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[Ep29] The one and only in the world, my wife SeYoung, I love you.

WooYoung’s video message to SeYoung.


Happy birthday.
For the one and only in this world, my wife SeYoung, I prepare this video message. I was very touched by the birthday gift you gave me. I am really appreciated. My gifts today might not be perfect but I hope you really like it. Happy birthday. My wife, I love you!

SeYoung was mumbling:

I can’t watch this.
Oh, your looks so nervous.
You are really nervous. (but she is nervous too)
What? What are you talking about? (WooYoung was murmuring…)

They are so cute!!!!!!
He even dressed in blue and wrapped the gift in blue paper.
Let SeYoung sat on blue chair.
That’s SeYoung’s favorite color.
He tried his best to make her happy on her birthday.
And how many times did he say I love you that day?

My ship is sailing…..


[Ep32] 2Young preview for next week..

WooYoung just can’t help it, he just has to kiss her and hug her tightly like that.
And look at SeYoung’s hand….on his back of neck again!!!
He looks like he is madly in love..his eyes…his smiles….

Rolling on the floor and asking: When is Saturday gonna come!?


[Ep27] Baby girl, you don’t need no pillow!

Come to me!” WooYoung said to SeYoung. (kekekeke)
(Let’s playing Luther Vendross and Marvin Gaye songs as background)
WooYoung is ready for some action!

But SeYoung’s shocked reaction is too funny. I can’t stop laughing!

P.S The last gif is from last week preview.
Their body were so much closer to each other and her hand….
sob sob……


Favorite 2young fancam of all from yesterday filming.

Camera is not rolling.
Pretty maknae PD(?) is in the front.
Staffs are busy controlling the crowds.
Fans/cameras everywhere.

But they are in their own bubble again.
He is still looking at her and hugging her tightly (and probably calming her down).
The “baby” SeYoung’s aegyo (that MBC was trying to hide the whole time) was finally out in full force (in this fancam)!

fancam cr: cherrychoihy

2 gifs added.
Tumblr has 1mb gif limitation so I cut the animation short, but now I think WooYoung’s reaction toward SeYoung’s aegyo deserved some highlight.

He was very happy!