woops i made something

@dornishparamour ’d for a starter !

               “ mama ! ” in other circumstances, she’d try to keep it together, but since the news have come, sweeping over dorne like a plague, elia hasn’t been able to sleep soundly. ( a prince’s death cannot go ignored ; a paramour’s could have been swept under the rug, the delegation silenced. oh, how she feared— ) the girl launches herself at her mother, feeling as though she’s four instead of four-and-ten, and hiding in ellaria’s skirts again. “ we were afraid you wouldn’t come back ! ” pushes her anguish away from her, draping it over her sisters to cover up the tears stinging at her eyes. it’s always been her thing.

Woops, what do we have here? Isn’t it something I made for pocky day last year, and completely forgot to post later =w=“ Actually it was waiting for a second part of the set, but since I never got around making it I might as well post this alone now~

So here we have Ashy and Gary enjoying Pocky Day, but then they ran out of pockies thanks to Ash eating them, so it’ll turn into a Make Out Day instead! o/