Faces from Past || Han Geng & Woori

Han Geng glanced around as he walked towards the door, even the air outside felt festive despite the slight chill in the evening air.
Though the sky was already darkening, the house and the yard were illuminated by the lights outside, his thoughts drifting again as he straightened his clothes, his mind wandering back to the moment earlier in the day when he was given orders to come to this address in the evening, even if he had been on a brief guard duty that evening too, but it had only been for few hours. 
He picked up his pace,brushing away imaginary specks of dirt as he arrived at the door, once again pushing his thoughts away as he stepped inside, looking around the room and the people mingling around before walking further, his eyes not really paying much attention to anyone as he was focused on finding a familiar face, though he had not seen her in years, so much time had passed since their last meeting that it had become a slightly vague memory in his mind. 

He looked around for a while before finally seeing the person he had been looking for, the reason why he had even entered the house, despite usually avoiding all kinds of parties and gatherings.
Once again making sure that his appearance was somewhat decent, he walked directly to Woori, bowing politely as he stepped close to her.
“Good evening.” He said with the most kind voice he could muster up, his usual light and  polite smile intact as he stood upright again.