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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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have some Greek mythology doodles featuring different versions of Artemis!! 

Blonde Artemis and Siproites are based off @shanastoryteller ‘s gorgeous fics!! Here’s the specific one it comes from~

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Any taako and lup's childhood hc?

Every time I get a taz ask I hope you know I light up like a child during a gift giving holiday. 

  • Taako and Lup are biracial elves, haif high-wood elf
  • Their Aunt (who canonly reaches Taako how to cook and apparently makes Lup’s favorite dish) also saves up money to get them through magic school 
  • It falls apart once their savings are stolen and the twins are shipped off to stay with their grandfather who unlike their aunt was not saving up for them to go anywhere
  • He was prepping them to be farmers which does not jive with fab twins so they bounced 
  • Lup is a Wizard-Demolitioner, she picked up the latter on the road and fell in love with the ability to blow things up
  • Lup has accidentally set Taako’s hair on fire 3x after they dropped out of magic school and started self teaching
  • Taako kept his hair short for most of his childhood because of that 
  • Turnips were about the only things they could get before they started taking up odd jobs with traveling caravans 
  • As a result Taako is more or less a practicing vegetarian but Lup hates most root veg, turnips especially. She’s more found of poultry and yes its because she got to roast the meat
  • ( @midnigtartist ) Taako would have small outbursts about where they were going, what they had to do and so Lup actually was the one who made up the song “Oh shit Sweet Flips” making up words to make him laugh while braiding his short hair
  • Lup never intended to move around as much as they did as kids but Taako on the other hand was a bit of a klepto, anytime they got too comfortable with a group, Taako would loot them and get them kicked out or they’d have to leave before they got caught
  • At first Lup was upset at first but when given the choice she chose Taako every time
  • Lup was the charismatic one, she had a way of talking to people and getting them to give them work
  • Taako was better at manipulating people and finding the ones he can get most out of while avoiding the dangerous ones
  • Lup has absolutely no sense of danger, she it took her a few times getting burned to not stick her hand in the fire.