rest little soldier
your hands are stained with blood you can’t wash off
wash your hands, clean your wounds
(this is a new beginning)

Dean Winchester Graphic Challenge
deanliciously vs   queerbradbury 
Prompt: ‘untitled’ by s.z.
Since Mark said he wanted to know all of us((but its really freakin hard to get to know 8 million people

Reblog this with a little bit bout yourself so that even though he cant know us personally, he can at least know a little bit about each of us…

Hi Mark! I’m a 17 year old named Hannh who loves you and you videos. Im always on tumblr (literally) and I love my acting class! (4th year woop-wooop!)

God!!! My boyfriend is so fuckinf hot!!!! I get to call him my BOYFRIEND and I’m his Girlfeiend!!!!! Wow what the fuck?? Idc if this is weird okay he is very important I’m just so happy I found him bc I know that it’s so very very important !! Okay


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it’s Friday night and Friday night means my sister and I watch cupcake wars together and look who’s appropriately dressed for the occasion (look who has also lost their glasses again, woo) 

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