“yo también le di galaxias, a quien no merece ni una estrella, yo también le di flores, a quien no sabe cuidarlas, yo también le escribí, a quien no sabe leer, yo también le di todo mi amor , a alguien que no supo aprovecharme, yo también le di pintura a quien, a quien solo quería ladrillos ”

Cream Soda Nights Part 3 (Reggie Mantle x Reader )

Okay so I have finally completed part 3 for Cream Soda Nights and I am not sure if I want to end the story there or continue on. Please give me your thoughts after reading it, if you want more I will write more and if not I will leave it. Also I keep in mind that I am writing all of this on my phone so I am super sorry if I have missed typos!

Please enjoy part 3!

Cream Soda Nights

You stood frozen to your spot in front of the fridge with Mantle the magnificent hugging you tightly. You hugged him back, enjoying the contact. It seemed that the hug was going to last forever but the sound of knocking brought you back to reality.

Reggie pulled away from you, clearing his throat he took a bottle from your hand.
Looking up at Reggie with wide eyes you heard another knock on the front door.

Setting the other bottle on the counter, you walked to the front entrance and opened the door revealing Archie Andrew’s concerned face.

“ Y/N are you okay? What happened in the closet? Where’s Reggie?” Archie rambled, rushing to embrace you in a warm hug. You hugged him back, holding onto your sweet friend, hoping that the events from earlier that night would disappear from your memory.

“ I’m fine Archie, thank you for saving me from Chuck and his perverted hands.” You said pulling away from Archie and placing a hand on his cheek. His eyes softened and he started telling you what happened after you and Reggie left.

He went on about how Cheryl slapped Chuck so many times that the other guys had to drag him away from any more violence. You cringed at how far Cheryl went to avenge you but at the same time you were delighted to know she loved you so much. Archie start telling you some jokes he thought would comfort yoy, making you laugh was his specialty.

Giggling, you heard Reggie clear his throat from behind you.

Turning around to face Reggie you tripped and stumbled into him, causing him to catch you and Archie to chuckle at your intoxicated state.

“Well I’ll get going, it looks like Reggie will be able to take care of you.” Archie said as he walked out of your house.

Reggie was still holding you although you had regained what little balance you had. Looking up at him you saw his eyes still staring at the door, almost glaring.

“Reggie?” You asked, slurring his name slightly. He looked down, eyes softening instantly.

“Yeah?” He spoke softly into your ear.

“I’m going to puke.” You announced, surprising him. You pointed towards the bathroom and began to move away from him until he picked you up, bridal style and carried you. Shocked, you blushed beet red and noticed a pale red make its way onto Reggie’s cheeks too.

Setting you down in front of the toilet, Reggie rang out a face cloth he had soaked underneath the tubs faucet. Placing the cold cloth to your forehead, you felt relief from the fever that had washed over you. Suddenly you felt your mouth watering and you positioned your face above the toilet and let the putrid liquid spew forth. Reggie pulled your hair out of your face and chuckled.

Once you finished heaving the contents of your stomach into the porcelain bowl you turned to face Reggie, he smirked as he wiped your mouth clean with the damp cloth. Still feeling feverish you decided it was best to strip off the warm clothes yoy were wearing. The first thing off was Reggie’s letterman jacket that he had covered you with earlier in the night. The next was your shirt, as you began to start pull off your shirt you heard Reggie gasp and pull the fabric back down.

Looking up at Reggie you made a soft whine.

“I’m hot!” You declared, trying to pull your shirt off again.

“I know, but you should keep that on.” Reggie said, his infamous smirk gracing his features.

You huffed crossing you arms across your chest. Chuckling, Reggie picked you up and had you direct him to your room. After Reggie entered your room, he laid you on your bed and left quickly needing to get you some water. You took the chance and wriggled out of the warm and constricting clothing. Once satisfied, wearing only your panties, you rolled over onto your tummy and closed your eyes.

A loud noise jolted you out of your drunken haze and you turned over to see what it was. Reggie stood in the doorway, face bright red and mouth agape. He was shocked at how very naked you were. Not realizing what was wrong with the situation you sat up and rubbed your eyes, making Reggie inhale sharply and turn around.

“C-can you uh cover up?” He stuttered with neverousness. Finding his nervousness cute you giggled and hopped off your bed, grabbed a tank top and put it on.

“All done!” You declared happily, Reggie sighed and turned around again. Satisfied with you being somewhat clothed he picked up the bottle of water he dropped and opened it for you to drink.

“Okay, drink all of this and go to sleep.” Reggie ordered, face still red.

“Will you sleep with me?” You asked, the alcohol making you more courageous to voice your thoughts.

You definitely had a crush on Reggie but you never really got to see him without his possè or girls around him. The alcohol and being alone made your feelings more evident.

“Uh how about I cuddle you until you fall asleep?” Reggie asked, eyes wide and face flushed once again.

You hummed with joy as you pulled up the blankets for the both of you to lay under. Reggie hestitantly got under the covers and snuggled beside you, both of you facing each other. His arm slipped under the pillow your head was on and you cuddled closer, gazing up at him with hazy eyes. He smiled at you and you soon slipped into a deep sleep.

Reggie gazed at you, love and tenderness held within his eyes. He had been in love with you ever since you stood up for him in grade six against some classmates that were bullying him. He had hoped you two would become closer over the years but the Blossom twins never did let anybody get very close to you. But here he was, in the same bed with the who he thought wsd most gorgeous girl in the world. He couldn’t help himself as he whispered “I love you” and kissed your forehead before he too fell asleep.


So is that the end? What do you think?