Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood - a Jecht fanmix 

Weezer – Troublemaker / The Animals – Don’t Let Me Be Misunderstood / Nobuo Uematsu – Otherworld / Elliot Smith – Miss Misery  / B'z – Home (English Version) / The Hollies – He Ain’t Heavy, He’s My Brother / Ed Sheeran – I See Fire (Kygo Remix) / Eiffel 65 – Blue (DJ’s from Mars Remix) / The Fray – How to Save a Life / John Newman – Love Me Again

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Hey so I haven’t linked this here yet (or even mentioned it haha….) but I’ve been writing some fanfic and uploading it to my Ao3 account!

Originally I didn’t wanna link this b/c I kinda want to keep fanfic as a fun thing for me to do, without feeling stressed to make it really good or that I have to get a certain amount of notes to like, be considered good. My username and lil tag line are french for “I wrote” and “I used to write”, which is kinda how I feel. Like I haven’t written in forever, and I wasn’t sure if I was even good anymore?

And I was kinda really shocked about how much people liked my little Dratchet series???? (some of my fave fanfic authors liked it holy shit……) I didn’t expect it to get that much attention…. ono

So, that gave me the courage to go ahead and start posting my first chapter fic! (ta-da!!) The last time I wrote a fanfic w/ chapters was in 2008, in bayverse, and oh geez it was terrible. And I never finished >.< so it’d mean a lot to me if you guys could check out what I’ve written so far, and lemme know what you think! Hopefully I’ll be able to finish this one!

What kind of Kpop Career Will You HAVE? [click and drag]

Thank you babe for tagging me in this! <3 (and I think that you would be an awesome leader ;) @this-is-entertainment

The link: http://www.gurupop.com/post/320961-What-kind-of-Kpop-Career-Will-You-HAVE-click-and-drag

Company: YG entertainment (both my parents company yaas) My parents aka G-dragon and CL

Nr of members: 2 (to few if you ask me)

Position: Rapper! Everything is going in the right direction so far

Genre of music: Techno… ehhh…

Collab with: SHINHWA 

Do you go solo: Of course not (well it doesn’t really matter to me lol)

Your scandal: Black ocean (I’m okay as long as the lonely one with a lightstick in the crowd is Chanyeol hahah) 

Years active: Only three years…

After your career: Comedian (okay that’s actually pretty suitable I think, or maybe not)

I want to tag everybody who wants to do it and @luhanisatop @thedifferentsizesofinfinity @layixinqs @adoringdo @luderella

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@ the person saying only people kin with those characters put 'don't tag as kin/me': i've come across non-kin artists who tell people not to tag their art as kin just because 'it's not for you, so it's rude to say it's a picture of you' (even though... it is a picture of them because that's... how kin works. i mean you don't have to want ppl to tag your art as kin but that reason is just. factually wrong.), and they always say that Most Artists Agree With Them, so.

lmao same i put ‘dont tag as kin’ on my stuff bc its a drawing of my id or a friends id and neither of us like doubles, and ive only seen other people who are kin do the 'dont tag as kin’ thing too. nonkin people dont care otherwise. or its of their oc, in which case, dont do that anyway. it makes people feel really unoriginal and like shit.

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Can you please do a masterpost of the interviews he's done? I had to sleep rip

anything for you, nonnie !! i’ll update this as things come out :)


the hits official with tom green 
capital fm [transcript
bbc radio1 
kiis fm with ryan seacrest 
kiss fm uk 
bbc radio 1xtra w/ charlie sloth
vodafone big top 40 (finding out he’s #1)
elvis duran
will add as more come out !


you can listen to the full interview here or here :)
video clips of interview:  one / two / three / four / five
watch on vimeo / watch on youtube + part 2 [x]


ZAYN’S OFFICIAL WEBSITE (register to be on mailing list!)
other promo information
even more promo information
post with links to itunes/spotify/amazon/google play/etc
radio station tweet request generator (this is really cool !!)
official lyrics

zolo fan promo week

the album (MIND OF MINE) is set to release on MARCH 25TH