a one piece summer camp au

shanks is like the MAIN camp counselor who oversees everything. he’s lowkey wild as hell but it’s fine. the kids think hes the second coming of christ
law is the camp doctor who wants to die every time he hears the children’s laughter
ace is the “living on the edge” camp counselor who is quite the influence on the children bc all of them want to be like him whether that means they waterski through hoops of fire or not
sabo is the camp counselor that tries so hard to make sure everyone is following all the rules and such and he has at least 45 conniptions a day bc of ace’s methods of interacting with the campers. sabo is also that one counselor that every little girl seems to love for no explicable reason. maybe it’s the princely look
luffy is the counselor that has no idea what he’s doing. he’s quite an influence like ace is, but his influences cause actual chaos sometimes. luffy doesn’t even know he’s an influence and he also has no filter around the children so sometimes some kids will just walk around cussing and sabo gets more conniptions
sanji is the camp’s chef. he keeps these kids alive. he gets kinda snippy bc these kids just throw food everywhere. rip
zoro is the lazy counselor. he’ll be sleeping against a tree and all of his kids will throw sticks at him and draw on his face while he’s out. when he’s awake and doesn’t feel like doing anything he’ll tell the kids something like “i dont care as long as you dont set the entire place on fire goodnight”
usopp. we all know what kind of counselor usopp is. 
nami just bribes the kids she has to do what she wants them to do tbh. other than that she’s probably the most laid-back counselor this camp will ever see

good morning seventeen; hip hop unit

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vocal unit | performance unit

mornings are filled with yawns, playful kisses, and the feeling of your loved one beside you

seungcheol: Seungcheol yawned, the fresh smell of bacon traversing to him. His cookie pajamas hung low around his hips, and the shirt he wore managed to show a small sliver of skin. “Good morning to you too,” you muttered, laughing as you felt his arms wrap around your waist. “You left the bed too quickly,” he mumbled sleepily, fuzzy black hair tickling the side of your face. “Mm, sorry about that. Guess you won’t be hungry then..”

He whined as you walked away with the plate of bacon, playfully munching on a piece. You giggled at your boyfriend’s childishness and set the plate down, reaching up to brush some of his hair out of his face. “Come on. Time for breakfast, leader.” He chuckled. “I am the leader, huh?”

wonwoo: Still safely sound asleep in bed, you only managed to wake up upon feeling the empty space in the bed push down next to you. You shifted, and notice that outside the curtains was still quite dark, and the numbers on the clock shined, reading 5:23 AM. Remembering someone had slipped into the bed next, to you, you quickly swerved, sighing in relief when a black mop of hair came into vision.

“Good morning. Did I scare you?” Wonwoo’s deep voice asked, and he laughed quietly. “I’m sorry, I was hoping not to wake you up.” You yawned, turning fully on your side. “It’s fine, I’m just glad you’re home.” Wonwoo chuckled. “Yeah, Jihoon had me staying there until like 4 am to record the last of the vocals, and then we just had some mixing and harmonies to finish.” You, however, had already fallen asleep once again, and were lightly snoring peacefully. He smiled. “Alright, I get the memo. Sweet dreams.”

mingyu: “How many cups of milk..?” you muttered, trying to read the side of the box of pancake mix. It was early, barely a few moments after sunrise, however wanting to surprise Mingyu, you devised the plan to wake up and hopefully make him a breakfast as nicely as he did for you. The only thing was, you were currently stuck trying to figure out the difference between a tablespoon and a teaspoon.

You were able to suffice with a pair of decent looking pancakes, and a side of waffles with a glass of orange juice. Deciding not to bring it to the room in case of spills, you tip-toed back into the room, Mingyu still snoring, a slight pool of drool streaming from his mouth. You winced, but still shook his shoulders calmly, watching his eyes flutter open, a dopey smile lining his face as he rose and began stretching. “Good morning.” You ruffled his hair. “Come on, sleepy. I made you breakfast this morning,” you commented proudly. Mingyu quickly froze. “You didn’t burn it, right?” You huffed. “Rude. I guess I’ll eat by myself then.”

Mingyu quickly wrapped his arms around your waist, his face stuffed in your chest as he was still sitting down on the bed. He looked up at you with his best puppy-dog eyes. “I’d never let you eat alone, even if it is burnt.”

hansol: Hansol sat up, being careful not to wake the person sleeping next to him. Carefully reaching for his phone, he glanced at the time, it being nearly 12 in the afternoon. The two of you enjoyed sleeping in when possible, and last night, you’d both went to sleep much later than usual. The dark curtains hid any sunlight from the windows, and Hansol sighed in content, remembering he had a free day today.

He jumped as he felt a hand grasp his own, and sighed when he felt the familiar size difference of your smaller hand. You’d worn his sweatshirt to bed, and you had to admit, it was very soft, it giving off the smell of Hansol. Rubbing the sleep from his eyes, he pulled the covers over the both of you, leaving a small portion open so that a bit of light shone through and so you could breathe.

Hansol smiled when you opened your eyes, gentle, forgiving hazel eyes staring back into your own. “Morning, baby. Did you sleep okay?”



Pick-up Lines
  • Alex and John: *going back and forth with bad pick-up lines*
  • Alex: Are you sugar? Cause you've got a sweet ass.
  • John: I can't tell if you came from heaven or hell, cause you look beautiful and hot as fuck.
  • Alex: You're so hot that if you stepped in Antarctica it would melt.
  • Lafayette: I can't tell if you're joking around, or if you're madly in love but aren't getting the signs.