take my carrots, michael. hold my carrots.

michael went out of his way to pick these up in minecraft and i’m laughing just imagining actual michael scrambling to pick up all 35 of gavin’s carrots one by one and bundling all this garden produce through the portal while everything in the nether is shooting fire at him. true friendship tbh.

I recently hit the +1k followers wow so as a thank you have 
a crossover between my favorite otps and their children  

Thank you to all of you for following me, for liking and reblogging my posts, writing me cute tags on my art and sometimes sending me messages

Thank you to all the people who have been following me since the beginning and and are still here despite all the fandoms switches I’ve been through, if you’re one of these persons, you’re a true hero

And of course thank you to the people who only followed me recently hehe 

I’ve met a lot of lovely people who are now my friends, partially thanks to tumblr and some fandoms, so I’m very glad I decided to join tumblr 3 years ago ;u;

We may not talk but I’m happy that you decided to click on the follow button and stayed

THANK YOU!!! ♥♥♥