woops im late

headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

(ref cr. mbc)


playlist for may [listen]

i. electric - alina baraz; ii. wild - kidswaste; iii. eyes closed - halsey; iv. lost in your light - dua lipa;  v. paper love - allie x; vi. chateau - blackbear; vii. alive - khai; viii. young hearts - nombe; ix. heart times - paramore; x. sunflower seeds - bryce vine; xi. want you back - haim; xii. lust for life - lana del rey.


“I won’t hold back. I’ll give everything. I’ll pay homage by dancing”.

09:08   happy super belated birthday @09kageyama 

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driftrod hcs? I need the goods pls.

!!!!! here u go friend

  • they’re literally the friends => best friends => boyfriends trope it’s Great
  • “we’re best boyfriends!” “aW YEAH”
  • they don’t kiss all that often. they see it as something incredibly intimate, but that still doesn’t stop them from giving each other quick smooches
  • honestly they’re the source of like,, just about every prank. rodimus gets blamed for a lot of them though
  • drift absolutely still teaches rodi how to use a sword, and they spar every now and then to help
  • they’re always holding hands in public, drift being a little more cautious about it since the rest of the crew still don’t like him
  • despite the crew, rodimus does everything in his power to make drift feel appreciated and welcomed 
  • drift appreciates it so much
  • rodimus trusts drift with his life, and when they’re in private, he’s able to talk about his insecurities and problems freely, something he feels he’s never been able to do with anyone
  • likewise, drift can talk to rodimus about,, well, everthing. his past as a decepticon, his time with wing, being on the LL and not exactly feeling very welcomed
  • rodi loves his best friend and best boyfriend and will fight everyone that makes him feel like shit so watch out