Perks of Being a Jedi
  • you get a nice ass robe which is good for sticking your hands in the sleeves when ur cold and for shrugging off dramatically so people know ur gonna fight them
  • no more pesky emotions getting in the way
  • get to go swish woosh with ur glow sword
  • the vault dweller:i have an important mission i must fulfill
  • the chosen one:i have an important destiny i must fulfill
  • the lone wanderer:i have an important dad i must find
  • the courier:[doing roundhouse kicks and making wooshing noises in the middle of the mojave to a radio playing "ain't that a kick in the head"]

Yeah, so guess which Faction I’m in. Everyone is so different and there’s personality, and they’re such a mess that I love it so much. No hating on the other groups but I’m all aboard this messed up train!