woosra kim


Cormorant Fishing in China. Photos by Woosra Kim, Samuel Berthelot, Joel Santos, and Anton Baklashov. All rights reserved, please do not remove or alter the caption.

Cormorant fishing is a traditional fishing method used in China and Japan since about 960 AD using trained cormorants. A snare is tied at the base of the cormorant’s throat, which prevents the bird from swallowing larger fish. When the cormorant catches a fish, it spits the fish up onto the deck of the bamboo boat. Now a dying art, cormorant fishing is primarily used today as part of the tourism industry.

The Jidai Matsuri (時代祭) Festival of the Ages is a traditional Japanese festival (also called the matsuri) held on October 22 annually in Kyoto, Japan… Photography by Woosra Kim