince  Minghao

Prince  Seungkwan

Prince  Hansol

Prince  Chan 

Soulmate AU (Woozi)

Fluff, but not quite the happy-go-lucky kind. At the age of 17, a tracker appears on your inner wrist, showing the distance between you and your soulmate. For many it’s an enjoyable adventure to find their soulmate, but for Lee Jihoon it’s only a source of uneasiness to see that the distance shown on his wrist continues decreasing.

A/N: … I’m pretty sure this was requested as fluff and this is not perfectly fluffy bUT this is how it turned out and I hope you all like it! and as you can see from the note below, I can’t seem to write anything short these days.

» If you’re using the tumblr app and can’t see the scenario, which is under a “keep reading”, please try opening the post in your phone’s internet browser (or a computer)! 💕

» 4,601 words

“Look, like I’ve told you, I don’t want to find my soulmate.”

Soonyoung looked at one of his closest friends, Jihoon, with wide eyes, and the others in their group could see him become smaller at Jihoon’s outburst.

“W-why not? Don’t you want to know what it feels like to be with the person you’re destined to be with?” Soonyoung asked, stuttering a little; for someone so harmless-looking, Jihoon had quite likely the scariest aura he had ever encountered when he was upset.

Everyone aimed their expectant eyes to Jihoon, who merely shrugged, visibly annoyed. “I have better things to do. If I meet them, I suppose I’ll take it, but I’m not fond of finding them.”

At that, Joshua pouted a little. “Doesn’t it mean anything that it’s highly likely that there’s someone out there, searching for no one but you?”

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Dating Woozi would be like...

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  • purest little shit ever
  • doesn’t fall in love easily but develops a crush fast
  • has a huge grin on his face when he realizes he’s fallen for you, probably lets out a lighthearted laugh
  • makes up small conversations and scenarios in his head with you
  • this is probably how he gets inspired
  • likes to write about/to you
  • actually nobody really realizes he has feelings for you
  • well, only when he really tries to spend time with you alone
  • which consists of him being a bit shy - but bubbly and manly towards you
  • genuinly worried about you if you’re late or you don’t feel good
  • probably calls his mom and asks what are the good cures for your sickness if you fall ill
  • tries to keep his little crush a secret as long as he can before the guys start teasing him about it
  • loves to feel the heat that comes from your hands when you’re holding hands
  • or if your hands are cold then he uses it as a cute reason to hold your hands
  • uses a really covered confession, or something with double meaning so if you don’t listen carefully you might not catch it
  • he expects you not to
  • but if you do… boy is shocked
  • hugs you really tight
  • still likes to hold your hand
  • and does it more often
  • doesn’t tell the guys you’re dating - they wil figure it out
  • smiles/laughs at their reactions
  • doesn’t mind if you spend time in the studio with him, but he prefers you not to.
  • loves any kind of food you bring to him - let it be made by you or ordered
  • but not when he has to diet
  • but if you bring him food that is still ok to eat while he’s on diet then everything’s fine
  • probably shares it with you
  • insists on feeding you
  • lets you feed him, just don’t drip sauce or the food anywhere
  • likes to keep things neat
  • especially if you moved together
  • I think he likes a smaller apartment with a lot of light and bright colors - mostly white.
  • wants a huge couch you both can lay down and relax
  • kind of wants an classical piano near it
  • sleeps way better with you beside him
  • feels protected and loved when you’re the big spoon
  • but loves to big spoon you
  • although his favorite position is when your facing him and just lay in eachothers arms
  • likes to stay in bed a little late
  • maybe when he can’t sleep he will get up and play the piano, but he doesn’t want to wake you up or get complaints from the neighboors
  • likes to spend time with you outside doing whatever you’d like
  • wants you to show him your favorite places
  • excited to travel with you, plans everything out yet you almost do everything spontaneously
  • likes to surprise you with flowers, chocolate or a cute bear
  • when he feels ready he tells you that he wants to take your relationship to the next level
  • and he does that thing where he puts a collar or something like that in a box
  • but then you open it and ‘oh’
  • literally happy with any kind of pet
  • but I think he’d prefer a cat or a dog, not a puppy
  • likes to comb his fingers through your hair
  • lives for backhugs - more on the giving side though
  • once in a whike he feels like making food for you
  • but you end up helping him and it’s really cute
  • nervous when you visit his family
  • although they probably know about you and already love you from what they heard, he wants it to go perfectly
  • you have to sooth his nerves a lot of times, actually. in everyday life too
  • he tends to stress, overthink and overwork himself
  • feels weak when he feels like his not enough, and probably questioned your relationship once or twice
  • really excited to meet your family, although he’s thinking too much about it
  • but it goes well
  • kinf of the jealous type
  • but not in the sense of not trusting you
  • more like he thinks he’s not someone good enough for you
  • so he always gets afraid you’re going to leave him for someone new
  • but all of this vanishes the moment you kiss him
  • if he can’t be with you because of his schedules he always texts you, ask if you’ve eaten or if everything’s alright
  • feels really bad when you’re sick and he can’t stay with you

- shiho

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I read your mermaid au for bts and monsta x~ if you havent yet can you do a mermaid au for seventeen's woozi/jihoon please~ your mermaid aus are absolutely beautiful and i love reading them all the time 💙💖💙

thank you!! here is a mermaid!woozi

  • the new winter cold makes everything seem a little duller to you, especially the forest lake
  • it’s been frozen over, a layer of ice blocks you from seeing the little fish you are sure have fled off to some warm ocean
  • people use it to ice-skate now,,,,,seemingly forgetting how beautiful it looks when it’s open, free, and moving
  • and you don’t really want to ice-skate, but a group of friends drags you along and you end up stumbling on the thin ice,,,,,sure that at any moment it might break and the freezing water underneath with swallow you whole
  • but,,,,,it doesn’t break,,,,,,,,,,and your friends all laugh at your childish fear,,,,,,
  • until you see it,,,,,,the reflection of a face in the ice
  • at first you jump back, startled and almost falling on your skates
  • you look around and no one seems to have seen what you did
  • so you look again,,,,,,,and cover your mouth with your hand
  • beneath the ice is a handsome boys face, not frozen - just peeking up through the clearer part of the frost
  • his black hair dusts his forehead in the gentle push of the water around him, his eyes like two pools of midnight staring up at you curiously,,,,,,,
  • but then they narrow and you see him trying to mouth something
  • you lean in close,,,,,not aware of how that might look to the other people here to skate
  • and try to read his lips,,,,,,,
  • “b-br-breaking? what’s breaking? the? the mice? the dice? OH THE IC-”
  • before you can finish speaking, you hear a crack
  • AND WELL,,,,,,,,,,,,,,
  • the ice shatters beneath you, a clean drop right into the cold waters beneath
  • and no layer of clothing that you’re wearing, no scarves or boots or jacket can help keep you warm
  • not until you feel hands wrap around you - another body against yours in the cold,,,,,,,
  • you hear people call your name from above,,,,,,but the shock of the water makes you clam up,,,,,,closing your eyes to lean into the person who is holding you
  • the only source of something slightly warm in a dark, cold water
  • when you open your eyes again,,,,you’re home - your friends fussing around you and you’re not wet or cold - you’re in a blanket,,,,,,
  • in your house,,,,,,,,,
  • “we had to drag you out, thankfully you didn’t just sink to the bottom!!”
  • you sit up, “what about,,,,,,,what about the other person? whe-where is he?”
  • everyone gives you a look, “what other person? no one else fell in?”
  • you open your mouth, about to say- no, someone was already under there, someone who lived there ,,,,,,,,,,,,,a mermaid,,,?
  • but you close it again and shake your head,,,,,,the memory of the boy in the water who saved you stays in your head
  • till it’s finally spring, and you visit the lake again
  • there are little flowers on the banks of the water, the ice is completely gone and you can see small fish in the shallows
  • greenery and moss are sprouting back up,,,and then,,,,,,,,
  • “you’re the fool who fell through the ice, be careful and don’t fall into the lake too.”
  • you turn your head to see someone seemingly leaning against a nearby rock in the water, his apathetic gaze on you
  • “are - are you -”
  • he looks away, uninterested and you see the gills on the underside of his jaw,,,,they’re surrounded by scales of an olive and silvery tone
  • “wait,,,,,,,did you just call me a fool????”
  • you backtrack and this gets him to smile, if only a little bit
  • he dips under the surface of the water and you try to follow his reflection on the side of the lake
  • “hey, hey,,,,,,,come back here!”
  • you call out and then his head comes up again, those eyes that had looked up at you through frost stare at you now - close and without a barrier
  • like this, you see the clearness of his skin, although shimmering with the wetness of the water
  • “only a fool would skate on thin ice.”
  • he shrugs, his shoulders coming out of the water “yeah, but only you fell in.”
  • you ,,,,, aren’t sure how to dispute that, but just give him a small glare instead
  • again, he finds it funny and laughs,,,,,,,so much for mermaids being magical, peaceful creatures
  • “but,,,,,,,,,thanks. you know,,,,,,for catching me in the water and not letting me drown,,,,,,”
  • you say, trying to be the bigger person
  • this seems to catch him off guard, his eyes darting to the side
  • “it,,,it was nothing. just don’t fall again because i might not catch you this time.”
  • “that???? is so mean??????”
  • he chuckles a bit louder, but you can hear in it that it’s a joke 
  • something tells you that if you did fall in ,,,,,,,, he would do the same thing as he did in the winter. he’d save you.
  • “what,,,,,what’s your name?”
  • you suddenly ask and he stops chuckling,,,,he hesitates
  • for a split second you think he’s just going to dive back down into the water and disappear but then slowly he tells you it
  • “woozi. and no, it  doesn’t mean anything in ‘mermaid language’,,,,,”
  • you fluster because ok,,,maybe you were going to ask that,,,,but you shake it off and say thank you again, except this time you add his name and 
  • woozi,,,,,,sinking a bit against the water mumbles that it’s nothing - he already said that
  • you might have made it up, but you think his face gets softer - his voice too
  • but you sit down near the bank and ask “so,,,,,,how do you not freeze under here when it’s winter?!?!”
  • his face returns to a ‘are-you-serious?’ expression and he says something among the lines of just when you were proving he was wrong about  calling you a fool,,,,,,,,,,,
  • you knit your eyebrows together “do mermaids not have manners?!?!?” 
  • this continues for a while, and sure woozi is definitely disagreeable if that’s the word for it, but he’s a mermaid - who saved you - and there isn’t much else to say except for the fact that he’s also pretty,,,,,,darn cute