percy jackson and the olympians??? i love that series— the lightning thief, the last olympian, the sea of monsters, the titans curse and *looks at smudged ink on hand* booty of the lubricant

Inks for a farmer wiz! Still a WIP, as I had a lot on my plate today! Also going to Anthro NE tomorrow, woo!

She’s a farm wizard, using magic to grow crops! She uses spell-crows to protect her crops. They’re a very crude type of golem that can cast spells at any leiving thing that comes near them, which can be pretty dang dangerous! That one on the left, it’s face looks kinda familiar…

ghost caesar following Joseph around during Stardust Crusaders and Freaking out every time Joseph almost dies because JOJO WHAT THE FUCK, YOU HAVE TO LIVE, and when Joseph gets drained like a day old juice box by dio he just flips his shit so when Joseph is technically dead the first thing he sees is caesar trying to pull Dio’s head off and screaming when his fingers phase into his skull

Starter, woop woop!

As a bird chirped nearby, Felicja cursed and threw a rock at it. Stupid bird. Stupid rock. Stupid everything. Of course she missed, but it still soothed her anger. Barely. As she trudged through the trees, she couldn’t help but feel a little anxious. What if she ran into one of those.. Thingies. That’s all she had thought to call them. Ugh, stupid thingies. She didn’t even know where she was, all she knew was that her dress was ripped. (Courtesy of a Thingie.) and people were dying. She had yet to shed a tear over that fact, but she could feel reality sinking in. That’s why she simply had to keep going.

Having yet to run into any live people since she made it out of town, she was a little worried to say the least. Were they all dead or something?! How the hell was that possible? It couldn’t be true. If that were the case, there was simply no way she would be left standing out of all people. Unless God chose her because she had nice hair, she didn’t know what to think. She didn’t even know how long she’d been walking so far. It felt like forever.

As she stopped to reach into her purse, a small snap came from her left. Holy crap this was it. Did he find someone with better hair?! Was she about to die?! “Um, hello?” she called out before smacking herself. Way to sound like every blonde from every American horror movie, Felicja. “I mean uh.. I know you’re there!” she added. Hopefully that was better. Maybe thingies respected originality….