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headband tae??? CAN I GET A HELL YEAH

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so, skippy and I found that shippuden episode 431 was a disaster and that karin’s infinite tsukuyomi makes 100x more sense if 431 was an elaborate sob story that karin fabricated in order to manipulate those konoha interrogators

This is Jessica, and I am going to say a few things about myself and stuff so you guys can get to know the person who is gonna be answering questions and running the blog.

So I am Jessica, i’m 21, and I have been friends with Natasha since I was 11, so about 10 years. We both met as kids in class and bonded over a Van Helsing game guide, and became inseparable. We gained weight together growing up and were the weird nerdy chicks in school, and we also lost weight at around the same time. 

We pretty much have the same taste and like in everything, except she is more fabulous and glittery. Basically we are like sisters…. Only closer.

I have lost 50 pounds, and I have experience in Personal Training, and I am currently in training for my 200hr Yoga Teaching course. I really love Yoga, and I am so excited for Natasha getting hired at a Yoga studio. Woop! 

I like Star Wars, Anime, Beyonce, Zelda, Supernatural, LotR, Final Fantasy, Lots of games, Beyonce, AvP, Beyonce, Underworld, Pokemon, Digimon, Beyonce, Harry Potter, Game of Thrones, Star Trek, Beyonce, and a whoooole bunch of different stuff and Beyonce.

So yeah. That’s all I can think about for now. My tumblr is:


I don’t plan on promoting a whole lot, so unless asked, I won’t really be putting my fitblr out there. ‘Cause this is Tasha’s blog!

Pleasure to meet you all. :)