can i just point out something i noticed:

 emma stone, who originally has red hair,

 played gwen stacy, who has blonde hair

and shailene woodley, who has blonde hair

was scheduled to play mary jane, who has red hair

and from the original trilogy there was bryce dallas howard

who has RED HAIR




okay i think i made my point


celebrate UFO day by traveling to Earth on a mission to bring water for your drought stricken home planet only to befriend a lonely woman working at the hotel you’re staying at who gets you addicted to tv, alcohol, and sex, but then freaks out when you reveal yourself and then your supposed confidant betrays you to the government and you end up spending years deep within a hotel while they do horrible experiments on you while your family slowly dies away and then the lonely woman comes back wicked old and trashed and you have sex involving a revolver before she leaves you once again and years later you realize the prison has been abandoned and you stumble out absolutely distraught that you’re stuck on Earth and you end up creating a recording that hopefully will reach your alien planet and your bastard confidant ends up buying said record and visiting you in your depressed state and watches you pass out from inebriation.

Happy UFO Day, everyone.

Zayn's cousin tweeted.

Okay so i can see that everyone is going bezerk over the tweet from zayn’s cousin. What did you expect her to say? “yea my cousin is in a fake relationship with a thirsty limp noodle #it'stimeyouknow” She cannot say that she would get in so much trouble for doing that and it would force her to be more involved with it than she already is. ( not entirely sure she knows about the stunt but she must).

If you think about it the tweet kind of had a secret message behind it (just guessing ya know) for example “zayn doesn’t need a fake relationship” No zayn does not need a fake relationship but perrie does.“why can’t you see how in love they are” If anything it sounds like she is taking the piss out of them. Once again this is my opinion and may not exactly be correct but I think it is close to it. This tweet is nothing to worry about, i mean what better way to convince people zerrie is real than having a family member say it.

Don’t always believe what you see and what you read because life is filled with illusions.

i just want to be logan lerman’s best friend. he seems like one of those people who will just always make you smile, and make you laugh when you’re having a bad day and then soon you forget why you were sad in the first place. i guess i just want someone like that, a guy best friend and this is really stupid because a) i’m never gonna meet him and b) all the guys around here hate me so there is a large chance he’ll hate me too.