Spell a Day Challenge: Day 7
  • Day Seven:Write a spell based off of a kid’s TV show.

Protection From Things That Go Bump In The Night Spell

You will need:

  • Small Black Candle
  • Small Drawstring Bag
  • Lavender
  • Dragons Blood
  • Basil
  • Rosemary
  • Clove

Place the herbs and incense/resins into the drawstring bag.

Light the black candle.

Hold the bag between your hands and over the candle ( not too close to the flame. no need to burn yourself) saying

Bless me with the protection I seek

From creatures in the night that creep

I wish to no longer be weak

I send this prayer for you to keep.

Hang the bag over your bed and let the black candle illuminate the room. Become comfortable with the shadows. Once the candle is done the spell is set.

chemically-defected heeft op je bericht gereageerd “When do you think Johnlock will explicitly become canon??”

I don’t think Johnlock will happen in series 4, there will be too much going on: Mary’s death, the baby’s death (the baby might not even appear on-screen. why would it? it won’t have any important function after all), Moriarty’s return and so forth.

They way I see series 4 is like this;

Moriarty is back, more manic and out of control than ever and Sherlock is frantic, desperate to finish this once and for all because he didn’t leave John behind for two years for nothing. It can’t have been for nothing. 

And the cold mask he had in place after the wedding is cracking but he clinching on to it. He has to solve it. He has to keep John safe!

John can see it. His mind has been swirling with questions ever since the wedding, since that damned speech. Since Sherlock shot Magnussen. Since the tarmac. Something is stirring and he is not sure. And he doesn’t know how long he can pretend in Mary’s face.But he has to wait. For the baby. He has to wait. 

And then the wait is over. It goes too quickly. John is struggling to get a grasp on it all, but he manages. Barely. The baby isn’t his, Moriarty decides to play his sick fucked up game and Mary is missing and the sickening sense that this is all his fault settles deep into his bones.

But then she isn’t and John and Sherlock stare down the nuzzle of Mary’s gun together while Moriarty is cackling in the background. There is no hesitation in his movements when he pushes Sherlock out of the way when Mary fires, no tremor in his hand when his own gun fires and his bullet lodges itself in Mary’s head and Moriarty slips away again and he doesn’t feel the pain in his leg until he feels Sherlock’s hands ripping the edges of his jeans apart to see the wound more clearly. 

His face. God, his face! 

And John knows. He should have known. How could he ever believe that Sherlock didn’t care? How did he not see? 

‘How long?’ he asks when they’re waiting in the ambulance, orange shock blankets wrapped around them and John’s jeans cut to shreds and the white of the bandage makes Sherlock feel sick. He tries to escape John’s knowing gaze. He wants to claw out his heart from his chest, run away and never look back. But he can’t. He never could. Not with John. 

He can’t answer, because he doesn’t know. Not really. John has always been there, deep in his veins, holding him together and ripping him apart. He doesn’t need to answer because suddenly John’s hand is in his - when did they start to tremble - and their fingers tangle together. 

‘Okay,’ John whispers. ‘Yeah… same.’


Star Trek AU with Captain Louis W. Tomlinson, Commander Harry Styles, Chief Engineer Niall Horan and Chief Medical a Officer Liam Payne.

“Where are we goin’ today, Mark?”

“Outer Space.”

“We should go explore Uranus, Commander.”

“Is that a phaser in your pocket or are you excited to see me, Captain?”

Chapter One

I love the fall here because it means knee high socks and leggings/tights, cardigans that are too big but so comfy, the color of the leaves as they drift away from the branches. This is my favorite season, and each year it passes with you thousands of miles away, starting spring and watching flowers bloom.
Someday, we’ll get the same autumn, Can’t wait.