Tumblr Crushes: these fine folks all seem like really cool people that I would probably enjoy hanging out with.

Also: These are some of the fine folks I know IRL and I do enjoy hanging out with.

I also have to say, I see myself show up on peoples tumblr crushes list a pretty good amount, and that really blows my mind. Not in a self deprecating "my blog sucks" kinda way. My blog is totally awesome. It’s just that what I post about changes so drastically from week to week. It’s not very consistant, so thanks for being interested in whatever inane bullshit I happen to be interested in, and for giving a damn (or at least for clicking that little heart on my posts).

Really though, anyone reading this is pretty cool in my book. Tumblr is apparently full of awesome folks (I know that’s not entirely true, but the ones I’ve found have been). You guys sometimes make me forget that the internet is full of assholes. I mean that. I hope everyone enjoys time with their friends and family this weekend (or alone, if that’s what you’re into)



My pickup line will now be “Hey, I know someone who was born in the same hospital as you. Also, do your feet hurt? Cause you’ve been standing on stage for a long time and I’m genuinely concerned.” Thanks Vanessa.