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*whispers* Xern!

+faggotuscolossus said: Know your character meme: Xern!

01. Full name:
Xernius “Xern” Polito
02. Best friend: Xern is a notorious recluse and is ill-fitted to live on Omega, therefor he usually keeps to himself and tries to stay out of trouble…so he really has very few friends around in his daily life. He would count his strange relationship with the human Aeos Maru as a close friendship, and his connection to the krogan pilot Staika as another. Other than that, he deeply cherishes his relationship with his brother, Winn, and he loves his mechs that he spends most of his free time with.
03. Sexuality: Pansexual, he’s as into men as he is women of all species.
04. Favorite color: TEAL.

05. Relationship status: Single 
06. Ideal mate: Someone who can help him overcome his insecurities and fearful introversion, find the belief in himself that he’s unable to do on his own, so far. Someone who doesn’t mind a messy, robotics-obsessed engineer who often forgets to eat when he’s working with a welding torch in hand and pretty much always smells like exhaust, oil and omni-gel.
07. Turn-ons: Synthetics and muscle.
08. Favorite food: NOODLES, energy drinks and shellfish.
09. Crushes: Much more than a crush.
10. Favorite music: Clubbing tracks, electronica in general.
11. Biggest fear: Just about everything, hurting his family with his disappointment of a life, is a big one, which is why he works hard to make something better out of himself, even if every step forward often sends him five back due to the hard life of living on Omega.
12. Biggest fantasy: Building a sentient machine and keep it safe, show his creation the galaxy.
13. Bad habits: Messiness, forgetting to eat, forgetting important things when working on his projects, like making sure his home defense systems don’t shoot his guests.
14. Biggest regret: Not offering to stay on as a part of Aeos Maru’s team, going to Omega to begin with, dropping out of the military.
15. Best kept secrets: He really has no skeletons in the closet, Xern is a fairly uninteresting turian.
16. Last thought: “Where did I put it…?”
17. Worst romantic experience: Hardly any aside from a few awkward flirtations and being hit on, he doesn’t date or socialize much.
18. Biggest insecurity: Dying as a useless nobody, his physical weakness (something that makes him work out on a daily basis), his short fringe and sandy carapace.
19. Weapon of choice: his deployable mechs, turrets, grenades and his omni-tool.
20. Role Model: His older brother, Winn and a slew of turian philosophers. 

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AYYY GUESS WHO'S BACK BACK AGAIN Sir Patrick Anon is back, tell a friend! Work has been killing me, but my check is coming in soon so I'M HAPPY. I did a bit of catching up and wow oneshots are open, Michael is being daddy af (I'm still shook by that picture wowowow) and I need to find more David movies to watch to quench my inner hoe. Also, I'm thinking about making playlists for Kraglin and Yondu or Merle eventually but I still have yet to watch s3 hhhhh


hedaswolf’s clexa fic recs (1/?)

I love Clexa, I love fanfic, and I love lists, so it’s about time I compiled one of these! I have too many favorites to include in one list, so here’s a small sampling of the fics that have stuck with me. Enjoy, and feel free to send any-and-all recs my way!

Canon ‘Verse Fics

This Heart, Fossilized and Silent by @chrmdpoet
171,000 words, mature, canon verse

Clarke is only three days into being a runaway when she realizes that she did not fully think this through.

“I don’t need your help, Lexa.”

“You are wrong.” The Commander crosses the short distance between them and surprises Clarke by kneeling in front of her. “You do not want my help, Clarke,” she says quietly, “but you do need it.”

They Take Their Shots But We’re Bulletproof by @nightshifted
9,000 words, mature, canon verse

“Our winters are harsh,” Lexa tells her. “You must have adequate shelter to survive them.”

“I survived you,” Clarke says lowly. “I’ll survive anything.”

The State of You and I by @clarkesquad
3,000 words, teen, canon verse

The version of 2.14 where there were two kisses, Clarke initiated the first one, and she definitely didn’t pull away.

Clarke and Lexa make out for funsies and it gets a little heated. Forget Bodyguard of Lies. This is your new canon.

I’m Breathing Fire Into Dust by reinclarkenation
16,000 words, teen, canon verse

Prompt: “Clexa on their journey to Polis”

Rise Into Ruin by crazywisdom / @williammarshal
82,000 words, mature, canon verse

Post-2x16. She is tired, vengeful and she wants answers: that’s all that draws Clarke to Polis. But a new enemy on the horizon, cracks within the grounder hierarchy that threaten Lexa’s freshly-acquired charade of peace, and the reluctant desire to trust once more, makes her stay.

I’m a Princess Cut from Marble by @possibilistfanfiction
5,500 words, mature, canon verse

Or: ten times Clarke learns something about Lexa, and ten times they keep their promises.

Lexa is beautiful, and you want her, a hungry, primal, soft part of you wants her. There’s something about your matching pain, the mirror of blood on your hands, the sound of your nightmares, that makes you ache to touch her, want to wake her and kiss her and you wonder if want is the same as grief—if a profound sadness is the same as desire.

Take This Boat and Point It Home by socallmedaisy
57,000 words (wip), mature, canon verse

They’re both broken now, after Finn and Costia, Tondc and the missile, the war, the betrayal, and she wonders if there’s enough pieces left to form a whole.

Alternate Universe Fics
(I’m just discovering the joys of AUs, so this is a bit sparse…)

When Love Becomes the Reason by @clarkesquad
35,000 words (wip), teen, au

Clexa Fake Dating AU

The one where it’s not a love story, it’s a story of a girl who needs a plus one for her brother’s wedding (and a girl who needs to be at that wedding).

Spoilers: It’s a love story. It’s always a love story.

Lover in Low Light by @chrmdpoet
47,000 words (wip), mature, au

“You’re never going to love anyone the way you loved her. That kind of love, it only happens once in a lifetime, so if you’re waiting to feel that way again, I think you’re always going to be waiting.”


Five years after their relationship’s end, college sweethearts Lexa and Clarke find themselves in the same city again. Now, they are different people with different lovers and different lives, but neither ever fully let the other go. Will what they once had still be all they are looking for, or is it finally time to truly let go and move on?

A Business of the Heart by @commanderlexaofthegrounders
76,000 words (wip), mature, au 

Lexa Woods inherited her family company after her parents passed away, however, in order for Lexa to have total control of her company she has to be married.

The solution?

Her best friend Clarke proposes to be her wife so Lexa can have the control back. Clarke and Lexa will fullfill the terms of the contract stipulated by the board and everything will be back to normal, or at least that was the initial plan, that is, until they start to develop romantic feelings for each other.

Sugar Daddy AU


Harry: You and Harry had been together for quite some time now, nearly 3 years, and never once had either of you shown anything other than pure love for the other. Today was no different.
I had woken up earlier than usual, possibly because Harry had forgotten to shut the curtains last night in his haste to get you into bed, if you catch my drift. I let out a deep sigh, deciding it was no use staying in bed when I clearly could get back to sleep. I pushed the covers back, shivering as the brisk London air hit my skin suddenly, making goosebumps rise quickly. I pulled on a pair of sweatpants and Harrys hoodie that was conveniently placed next to the bed, grinning like a school girl at the smell of his cologne.
“What are you doing?” Harry shifted slightly from his previous spot, making me jump.
“I couldn’t sleep so I figured I’d go make you breakfast,” I smiled softly, shuffling around to his side of the bed and kneeling next to it, reaching a hard up to card my fingers through his hair.
“You’re so good to me babygirl,” he grinned sleepily, peeking one eye open.
“Anything for you,” I giggled, scrambling up from my position on the floor and beginning to walk out of the room, stopping when Harry cleared his throat behind me. I turned around confused, staring at him from my spot near the door.
“Aren’t you forgetting something?” he raised himself up on his elbow, grinning at me cheekily.

 I racked my brain before realising what I missed, skipping forward and placing a soft kiss to his lips, squealing when he wrapped his arms around my waist and pulled me on the bed, attacking me with kisses.
“Stop! Daddy please!” I squealed, playfully batting his face away from my own. He let out a husky chuckle, placing one last kiss to the tip of my nose before letting me be.
“Sorry baby, I couldn’t help myself,” he bit his lip, tugging at the sleeve of his hoodie. “You look so good in my clothes.”
“I’m supposed to be downstairs making breakfast,” I pouted, making no move to do so.
“I want you to stay here with me,” he wrapped his arm around my middle, pinning my to the bed in his strong grip. “Can you do that for me baby?” I pretended to think it over, giggling when he began to pout childishly.
“Of course I can daddy,” I complied, curling up to his side.

Liam: All day Liam had been talking excitedly about his sisters wedding and how happy he was that she was finally getting married, and you were on the receiving end of his chatter.
“I just can’t believe it!” he gushed, stopping in front of where I was sitting and placing his hands on my cheeks, pinching them softly. “Pretty soon that’s gonna be us!”
“Alright alright calm down,” I giggled, pushing him back towards the wardrobe. “Hurry up and get dressed! Ruth wanted me there early so I could do her hair for her!”
“I know, I know. I’m just so happy for her!” he grinned, slipping his arms through his shirt and beginning to button it up, bouncing on the soles of his feet. I sighed, standing up from where I had previously taken refuge and shuffling over to where he sat, batting his hands away and doing his shirt up for him. He let me do my work, opting to rest his hands on my hips, drawing circles on the lace covered skin there.
“Did I tell you how beautiful you look?” he ran his hands along my sides, pulling me closer so my chest was pressed against his. I let out a sigh, tilting my head slightly, letting him pepper kisses down my neck, one had now resting on my lower back, the other groping my bum. “God you look so sexy right now babygirl.”
“Li,” I whimpered, gripping his shoulders tightly to stop me from falling. “C-come on; you need to get dressed.”
“How can I when you’re standing here looking like that,” he growled against my neck, making my knees buckle. Liam chuckled, wrapping an arm around me to keep me from toppling to the ground.
“Daddy please,” I bit my lip, knowing he couldn’t not listen to me when I pulled the ‘daddy’ card.
“Alright fine,” he let out a deep sigh, helping me over to the bed before continuing to get dressed. I watched him shuffled around the bedroom, picking up various articles of clothing, finally just needing to pull on his jacket.
“Are you absolutely sure this looks good Y/N?” he asked, standing in front of the mirror, shrugging the jacket over his shoulders, fiddling with it slightly.

“I promise you look good enough to eat,” I teased, jumping up from my spot and walking to stand behind him, running my hands down his muscular arms. “If we had enough time, I’d let you fuck me right here right now. That’s how good you look.”
“Teasing isn’t nice babygirl,” he raised a brow, reaching back and pinching my side playfully.
“Oh it’s not teasing,” I grinned, reaching up to kiss his jaw. “I fully intend to let you fuck me tonight.”

Louis: Yours and Louis’ relationship was quite new so you were both taking it considerably slow. You had never been in a relationship quite like this one, and Louis was happy to let you adjust to it in your own time, but that didn’t stop him from popping around to you work every so often and taking you out for an expensive lunch.
“Y/N! There’s a really hot guy here to see you in the foyer,” my assistant, Jenna, popped her head in my door, making me smile slightly.
“Alright, I’ll be there in a sec,” I waved her off, already starting to save my open files and shut down my computer. I picked up my bag, making sure that my purse was in it (not that Louis would ever let me pay) before I exited my office and made my way down the long corridor to the 21st floor foyer. And there, in all his glory, sat Louis.
“Hey,” he grinned, pushing himself off the wall he was previously leaning on and walking over to me, wrapping an arm around my waist and pulling me in for a warm embrace.
“Hi,” I blushed, gripping his shirt tightly in my hand, revelling in the warm his body was giving me.
“I didn’t see you this morning,” he pulled back, a pout on his beautiful face.
“I had to come in early,” I giggled, pecking his pouted lip softly. “We can make up for it tonight if you’d like?”
“Now that is something I’m looking forward to,” he grinned cheekily, reaching his hand down and squeezing my bum playfully, making me squeal.
“Lou!” I smacked his chest, ducking my head to try and hide my blush.
“Couldn’t help it,” he winked, pecking my red cheek before taking me hand and pulling me towards the elevator, repeatedly pressing the lobby button.
“Boo, it’s not going to go any quicker no matter how many times you press it,” I giggled, pulling his hand away from the button and holding it tightly in mine. We stood in silence for a few moments as we travelled down, Louis quickly tugging me out the door once it opened, claiming that we ‘needed to hurry to get to this amazing place’.
“Lou slow down,” I squealed, struggling to keep up with his fast pace as he all but ran down the sidewalk. He stopped suddenly, spinning around and holding my arms in his hands to stop me from falling.
“Sorry, I’m just really excited,” he bit his lip, gesturing to the scenery I had yet to notice, beginning to walk again, slowly this time. “It’s really beautiful down here and I thought you’d like it.”
“Wherever you are is beautiful,” I winked, giggling when he looked up at me with his brows raised. “Sorry, couldn’t help it.”

“You’re so in for it when we get home,” he smirked.  

Niall: Niall had been travelling around the world trying to deal with businessy shit that you didn’t even try to understand. He had opted to leave you at home for most of it, claiming that he would be too busy to properly take care of you and he would rather have you safe at home than at risk travelling with him. That idea had been thrown out the window when you had called him one night in tears, having a mild panic attack because he wasn’t there with you. He had immediately booked you a flight over to New York, picking you up from the airport himself and taking you back to the hotel he had been occupying for the past week.
“Shit!” I sat up quickly, hand over my heart, the other fisting the blanket tightly in my hand. I looked down to see the other side of the bed completely vacant, the pushed back sheets the only sign that Niall had indeed gotten some sleep. I let out a deep breath, pushing the blanket back and slipping off the bed not even bothering to pull pants on, knowing I would only take them off. I tiptoed through the hotel suite, listening for any signs of where Niall could be, huffing slightly when I couldn’t hear him. It was only when I saw the faint light in the living room that I realised he was once again, up early doing work. I padded across the wooden floor, raising my brow at the disheveled boy lying down on the couch, phone in one hand and the other running through his bed hair. 

“Ni?” I spoke softly, clasping my hands tightly behind my back. He glanced up, seeming quite surprised to see me standing there.
“Y/N, what are you doing up?” he held out a hand, making me shuffle forward and place my own in his, letting him pull me onto the couch with him. I simply shrugged, curling into his side and resting my head on his chest.
“Figured you could use some company,” I sighed, biting my lip to stop the smile from spreading across my face at the feel of his hand travelling down my back.
“You should be resting baby,” he scolded, giving my bum a light smack, making me let out a muffled squeal.
“I’m sorry,” I pouted, arching my back and pressing my bum into his hand. “Maybe you should punish me for it…” Niall began to shift until he was hovering over my body, an arm resting either side of my face, his legs trapping mine together.
“Is this your way of distracting me from work?” he raised a brow, a slight smirk settling over his face.
“Is it working?” I replied, bringing my hands up to run down his sides, pushing the fabric of his t-shirt up. He sat back on my thighs, pulling the article of clothing of his body.
“It sure is sweetheart.”

Zayn: You had never thought that you would end up in a relationship like this, let alone with a guy like Zayn. He would constantly spoil you, claiming that he ‘loved to buy pretty things for his baby’, not that you were complaining. Sure when he came home with a new pair of Louis Vuitton’s you lectured him for about an hour, only to eventually accept the item and proceed to parade around in the glorious shoes for the rest of the day.
“Alright, now remember that this dinner is extremely important for the company,” Zayn reminded me, stopping me from walking into the restaurant so he could give me a ‘pep talk’ as he called it. “These guys are complete and utter douchebags, so I don’t want you talking to any of them unless I say you can, okay babygirl?”
“I know, you’ve only told me a thousand times,” I rolled my eyes, squealing when he pinched my side softly.
“I’m seriously Y/N,” he narrowed his eyes, placing a hand protectively around my waist before continuing the journey into the high class restaurant. “They don’t have any respect for women, so don’t be surprised if they are no other girls here.”
“I can entertain myself,” I grinned up at him, snuggling into his side.
“I know you can,” he chuckled, leading me over to a large round table set up in the back for privacy. There sat a few important looking men, all talking quite loudly, a few with their significant others sat submissively next to them. Zayn let out a deep breath, pulling out a seat for me next to a young looking girl, him taking the spot next to me. I immediately turned to her, a bright smile on my face and my hand held out to her, much to her surprise.
“Hi, I’m Y/N,” I chirped happily, letting out a soft giggle when she placed her hand in mine, giving it a timid shake.
“Amy,” she spoke quietly, going back to picking at her beautifully manicured nails.
“Well Amy, were you dragged to this boring meeting too?” I joked, hearing her let out a sharp gasp, glancing behind me at Zayn with fearful eyes.
“Won’t you get in trouble for saying that?” she hissed quietly, eyes darting between my face and Zayn.
“Oh no it’s fine, Zee wouldn’t hurt a fly,” I waved her worries off, turning so I was facing an amused looking Zayn. “Isn’t that right?”
“Only in the bedroom,” he winked, making me blush and whack his chest lightly, turning back to my now dumbfounded friend.
“See, harmless,” I grinned. She began to come out of her shell after that, babbling on about the latest gossip and all the funny things that were happening in her life, only stopping when the food had come out. I picked at the food on my plate, not really feeling like eating fancy food. I felt a soft poke on my leg, making me turn to see Zayn looking at me.

“We can pick up a hamburger on the way home if you’d like,” he chuckled, knowing my love for the food. I simply nodded, trying to hid the smile on my face. “But you have to eat some of this. I know you hate this sort of food but I can’t have you starving yourself.”
“Make that a hamburger AND chicken nuggets, and you’ve got yourself a deal.

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The KBTBB guys playing with their children, please? :) (Doesn't really matter if it's all of them playing with children together or each of them alone with children, just the one you are the most comfortable with) I hope it's somehow understandable what I'm trying to say...english isn't my first language..^^' Ps. Keep up the good work. Your headcannons are great! :D

Woooooo! Fluff! Something Selena can read *wink wink*

Eisuke: “Dad can you teach me to play cards?” His 10 year old son asked when he walked up to Eisuke who was sitting in the living room watching TV. “You want to play cards?” He asked, grabbing a spare deck from the table and motioning to his son to sit. His son’s brown eyes were glowing with excitement. “I’m ready!” He said with such enthusiasm that Eisuke couldn’t help but smile.

Soryu: “Come on Daddy!” His 5 year old daughter pulled his hand, leading her to her bedroom. “What are you doing?” “Tea party!” She giggled. Soryu felt his brows twitch at the thought of sitting at a tiny table and drinking imaginary tea from a pink plastic tea cup. He let out a sigh as he watched his daughter excited face. He decided to agree, just so he could see his little princess smile. God, he loved being a dad.

Ota: “What are we playing?” Ota asked his kids, 12 year old son and 7 year old daughter. “Monopoly!” His daughter squealed out happily. “Play with us Daddy!” “Well…I’m supposed to go out with Baba…” “Please Dad?” His son asked with a frown. Ota let out a sigh. “Well alright, Baba can live on his own I guess.” He chuckled, sitting down on the floor with his kids ready to have a fun night being a Dad.

Baba: He was holding his happy baby girl in his arms. He chuckled before lifting her as high in the air as she could, causing her to squeal in pure enjoyment. He brought he down before tossing her lightly in the air and skillfully catching her.

Mamoru: “Come on Daddy, please!” His 4 year old daughter begged. Mamoru let out a sigh and ran a hand through his hair, avoiding looking at her because he knew she’d be pulling the puppy dog look. “Daddyyyyyyy….” She whined, pulling on his pants leg. Sighing, he put out his cigarette, crouching down in front of her. “Fine…climb on.” She squealed in pure happiness and climbed onto his back, wrapping her little arms around his neck. “Hang on…” He said before he began to run around with his daughter squealing and giggling in happiness.