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fic recs for jihope and junghope??

♥ i love this fic

* a chaptered fic

~ in progress fic

i haven’t read a lot of junghope, but these are some worth mentioning and i will definitely add on to my junghope fic recs list once i read some more


the spaces in between infinites - astringxnt (one of my fav fics ever, it’s so soft and gentle and idk i just really, really love it)

~* look here(don’t run away) - lost_things (this is in progress, chaptered, 66k words at the moment, and has side taegi, its very much worth mentioning)

~*gotta hand it to you - freelancejouster (this is in progress, but has one chapter left before it’s done and its just pretty good omf)

for some pretty rad jihope fics, look at @joonphases masterlist! (he also has other ships on the list, so its not just jihope and if max rec’ed them, then they’re fabulous)

here are some other jihope fics tho!


teeter totter - fatal(cumrich) (a five times plus one fic where jimin is highkey thirsty for his new neighbor)

♥* you’re right. - @joonphases (one of the most iconic jihope fics out there y’all)

ocean dips and tidal rips - @portscutie (mermaids!jihope hell yeah)

vanilla - @thisspringday (angsty as hell, i love it so much)

just right - @suga-peaches (genderfluid!jimin and a supportive and caring!hoseok who wants to make jimin comfortable)

~* the counter - ratswrite (single dad!hobi meets babysitter!jimin, but also lowkey yoonminseok??)

~* responsive - redkissaff (i love the fact that jihope are switches, pretty angsty and pretty kinky tho)

mint kisses and love bites - thehalesnyx (a soft and smutty christmas jihope fic)

i’d rather be crazy - notoverthatbityet (angel!hoseok, a confused!jimin, and an unbelieving!yoongi [this is jihope not yoonminseok promise lol])

the tempo of a pirouette - @portscutie (jimin takes out hobi’s braids, also lesbians)

sun rising under my feet - quettaser (cheeks is so not what hoseok was expecting)

walk the walk - bazooka (jihope always see each other during their walk of shame and eventually [aka finally] fuck)

lock me up (i’m here to stay) - kaythebest (jimin gets locked out and hoseok makes the most of it)

welp my work is done here, i hope you enjoy all of these! thank you for giving me something to do kind anon 🖤

Panic Attacks || Lydia Martin Imagines

Request: Hi I was wondering if I could request a Lydia Martin imagine where it’s the scene in season 3a where the stydia kiss happened but instead of Stiles its the reader who is having the panic attack? I love your blog btw:3

 A/n: thank you so much love! So i don’t know if you wanted it girlxgirl or boyxgirl so i just made it neutral. I hope you guys enjoy it and please don’t forget to leave some requests! Also my first lydia martin imagine! woot woot

 Warning: panic attacks and i want to say i don’t really know how to write it, but i hope it’s okay. 


 In these past few weeks you couldn’t sleep properly. Each day you worried sick if one of your parents would be taken by the Darach. The Darach was going to take everyone, teachers, doctors, guardians. And you couldn’t bare to find one of your parents missing because of the supernatural world you live in.

 You try to protect your friends and family at whatever cost. Those people are the ones that you would truly die for. You got out of class and started walking to your other class when Lydia suddenly stops you in the middle of the hallway.

 “Is something wrong?” You asked her with a worried voice. Every time one of your friends come up to you, you expect them to tell you the worst. She grabbed your hand and shook his head no.

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CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE - TWENTY ONE PILOTS (cover) | feat. amaya johnston - YouTube



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94. You can do it + Jihope please! ^^ (could it be jimin cheering hobi?) Thanks!

I hope you don’t mind that this is pretty short D: I’m pressed on time and just wrote this on the fly! please excuse any typos. thank you for requesting! :D

94. “You can do it.” + jihope

Hoseok didn’t really know if he was going to be able to perfect his choreography in time. The showcase was in two days, his body ached, and he hadn’t seen Jimin since yesterday.

It wasn’t that Hoseok had been away from home for two days. He’d gone home to his handsome, dark-haired husband, but it would be late at night and Jimin would already be asleep. Hoseok got dressed in the morning and was out the door before Jimin could even stir in his sleep. He really needed to practice his choreography, but not seeing Jimin drained him.

To be frank, he missed Jimin. He missed his husband a lot, but dancing was Hoseok’s life and if he didn’t master this choreo in time, then he could just kiss all those potential sponsors good bye.

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