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Jimin, CEO: Ch. 3

Summary: KangKong Inc is getting a new CEO. And he is nothing like you expected.

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Type: Multi-chapter Story (Smut later)

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Jimin, New Employee   ~   Jimin, CEO   ~   Two

Blind dates had never been your thing.

The discomfort of it. The awkwardness. The shallowness of some of the men.

Yet today after work you were headed to meet with someone name YoungJun. To avoid having to rush home you wore the outfit you were planning to wear for the stupid date as well as the makeup, though you knew you would have to touch it up later.

The way you were dressed wasn’t far off from your work wear but it caught Jimin’s attention. You ignored his looks and smiles and tried to keep blush from rising.

At the end of your work day you slowly gathered your belongings.

“Not staying late today?” Jimin was leaning in his doorway.

You slung your messenger bag over your shoulder. “Oh. No, Sir. Did you need me to stay?” He shook his head. “Are you sure?”

“I’m more than sure. Have a goodnight.”

You bowed returning the Goodnight before walking to the elevator.


Dreading this date you walked slower in hopes of getting a text saying the date was cancelled but you found yourself in front of the bookstore cafe with no messages.

Further and further into the date you wished you had stayed behind at work.

YoungJun was rambling on about his friend’s new rug. Quite a story. You were feigning interest when you heard someone call your name.

“Y/N.” You look over and see Jimin with a bookstore bag hanging from his wrist as he stood on the other side of the railing that separates the bookstore from the cafe.

Quickly you hopped up, bowing. “CEO!”

“CEO?” Your date asked. “You’re the new CEO of KangKong?’ The man seemed impressed when Jimin nodded. Wanting neither of these situations you stood there contemplating making a run for it.

“So Ms. Y/N,” Dammit. “This is what you are doing instead of in the office?”

You were taken aback by the edge in his voice. His face was hard but not exactly angry. Nodding, you apologized. “I could have used your help. I thought I would come by here and get another planner since having an assistant isn’t helpful.”

Stunned. Both you and YoungJun were stunned at his harsh words. “Sir, if you want I could come back now.”

Jimin looked at you for a second before nodding walking away, expecting you to follow.

Gathering your stuff as quickly as you could you offered an apology to YoungJun. “No, it’s fine. I don’t want you to get fired. Minho will have that rug for a while.” he laughed and you offered a forced smile before scurrying behind your boss.


You followed a safe distance behind the man through the parking lot. It wasn’t until you arrived at a car that you assumed was his that he turned to you…smiling.


“Feel better?” he asked.

“Not really.” you answered honestly. “Sir, I feel terrible about leaving. I promise to do overtime all week!”

“Woah Woah!” He stopped you before you could go as far as working one of your off days. Thank god! “Y/N, I was acting.”

Your mouth dropped open. “W-What?”

“I spotted you before I came over. It looked like you were dying.” He laughed. “I thought you knew I was acting. I gave you a look.”


“Yeah! Like this.” His face cleared and he looked over to you barely a second with no expression before looking away.

“That’s just called looking, not giving ‘a look’.”

He stood with a blank expression for a second. “Oh.” He broke out into laughter and you couldn’t help but do the same.

He walked to the driver’s side opening the door before looking at you. “Are you going to get in or go back to rug boy?”

“You heard that too?” You laughed, getting into the passenger seat. He nodded as he started the car and pulled out of the spot. “He was telling a story about that carpet for 10 minutes, Park!” You hadn’t even realized what you said but Jimin did. His smile widened and he bit his lip. You still didn’t notice and continued telling how terrible the date had been.

15 minutes later the car stopped.

Peeking out the windshield, you noticed a beautifully lit line up of buildings across the way. You turned to Jimin for an explanation and were met with a smile before he got out. Of course you followed, coming around to meet him in front of the car.

“I figured you’re dressed for it, might as well take you somewhere fitting.” Unable to answer before his hand was on your lower back to usher you across the pedestrian street, you bit the inside of your cheek.

It was obvious the maitre d knew Jimin, his face lit up seeing the young man and seated the two of you immediately. The blonde man led you through the tables of people with wonderful smelling food. You thought he was taking you to the empty table by the window but instead he went up a staircase. You hesitated for a moment. Jimin noticed and held his hand out for you to take. Taking his hand you followed to see the man standing next to a table by an the fourth wall that was low enough to look over. It provided a beautiful view of the strung lights over the path of the pedestrian street.

Jimin pulled out your chair and you sat, awestruck over everything.

“Thank you Sam.” He said dismissing the man as he took a seat across from you. “Enjoying the view?”

Lost for words a nod was all you gave.

“Good! I promise I won’t talk about rugs.” He joked but you were back to biting your cheek, still looking out at the view. “Y/N.” You looked over and he rose his eyebrows in question.

“This is very nice.” He felt a ‘but’ coming. “But…” Yep. “…isn’t this a little…much for a dinner between a boss and his employee?”

He sighed, leaning back. “I suppose so. Since we’re here maybe we can just treat this like that night at the bar?”

“No rum and coke!”

“No rum and coke.” He agreed with a chuckle.


Though you were uneasy at first, Jimin was just as easy going as he seemed in the bar. And this was with both of you completely sober.

Jokes were said and laughs were share. Compliments were given and blush risen.

By the time you were eating your last forkful of cheesecake you were laughing with no cares.

It wasn’t until he pulled in front of your apartment building that you began to remember why you had reservations about getting so comfortable with him in the first place.

You got out of the car as did he. “No, Sir it’s fine. I can walk by myself.”

His shoulders slumped. “Uh oh. What’s wrong?”

“Nothing.” you answered too quickly.

Taking a step towards you, he replied. “You called me sir. All night you’ve been calling me Park. You even said Jimin at one point. When you call me CEO outside of work it means you’re uncomfortable.”

“You haven’t known me long enough to actually determine that.”

He gave you a look. “Y/N, that’s not the point.”

It was no use in lying. “I told you, even if this wasn’t an official ‘date’ I can’t do it again. If people find out you’re going against your own rules they might not give you the respect that you have been earning. Let alone follow your rules themselves.”

“They aren’t my rules.” he said.

“But they are the company’s. Your Uncle didn’t change them before he left so it isn’t a clean slate.” With a tired apology to ‘CEO Park’ you went inside.

This left him alone with your words.


You hadn’t spoken to Jimin all day.

He had passed by your desk a few times but for the most part he hadn’t acknowledged you.

Currently he and his associate Kim Taehyung were speaking in his office. You heard the other man exclaim “You can’t be serious.” but was quickly shushed by Jimin. Not long after, the two men emerged from the office laughing. They hugged and Taehyung said goodbye. As he walked away, he looked over at you before looking straight ahead with a knowing smile.

Ignoring it, you quickly stood and followed Jimin into his office. “CEO, about yesterday,-”

“Hold that thought.” He stopped in front of his desk and picked up his intercom to address the office. “Everyone! Could you please listen up this is important.”

People paused what they were doing, some standing to peak over their cubicles and others other stopping in the walkways.

He smiled,waiting for the sound of the copy machine to stop.You took the chance to continue. “I just wanted to say I am sorry. I just feel so strongly about not going against the rules of the office.”

Offering his heartwarming smile and placing a hand on your shoulder. “Don’t apologize. I understand completely. Ah!” he noticed the copier stopping and picked up the intercom again.”Sorry to disrupt the workflow but there have been some changes to office policy and rules. Some of the changes include overtime, deadline extensions, and dating.” He suppressed the wide grin coming when he caught your face from the corner of his eye. “A revised copy of the employee handbook has been placed in everyone’s mailbox. Please review it and if you have any questions please leave them with Ms. Y/N. Thank you.” He placed the intercom back on the hook and turned to you. 

“All good?” He didn’t wait for your answer before leaving his office with a shit eating grin.