redonthefly’s Date Material doodle ~(o - o)~

I’ve kind of been having a stare down with this one for over a week willing it to just be complete. I really don’t like how it turned out and want to redraw it, but I have absolutely no patience to do that. sO UP ON THE INTERNETS THIS GOES.

Fernie stumbles through the attic of the hotel like a drugged animal. He’s banged up for sure, ungroomed, and uniform unkempt. Masked in the darkness of the dimly lit room, he could’ve easily been mistaken for something undead in the state he was in. After a few minutes he had finally found the door to the roof, the same he had entered the hotel through. Fernie banged on the massive metal thing loudly, it seemed frozen shut.

“…probably should’ve stayed on the ship.”