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some doodles and stuff based on @lumorie‘s hercules au bc i just really love the au ( ´ ▽ ` )ノ


Please tell me I wasn’t the only one that thought this when they decided on code names

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'Timeless' Saved From Cancellation as NBC Reverses Course With Season 2 Renewal


This is not a drill: NBC has reversed course on its decision to cancel Timeless.

The network has renewed the Sony Pictures Television-produced time travel drama for a second season.

Season two of the drama will return with 10 new episodes in summer 2018 after producers Sony TV fought hard to keep the show going. Sources tell The Hollywood Reporter that the independent studio had been offering the lion’s share of the profits to NBC in exchange for the renewal as SPT believe in the show’s creative and that it has a solid chance to be a long-running, family-friendly franchise.

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Twisted ankle - kidge

In her defense, Pidge is already at a disadvantage here. She’s quick in battle, sure–agile. But in a flat out sprint?

Well, she has short legs, and there’s not a damn thing she can do about that.

So when they’re fleeing from a battle that’s gotten out of hand–”regrouping,” Shiro calls it–she naturally falls a little behind. It happens when your teammates are all six goddamn feet tall.

She doesn’t dare glance backward, though she can hear the galra giving chase, unnervingly close. She doesn’t dare risk it. Instead she runs harder, pushing herself beyond her limits to try and catch up with the rest of her team.

She doesn’t trip–she doesn’t even take an ill-advised leap or step in a hole or some other excuse. She just lands badly one stride and then she’s hobbling, yelling as pain shoots through her ankle.

“Pidge!” she hears someone shout.

Shit. She’s never gonna catch up now. She keeps running as best she can, eyes glued to the ground ahead of her. 

And jumps when a blast hits the ground just next to her. They’re catching up, and she’s fucked.

Well, might as well go down fighting, right? She reaches for her bayard.

“Hunk, Lance!” Keith’s shout rings out ahead of her. “Cover us!”

“You got it!” Lance shouts back. As Pidge slows to turn and fight, she hears footsteps–ahead of her this time.

She looks up just before Keith all but collides with her. He’s turning and hiking her arms up over his shoulders before she’s even processed that he came back for her.


“Jump!” he hisses, as the blue-white bolts of energy from Lance and Hunk’s bayards shoot by them. She panics–no way, she is not letting Keith die here with her. She tries to tug her arms back.

“Leave me!” she shouts in his ear.

“No!” he shouts back, sounding so offended it shocks her into stopping her resistance. He lets go of her arms and reaches back for her knees instead, and heaves her up onto his back himself. And then they’re off.

“Keith,” she starts.

“I’m not leaving you,” he pants. “Never.”

She doesn’t know how to answer that. Somehow it feels like a deeper promise than it sounds. So she wraps her arms tighter around his shoulders, and her knees at his hips, and decides if they make it out of this alive she’s gonna make sure he knows she’s not gonna leave him, either. Not if she can help it.