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it must be the place

that is the song that was playing!

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And everyone wears jorts always.

That’s what I was wearing!

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paying too much for burgers and fries and wishing you were eating in-n-out… sounds like hell to me

I disagree with all of this.

woothesaloon-deactivated2012051  asked:

Dierks Bentley, Sam Roberts, The Trews

(with all appropriate caveats)

I’m afraid I really can’t go higher than an adequate… I hate the Trews (and most recent Canadian rock music tbh), never got into anything Sam Roberts did after, like, that one single where he sounds like Perry Farrell (which is kind of a weird thing for me to find appealing!), and only ever really liked Dierks Bentley when Jonathan screwed and chopped “Settle for a Slowdown.”

So, you know, thank goodness I’m not the kind of jerkass who does think that taste in music is any kind of indicator of personal worth, because you’re lovely.

woothesaloon-deactivated2012051  asked:

What is it about recent Canadian rock that you find so unappealing? Also, what is it about The Trews specifically that you "hate"?

That’s a really good question! To be fair, you can probably sub in “North American” there pretty easily (and I’m probably harder on Canadians, I expect us to be better). And I’m not sure why, really there’s plenty of “classic rock” I like, and plenty of rock-esque music that I enjoy, but looking at last year probably the album the closest to just rock music that I really loved was Rival Schools, and that doesn’t really feel like a lot of what’s coming out these days. I guess the dominant form of rock music, or at least what I keep having to change stations to avoid on the radio, just reminds me of the really dunderheaded stuff I hated as a kid, the stuff that the rock music (or indie rock, really) that I tended to like was reacting against. Like a hundred watered down versions of what Something Awful once called “hunger dunger dang” music. The post-Daughtry era. Like a lot of current pop culture involving white males, much of it also seems really bro-y and ignorant to me.

None of which is particularly fair, insightful, in accordance with anyone else’s reality or a reason not to like rock music, even. And then there’s indie rock, which has been so underwhelming to me for years now. Not 100% sure why there either.

As for the Trews… it’s a visceral thing, so on some level I’m not sure I can explain. And I certainly don’t think any less of friends who like them. But I’ve hated every song of their I’ve heard, every image or video I’ve seen, etc etc etc. It happens sometimes.