The Best(est) Friend

I usually find it cheesy and corny writing about other people close to me. That’s not my usual self but this time, allow me to be cheesy… For once.

This person deserves a space in my blog.

Meet my best friend of almost 6 years, Irene. She’s probably one of those few who knew me from head to toe, or maybe she’s probably the only one who knew me more than I know myself.

She knows when I don’t feel okay, when I’m happy, when I feel depressed, when I’m hungry or when I’m craving for something. We both have a love and hate relationship with food and yes, she is my constant food buddy. Whenever there’s a new restaurant opening within the city, you should expect us eating there the next day or a week after. This person knows all my flaws, she heard all my nonsense and pointless dramas, she’s been there when I feel like having the best of both worlds and most of all she knows when I like someone. In fact, she knows all the guys I’ve been fantasizing about. Seriously.

Irene knows me best. She constantly reminds me that I’m worth something. She believes that I can. Isn’t it amazing having a best friend who pushes you to your limits, to do even better and never fails to cheer you up. Never makes me feel less. Indeed, I am lucky.

Friendship is one of the best gifts life has ever given me. 

“Growing apart doesn’t change the fact that for a long time we grew side by side; our roots will always be tangled. I’m glad for that.” See you in a year, Miga. I’ll miss you. 

The most awesome(st) bestfriend you could ever have LOLJK

 So yesterday I hit 2000 followers :) Thank you guys! It’s really overwhelming to think that so many of you are following me. I appreciate it a lot! I don’t know what made you guys follow me lol this blog’s a mess. Anyway, below are some blogs that I really love:

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dreambyg's appreciation post.

hey hey lovelieeeesss, okay first of all… this is not a “follow forever” lol. I made this crappy edit ( I’ll promise I practice harder on photoshop. sorry :’[ ) to appreciate the people I’m talking to… (actually this post is dedicated to appreciate Geraldine unnie’s post.. I teared up when I read her post.. I love her too much.. SRSLY)


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my message to you guys; If I am trapped in a deserted island, I would bring you guys with me… because with just food, water and happiness.. I can survive, happiness and friends is something you can’t buy with money and something you can’t trade with jewels or diamonds, I love you and I APPRECIATE YOUR EXISTENCE. I just can’t imagine my dash without you guys… to all of my followers too.. why do you follow such a crappy blog like mine? omg, you guys are so awesome.. I love you. Seriously… the people I mention here, I love the most… I want to keep you in my heart forever. You guys are too precious. *koala hugs you guys*