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More dragons! Woot woot! This ended up being more about the dragons themselves instead of S/o.

Sorry about that! I just… Really love them.

(Ps sorry for taking so long. I am but a small forgetful child. Pls forgive.)


• He sees his dragons as equals for the most part.
• They tend to a bit devious, but highly educated and eloquent.
• They also sleep like giraffes (and yes they do rest, but only for short periods of time).
• Sometimes they talk so much that Hanzo ends up tuning them out and focusing on something else.
• Introduced themselves to S/o out of the blue one day without telling Hanzo first.
• Loves taking naps with S/o and will happily be pillows.
• Show offs.
• Like, is always 120% more graceful when S/o is around.
• Also super possessive.
• The dragons will strike someone down for them if need be.
• Especially if they feed them cherries.
• They LOVE cherries.

• His dragon is his bestfriend.
• Even though it’s mute, they have the deepest understanding of each other.
• It sleeps like a cat, and loves getting pet and hugged.
• Is weary of meeting new people; so, when it was time to meet S/o, Genji had to coax it out with some watermelon.
• Watermelon is probably the quickest way to its heart.
• Really likes to dance!!!
• Genji babies it hardcore.
• Enjoys fighting with both Genji and S/o, it thinks of it as protecting them.
• High-fives with its tiny hands!
• Cannot leave Genji and S/o alone.
• Ever.
• It’s almost like having a toddler around.

Panic Attacks || Lydia Martin Imagines

Request: Hi I was wondering if I could request a Lydia Martin imagine where it’s the scene in season 3a where the stydia kiss happened but instead of Stiles its the reader who is having the panic attack? I love your blog btw:3

 A/n: thank you so much love! So i don’t know if you wanted it girlxgirl or boyxgirl so i just made it neutral. I hope you guys enjoy it and please don’t forget to leave some requests! Also my first lydia martin imagine! woot woot

 Warning: panic attacks and i want to say i don’t really know how to write it, but i hope it’s okay. 


 In these past few weeks you couldn’t sleep properly. Each day you worried sick if one of your parents would be taken by the Darach. The Darach was going to take everyone, teachers, doctors, guardians. And you couldn’t bare to find one of your parents missing because of the supernatural world you live in.

 You try to protect your friends and family at whatever cost. Those people are the ones that you would truly die for. You got out of class and started walking to your other class when Lydia suddenly stops you in the middle of the hallway.

 “Is something wrong?” You asked her with a worried voice. Every time one of your friends come up to you, you expect them to tell you the worst. She grabbed your hand and shook his head no.

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Hello, everyone! I’m new to the studyblr community so I thought I’d introduce myself. 

  • My name is Rabiya (rah-bee-yah)
  • I’m seventeen years old and my birthday is on May 16th
  • I’m currently living in Pakistan and I’m also a Canadian.
  • I am in A Levels (grade twelve) and taking Economics, Math and Accounts. I wish to do my Masters in Business Administration from a reputable university.
  • I’m a massive Potterhead (Ravenclaw woot woot) and if you are too please hit me up so we can fangirl together.
  • I really like to read
  • I binge watch TV Shows way too often. Doctor Who, Supernatural, Gossip Girl, One Tree Hill, Merlin, Degrassi, The Nowhere Boys, Riverdale, Thirteen Reasons Why, Teen Wolf, The Vampire Diaries, The Originals, Pretty Little Liars, Grey’s Anatomy, etc.
  • Ed Sheeran is the love of my life and I have all his songs memorized.
  • My top favourite songs of all time are Mr Brightside - Run River North, High Hopes - Kodaline, Photograph - Ed Sheeran, Thinking Out Loud - Ed Sheeran, Perfect - Ed Sheeran, How to Save a Life- The Fray, and Fix you - Coldplay.

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Things I Believe to be True:

Justin “Ransom” Oluransi is trying to subtly communicate that he is Not Straight to Holster by making his crushes on other men known, primarily by speaking of their hockey skills, but also of their strength and asses and eventually he is going to get to “that guy is so fucking ripped and cute, amiright??” and, yes, it would be easier if he just told Holster that he is Not Straight but Ransom is just now realizing he may have Feelings for Holster and he is trying to… ease into it and see if Holster has similar Feelings and– “who does that, incredible. he’s so strong, lolol” (holster, you are also so strong, lol, see what i’m doing here, c’mon guys- SOMEONE PICK UP ON THIS)

Adam “Holster” Birkholtz is sitting over there, bisexual ass already head over heels in love with Ransom, slowly going insane because Ransom’s new thing seems to be complimenting other man on their… everything and Holster is just like “i am also tall and strong and i bet i could pick up 180 pounds with one hand if someone took out chowder” and also just like dear god justin, do you not know how you sound? Straight boys should not be allowed to say things like that cuz, shit, hope is rising and dear god i love you so much and why am I now imaging a threesome with you, me, and Tater right now??

Drawing AU

Title: Muse

Pairing: SasuHina

Summary: He is searching for the perfect muse in order to complete his masterpiece, then he found her in a dimly lit cafe in the downtown of Tokyo.

Side Note: Nerdy, awkward Sasuke & Modern AU.

“You must look for a muse in order to make your drawings come to life.”

Those words from Professor Kakashi haunted Sasuke after their monthly evaluation in the Tokyo Art Gala, after presenting his latest painting ‘Takamishi in Gold’ a intricate gold, bronze and copper painting; Kakashi wan’t impressed with his latest abstract idea.

Sasuke stood in the entrance of a lonely indie cafe located in downtown Tokyo, clutching on his thick leather sketch pad.


He muses on the flowers set up on the table, staring at the white and purple hydrangeas with mild interest. Then a soft melodic voice filled his ears

“Hello sir, welcome to Konoha Cafe, how can we help you?”

Sasuke’s onyx eyes snapped open and he is face to face with possibly the most beautiful woman he ever met. He quickly adjusted his black wire rimmed glasses as his eyes adjust the sun rays on the open glass windows creating a halo background on the beautiful barista. 

Blackish indigo hair, long , soft and gracing like waterfalls at her back. Face shaped like a heart with a soft blush on her rosy cheeks, lips soft, plump and kissable and her eyes are beyond ordinary. It’s lavender orbs, opalescent and lashes that is curled to perfection. Her expression is scrunched up in an adorable frown, wait? Adorable frown?

“E-Excuse me sir? Uhm… Can you please let go of m-my hand?”

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His Own Insignificance

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His fingers hovered over the keypad beside your apartment door. Gray knew the code by heart ever since he and the rest of the AOMG crew had helped you move in a few months ago. Even with all of the stress and long days he’d put in at the studio lately, Gray hesitated dropping by unannounced like the rest of the guys did.

I hope she’s not asleep…

But his panic subsided even before he looked at his watch. 2am. He cracked a smile knowing you would be awake. You always stayed up too late.

It had only been a year since Jay first introduced you but Gray had memorized your habits by now. The way you did laundry whenever you were stressed or your love affair with coffee or how you genuinely enjoyed his terrible jokes though you would never admit it. Everything. There was something about you that always seemed to make sense to him. He could depend on you to be yourself and that was reassuring.

He let out a deep breath before punching in the code and slipping into your apartment. You were lounging on the couch in a pair of old sweats and a t-shirt; a diminishing bowl of popcorn nestled on your lap as you absently watched a drama on the television. Gray felt his chest tighten a bit. You looked so heartbreakingly beautiful to him that he didn’t want to disturb you.

“It’s just me,” he said quietly. Part of him hoped you wouldn’t notice so he could stare at you a moment longer but you always noticed Gray.

You looked up at him, your smile touching your eyes as you took in how sweet he looked when he was exhausted. You patted the space beside you on the couch. You didn’t have to ask him twice. You shifted a bit as he sunk into the cushion until there was a comfortable space between the two of you.

It had just occurred to Gray that he hadn’t thought of a reason to give you for his visit on the short walk from the studio. He wracked his brain trying to come up with a decent excuse. Silence settled between the two of you that was only broken by the sound of the drama’s end credits playing.

“You look stressed,” you said.

“A bit.”


He nodded. You knew he wanted to talk but getting anything out of Gray when he was upset took some prompting.

“Do you want to tell me about it?”

“There isn’t much to tell. Deadlines coming up, compositions that aren’t turning out, practicing my set for this tour, more deadlines. Oh, did I mention deadlines?” You both chuckled.

“You’re deflecting the real issue,” you said.

You put the now empty popcorn bowl on the coffee table and turned to face him completely. Your arms wrapped around your legs as you propped your chin up on your knees and gave Gray your undivided attention.

Gray sighed and rubbed his eyes; the extent of his exhaustion setting in. It hadn’t occurred to him that as he had been getting to know your habits, you had been observing his too.

“Aish! You know me too well,” he muttered. His posture slumped when you didn’t respond. Your silence was your coup de grâce; the final push he needed before his unfiltered thoughts began pouring out to you.

“You’re right. It’s not just work. It’s everything,” he started. “The day I met Jay was one of the best days of my life because I never thought I would work with someone so focused and inspiring about music outside of an occasional collaboration. He makes it look so effortless. All those hours in the studio and people still call him lazy because the pressure just melts off of him.”

He was aware that he was rambling. In truth, his frustrations had almost nothing to do with Jay but he couldn’t stop himself nor did it seem like you wanted him to. Your concentration was unwavering.

“Talking with Jay was like having clarity for the first time in years about what I wanted to do. I didn’t want to be just ‘Gray the producer’ or 'Gray the songwriter.’ I wanted to be in the center of it all; on stage, my stage, with my fans cheering me on.

"I know it sounds selfish but for once I wanted to write music for myself instead of watching someone else perform it. I was given an opportunity to do that and it was everything that I expected thanks to the guys…,” Gray’s thoughts trailed off momentarily. He looked up at you with a half smile but he could feel the sadness in his eyes betraying him.

“But now whenever I go into the studio to work on new stuff it’s like nothing comes out right. I just sit at my keyboard and my mind goes blank because nothing I write is good enough. I just choke.” He fidgeted with his hands out of frustration. “I never choke.”

His words were getting strained as he struggled to keep himself composed. It wasn’t pride that kept him from crying in front of you but rather his need to keep you as happy as possible. You weren’t completely separate from his work but you were about as uninvolved as he could manage to keep you. Spending time with you was his escape from those deadlines that he often overworked himself for and there were days when the promise of seeing you was the only thing that kept him going.

You jumped up from the couch without a word and quickly shuffled down the hallway. You were back before Gray could follow you with an old blanket folded haphazardly underneath your arm.

“Come with me.”

A confused Gray tilted his head questioningly.

“Where exactly are we going at this hour?”

“First of all, Gray, we live in Seoul: the city that actually never sleeps. Don’t believe what they say about New York City.” Gray rolled his eyes at you.

“You act like I’ve never been there.”

You rolled your eyes back at him. Gray was so sweet and soft spoken when you first met him that when he finally felt comfortable enough to show his stubborn, witty side you nearly toppled over in surprise. Part of you was infuriated by it but only a small part…

“Just trust me, Gray, okay?”

He begrudgingly got off the sofa and followed you to the roof of your apartment building. The nights were still warm enough to survive without a jacket and Gray couldn’t help but smile as you both took a moment to breathe in the fresh air. You spread the blanket out in your favorite spot; a carefully chosen place hidden from the exit of the stairwell but far enough away from the hvac fans so that you could hear someone coming.

“Lay down,” you said casually but when you saw Gray’s flustered reaction you couldn’t stop your cheeks from tingeing red.

“I pinky promise that I will be a complete gentleman, Lee Sunghwa,” you recovered. Though he still had questions for you, he grinned hearing you say his name and did as he was told. You laid next to him.

“What are we doing up here?” he asked in mock agitation.

“Shh. You are done talking for now.”

“I can manage that.”

You gave him a playful slap on the arm for making a joke at his own expense.

“Alright, now all you have to do is look up.”

He followed your directions. Gray could make out only a few stars at first. He stared up at the sky, listening to the rhythm of your breathing, feeling your arm innocently brush against his as you tried to get comfortable. He wouldn’t stop until you told him to and as his eyes combed the night sky he began to distinguish more and more stars.

His imagination filled in the rest until suddenly he was not looking at just a handful but rather thousands of feint lights dappling the horizon. The sight made Gray strangely aware of just how small he must look laying on the rooftop.

“You see it?”

“It’s stunning,” he said. “How often do you come up here?”

“Whenever I’m feeling stressed and laundry isn’t enough,” you said, earning a chuckle from Gray. “I don’t know why but there is something about it that helps me put my problems into perspective. It’s  really freeing to realize your own insignificance. That in the grand scheme of things my problems are so trivial and that my aspirations and failures are temporary.”

“So what you’re saying is that I should keep trying because I’m insignificant?”

“I know you’re not that dense,” you groaned. “What I’m saying is that you should keep trying even if you fail because failure is not what you’re going to be remembered for. Besides, the guys won’t let you fail, I won’t let you fail, and most of all you won’t let yourself fail.”

Gray felt the blush on his cheeks deepen at your words as he broke away from your gaze.

What I wouldn’t give to see the world through her eyes, he thought as he helped you fold the blanket. Maybe one day I’ll tell her how much I love her but for now I just want to make her proud.

“Everything ok?” You asked over your shoulder when you noticed he was lagging behind.

“Everything is… good." 

He liked the way that sounded.

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  • Lance and Keith have an ongoing bet on whether Shiro wears eyeliner or not, with Keith on the no side and Lance on the yes side.
  • Later Hunk ends up betting he wears eyeliner AND mascara
  • All of them bet around twenty dollars or so, give or take (They left with their wallets in their pockets except for Shiro, who like all space prisoners, had no money on him), and put it in a box that Allura holds onto for them to make it fair.
  • But none of them are able to catch Shiro in the act of putting it on, so they ask Pidge since she hangs out with him a lot.
  • (Going with trans-girl headcanon in this post because while I don’t have a definite one I go by yet, I like this one)
  • Pidge agrees to find out for a third of the pot, much to the frustration of the others (mainly Lance). She convinces them it is because she is risking a lot to do this.
  • The next morning, Pidge runs in, gasping for breath.
  • Pidge: “He wears eyeliner…”
  • Lance: “YES!!!”
  • Pidge: “…and mascara!”
  • Lance: “NO!!!!”
  • A three of them are super concerned after Hunk gives her her money, wondering what she had to do to learn this
  • In reality, she just asked Shiro, and then went to train in order to convince the others she had really struggled to get this info
  • Shiro does nothing to expose Pidge’s ruse, mainly because it is entertaining to see their reactions.
  • Allura and Coran know that she was training, but don’t bring it up for the same reason as Shiro
  • Lance and Hunk are now convinced Pidge is the ultimate spy
  • No one says anything to change this belief
  • Keith also believes this but doesn’t say anything
  • Also, no one knows the point of betting human money when they are literally lightyears away from Earth.
  • No one cares tho

So today my friend asked me how many followers I had on Tumblr. As I was going through each account I managed, I saw that this one just barely broke 1k! I am so happy! I can’t even begin to believe that 1000 people like my content and reblogs. You guys rock my socks off! Maybe I’ll do a give away to celebrate. I have to find something to give away, first… Anyways, I love you guys~♡

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CAN'T HELP FALLING IN LOVE - TWENTY ONE PILOTS (cover) | feat. amaya johnston - YouTube



anonymous asked:

BCs are pretty easy to file without proof of biological fatherhood but NOT without proof that the human they're being filed for isn't real. Come on, use those critical thinking skills you're so proud of. How the hell would a record and/or management label pull that off? You realize that's the kind of stuff terrorists do in order to pull off attacks like 9/11, right? And so the US government doesn't take too kindly to false identity documents?

Challenge accepted. Let’s put those critical thinking skills to work.

First let’s look at your logic

Your reasoning, as I understand it, is the following.

1st premise: The birth certificate is real (A)

2nd premise: It is very difficult to file a birth certificate without a real baby (B)

Conclusion: Therefore there must be a real baby ©

A silent second conclusion that seems to be implicit in your message is that therefore this real baby must also be Louis’ (D)

You explicitly state another premise in support of your conclusion(s) C (and D?) by saying:

Forging identity documents is a crime for which one would likely get prosecuted in the US (E)

The silent premise here is your assumption that whoever would be behind a baby stunt would not want risk getting prosecuted in the US (F) and a silent intermediate conclusion is that therefore, Modest/Syco/whoever is behind a possible stunt would not consider forging identity documents for a non-existent baby (G) hence the baby must be real ©

Now let’s look at the validity of this reasoning:

I am not contesting your premise A – it does seem that relevant authorities are distributing copies of birth certificates for a Freddie Reign Tomlinson, with Louis listed as the father. Seems real enough. I also don’t contest your premise B – it IS not so easy to file a birth certificate without a real baby. But C does not follow from that – because while difficult, it is not impossible. And D most certainly does not follow from any of the above – as you say yourself BCs are pretty easy to file without proof of biological fatherhood.

But back to goign from A plus B to C – C doesn’t necessarily follow. Logically there are many other options. I am not sure how birth certificates are filed in the US, but over here, you get the papers from your doctor at the hospital after the birth and then you or the person you are married to/or the person listed as father or second parent in advance of the birth, can go to the registry – within 14 days of the baby being born. The baby doesn’t have to be present. No paternity test needed, no baby needs to be present, just the agreement of the mother and father, and a piece of paper from the hospital signed by the doctor that says a real baby was born to this and this woman.

So there are other options:

-       perhaps Briana really had a baby at the hospital listed in the birth certificate and it’s only the fatherhood that’s being lied about. C could be true. But like I said, conclusion D most definitely does not follow from the birth certificate being real.

-       it is also still possible that Briana did not have a baby – but that they got the paperwork from the hospital by bribing a doctor or member of staff, or that they paid off someone who did have a baby there to give them that paperwork, or mayby they forged the hospital paperwork.

All of the above has been done before so A+B does not lead to C (the baby is real), and even if they did, they definitely do not lead to D (Louis is the father)

And you anticipated that, that’s why you also gave premise E – forgery is a crime for which you’d get prosecuted.

First of all, I agree with @lawyerlarrie that it’s not entirely sure that you would be prosecuted for it if you weren’t harming someone by doing so.  You tried to make it look really horrible, comparing this with what terrorists do, but the reason the US government puts a lot of money into prosecuting terrorists is because they kill people, not because they carry fake IDs. Teenagers carry fake IDs all the time, they rarely ever get prosecuted for it. Nice rhetoric trick of yours, not logically valid.

People only get prosecuted for giving a fake ID if someone is negatively affected by you doing so. But in this thing all affected parties would have to be complicit. For the forgery to come out, someone participating in it would have to come out with it. So your assumption F is not as valid as you think. And therefore neither is G, it could very well be that they took a calculated risk to forge a birth certificate, because anyone who would come out with the forgery would have to admit they participated in it and so the likelihood of consequences small.

What do we have then? None of the very true things you say lead to the necessary conclusion that the baby is real. And for sure nothing that you said proves that Louis is the biological father of Freddie, whether real or not. Unless your argument was that my critical thinking failed on the “baby is real” thing, therefore everything I say is a lie, including the fact that Louis is not a father. I am not going to bore you with dissecting that argument.


A few days ago when I was first asked about the BC I must admit I wasn’t very aware of US family law & registration. My assumption was that the US would be the same as here: it’s impossible for complete strangers to obtain birth certificates here  - that therefore  a birth certificate could easily be faked, and since everything else  surrounding this baby heavily suggested this baby was fake, therefore the birth certificate must also be fake. I could not imagine Modest/Syco having a motive to forge a real birth certificate if it was easy to fake.

The bombardment by antis taught me a lot: for one that the US distributes copies birth certificates to anyone who may want to see them, for another that it’s common practice for gossip rags to obtain those certificates in the hopes of unearthing interesting new trivia such as embarassing second names of celebrities and the likes. In other words, faking a birth certificate would come out way too easily so if they wanted a birth certificate, they would have to forge one. ANd if this was a stunt they wanted to sustain for more than a few weeks they would even have to forge one, because fans would start requesting copies and it would inevitably come out that there was no baby.

In other words: I found out that if a baby was to be faked, a birth certificate had to be forged. Not because a birth certificate proves a baby is real (I will come back to that) but because if all the fans when requesting copies for a certificate and everyone would get a “No certificate on file” in return, this would add to the evidence that there was no real baby.

 Modest/Syco/whoever would be behind a stunt would have serious motive for forgery – not going that lenghth would undermine the entire stunt. It would be as simple as requesting a BC from the county where the fake baby was supposedly born and people would find out it didn’t exist. So, if you are going to fake a baby at all in the US, you are going to have to do the false paperwork for it.

The Bigger Picture

I was gonna go on for a bit longer and talk about how you can know the truth when you have conflicting pieces of information. Almost everything surrounding babygate tells me it’s fishy - the announcement during the first trimester with echos at times when you wouldn’t normally see anything on them - the fact that a celebrity got a girl pregnant during a one night stand (that was papped no less) and wasn’t able to keep that out of the papers alltogether even - the inconsistent bump - Briana’s miracle recovery & many papwalks during week 1 - the odd photoshopped pics of louis & the baby - the empty covered carseats - the recent shenanigans with three open babybottles and a stroller in the wrong position - the fact that Louis named his baby after either Freddy Mercury from Queen or a Youtuber who is a Larry. The one thing that doesn’t fit is the birth certificate that’s seemingly legit.

And then you can hang onto that for dear life telling yourself the baby must be real too, ignoring every other single piece of evidence because supposedly a birth certificate connects you to the real truth. Or drop your correspondence theory of the truth (not gonna bother you with the explanation - I wrote about that once re: Harry’s house here), you zoom out, look at all the puzzle pieces, and try to fit them together. You leave out the one that doesn’t fit at all and try to make out from the ones that are consistent what’s missing. Like the little Padawan does for Obi-Wan Kenobi here.

In short: you may think it’s unthinkable that Modest/Syco faked a birth certificate, just as Obi Wan cannot believe a Jedi could have erased a planet from the archives, but if everything else points to this being the case, it’s probably the case.

"Imagine building a snowman with Castiel" Supernatural One Shot

Author: pineapplegirl123

Original Imagine: Imagine building a snowman with Castiel.

Word Count: 1,013

Warnings: None


“What is this ‘man of snow’.” Confused Castiel looked at me, kneeling to the ground and feeling the snow. “Is it some sort of creature we must fight?”

I chuckled, “No, silly. You use the snow to make a man. It’s fun. Come on, I’ll show you.”

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I absolutely love this blog…it has really helped me in so many ways. The confessions that I see literally make me so happy to know that I’m not the only one that feels that way. I legitimately feel like I found a place where I belong and will not be criticized for my own opinions. With that being said ….YAY FOR SEASON 12!!!! 

We are so glad you have found a place you feel comfortable. We Admins try and make this as a open and safe a space as we can for the SPN Fandamily. Thank you for following, and WOOT WOOT SEASON 12!