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So Edd when do we get to see you do cool things??

Edd pauses mid-stir of the pot of chili and hums, “Cool things? People want to see me cast some spells?”

Tord twitches, frowning at the sweet potatoes he’s chopping, “Edd, please, we’re cooking dinner.”

“Yeah, I know. My magic’s not really for show anyway. It’s more defensive stuff. But there is this one trick I can do.” Edd glances at Tord who meets his gaze and stiffens.

“Oh no…”

Edd beams at the demon and drops the ladle, rubbing his hands together and creating a flurry of green sparks. The lights in the kitchen flicker overhead. Tord sets the knife down slowly, eyeing Edd warily.

“Edd, don’t you dare.”

If anything, this just makes Edd smile wider. He pulls his hands apart, fingertips twitching and sparking, and there’s suddenly a woosh of displaced air.

Tord is gone. A lumpy throw pillow rests on the linoleum floor.

Out in the sitting room, Tord is shrieking up a storm as he’s suddenly found himself being crushed in a tight hug by Matt. The dullahan is question is equally surprised to suddenly find himself with a lap full of squirming demon.

Tom’s cackling can be heard from the bathroom as he watches the struggle on the couch. 


I was certainly cheesing hard the entire time,lol! Once you’re up in the plane and folks start falling out, you really don’t have time to fear anything. You crab walk to door and in quick woosh your’e out in the open sky. It was freakin awesome!(next time I’m wearing pants, lol my thighs were just a flapping in the wind) If I just three more times, then I’ll be able to jump solo. 0_0 @llcool-johnnie @therealtrae @nicknamenyquil @hi-kitty-kitty @thepointofitallxo Once i figure out the video I’ll upload it!

a few of the most wonderful sounds in overwatch (incomplete list):

  • the little elimination blip
  • lúcio’s warm, healing elevator music
  • mercy’s little staff woosh
  • zenyatta. sharp little shooty noises 
  • “i have opened the path”
  • teammates thanking symmetra when she shields them 
  • everything pharah says (when shes on ur team)
  • (athena voice) ILIOS
  • step right up”
  • (reaper voice) hi
  • teammates telling u when they’ve destroyed a sentry
  • bastion death noises

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1)Okay but could you imagine Peter Scott and Kurt just having major crushes one you.... Like one day your hanging out with Kurt your talking mindlessly about things he might find interesting and he's just staring at you and thinking " my GOd ShE is SO FrEAKIng CuTE WHeN SHe DoEs THA- OMG WHERE DID SHE GO" after Peter wooshes you away and when he finally stops and you can finally process what happens you see that he's just standing there with this huge grin on his face and flowers in his and he

2) just says “I thought these flowers were really pretty” and hands them to you and your just super flattered and he continues to say “ speaking of things that are really pretty I was wonderin-” and he gets cut off because a red fucking laser beams across the room and hit the flowers and you both look over to see Scott standing there and hes just like “oops omg my glasses must have fallen off I wonder how that happened🙃 speaking of things falling (y/n) I-” but then Kurt bands in and starts 3) bickering with Peter an then Scott joins the argument and your just standing there with a look of realization like omg what when where why how tf did this happen .. MOM PLEASE ELABORATE WITH A HEADCANNON OR A DRABBLE IR SOMETHING BECAUSE IM JUST A SINNER FOR ALL THREE AND JUST NEED IT… Also if anyone else wanted to elaborate please feel free to just fucking sin away lol… Love ya mom💕😂Btw the way I just imagined because your the mom of us sinners that instead of daily chores we do our daily sins 😂🙌 idk I’m on like a energy high right now I need to go to bed omfg…

lmao this is all AWESOME! 

“The true mind can weather all the lies and illusions without being lost. The true heart can tough the poison of hatred without being harmed.” 

Air is the element of freedom, focused on seeking spiritual enlightenment and finding peace through detachment from worldly problems and concerns.

Zayn, an Air Nomad (Airbending Master)

(i just couldn’t not include him sorry not sorry)

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What's something that you absolutely had to get for the baby?

Lily: There was this teeny tiny broom I saw in one of the shop windows while walking around Diagon Alley. I just had to get it. Just picture our little child riding around on that.

Lily: Woosh, woosh, woosh around the parlor.  It’s going to be so cute. 

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"Have you finished your project, Ahri?"

“Yes I did Mr. Xin Zhao sir!”

It was one of the few school work she had done on time, even if it was still started at the last minute, and mentally she gave herself a huge pat in the back for this accomplishment.

Ahri excitedly ran over to the tarp covering her project, and with one big, dramatic woosh, uncovered the monstrosity ingenuity beneath.

It’s supposedly a diorama of Mount Targon.

Complete with accurately small replicas of its settlers of course.

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tbh looking for ‘gay signs’ isn’t foolproof like with someone like me, the tests would probably all fail. my fb likes are all pretty clear. my nails, while shortish, are always painted. i haven’t seen most standard lesbian movies so a lotta jokes will just ‘woosh’ right over my head.

i present as very very straight. until i open my mouth.


Giles asks Noah, Cain and Claude to move some books in the library, a bookshelf falls on Cain’s head (unfortunate boy XD) but he manages to avoid it. Lifting a dusty book that from its title appearantly talks about Wysteria’s history, Cain opens it and woosh!

As white light envelops the scene the 3 of them were suddenly teleported to the castle gates …. but the gate design seems different! Aaand yep u guessed it, old Wysteria! (Aka midnight cinderella world) For some reason Noah says he knows the place but he never really told them (weird, don’t tell me u time traveler lol).

So fun times begins when Cain suggests climbing ivy on the gate cause it’s locked, then they split & search. By fun times I mean Alyn chasing Cain with a sword X’D X’D X’D u bet Cain wanna scream at em “don’t u know me muthehfkrs?!”. Also Claude asking Giles if his hair was real LMAO

I really wanna keep going, cause this turned out surprisingly fun (which I didn’t expect from a free story shame on me TuT) but me too sick today (hot weather + humid renders me breathless gah) so maybe tomorrow. but I really recommend reading it! Will certainly reread it myself! I also consider purchasing the stories that came with it for more Cain fun haha

wh a t if like, Exe jus legit only stole DeS’ coat and sent him off around the underground like hey go find ur coat and stuff while i answer things for u and he just like fi n e ill go search but dont answer stuff like seriously ur gonna spook people then woosh Exe is bein a wackadoodle and answerin stuff huhu.

thas jsu t what if tho.