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"Big Bang, 2PM" - a glance at Hallyu star's daily life. Naver launches "V" in August

Starting from August Naver launches a new video streaming service “V” that will showcase starts who represent Korea. On July 1st, Naver announced that it will start a video service “V” that is based on the “celebrity personal live broadcast” concept. “V” is expected to be accessible through mobile applications, and it is also expected to have an English version, as it targets users globally.

Through the “V” service, users will be able to check the everyday life of a star, which would otherwise be really hard to access in normal circumstances. Such Hallyu stars as Big Bang and 2PM are expected to take part in the project.

Naver Entertaintment & Lifestyle Center director Park Sunyoung said that “Through “V” you will be able to see frank and honest appearances of the Hallyu stars, and we are expecting it to contribute to the spread of the Kpop popularity and Hallyu contents globally.”

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2PM dominate Oricon's 'Weekly Chart' and Tower Records' 'DVD pre-order chart'!

This is 2PM we’re talking about, and this boy group doesn’t simply top one chart at a time.

2PM’s newest album ’No.5’ is ranked number one on Oricon’s ‘Weekly Chart’ and their ’World Tour 'Go Crazy in Seoul’ concert DVD is also ranked 1st on Tower Records’ 'World Pre-Order Chart’!

Their concert DVD includes footage from their October concert last year with special interviews from the 2PM members! No wonder it’s ranked first on the pre-order chart. The DVD will be released on July 10.

And as you’ve likely listened to 2PM’s album 'No.5’, there’s no need to explain why it’s so good and why it’s topped the Oricon chart.

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