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Lazy Afternoons

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Request: Hey back at it again with another request! Sheepishly shrugs Ethan x reader (fem) where readers been recording for awhile and Ethan’s clingy and all and so he pulls reader away from recording and they build a pillow fort and watch Harry Potter in it and just allot of fluff please? ☺😋 thank you I love your work! 😊

Summary: Fem!Reader is about to go on vacation with her boyfriend Ethan for the holidays, but he misses her after a whole day of her filming :(

A/N: Hello all! First fic of the new batch, woo! Anyway, this request is insanely cute??? Like I actually kinda blushed a little while writing this haha oops. Hope you guys enjoy!

Wordcount: 743, woop di doo

Any requests you guys send in are gonna pile up in my inbox and be saved for the next batch, so feel free to send them in! I’ll get to them in a week or so (20 requests to do oh god)

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