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Heartlines - Part 6

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Summary: When Reader moves into Avengers Tower to finish her PhD in safety, the last thing she expects is to have something in common with the shy insomniac Bucky Barnes.

Warnings: psychological and physical abuse, torture, panic attacks, mental illness

A/N: !!! i love this part so much, and hopefully you guys do too! stuff is finally happening!! woooo!! let me know what you think, and if you wanna be tagged in future parts 

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Part 6

You’re not surprised you can’t sleep that night. Despite your exhaustion, all the events of the last few days have turned your nightmares into memories and even the safety of the Tower into a danger zone. You find yourself flinching around every corner, like just by being in the same city as him he might as well be right on top of you.

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“Did you have to get me the dumbest beanie you could find?” Sasuke questioned sourly, glancing up at the beanie with cat ears.

“Oh come on, it looks fine! We match now, see?” Naruto smiled as he patted his own orange coat, “And it’s really warm, isn’t it?”

Narrowing his eyes, Sasuke scowled and faced forward again, “Shut up.”

Even if the cat beanie was super toasty on his head, like hell he would tell Naruto that! He still had his pride after all.

“Wow, this is a lot prettier than I remembered…” Sasuke suddenly murmured, glancing around at the scene before him in quiet awe.

Snow blanketed the ground in an ivory covering, shimmering when the eye caught it unexpectedly. Little pockets of it had landed on tree boughs and branches, and small flakes of it gently tumbled from the sky.

Naruto started getting a little fidgety, and readjusted Sasuke’s scarf so it tucked more snugly around his neck and chin. He tapped a finger on Sasuke’s nose, which crinkled at the touch, and frowned at how freezing it was.

So he started babbling worriedly, “Are you cold? We can go back inside and get more layers if ya want, it’s not-”

Reaching up a hand, Sasuke tugged on the blonde fringe sticking out from the orange hoodie, “Stop fussing and just relax. Stress doesn’t suit you.”

“I’m really glad I was able see the snow with you one last time.” Sasuke said, turning his head to look towards him with an uptilt of his lips, lifting his gloved hand to take one of Naruto’s.

His heart trembled, and immediately Naruto came to counteract Sasuke’s words, to make them stop hurting, “Don’t say that! You know that it’s-”

“Just in case, y'know?” Sasuke interrupted him, squeezing his hand and Naruto closed his mouth and inhaled the brisk winter air.

He and Sasuke had this argument numerous times since he was diagnosed. At random times Sasuke would say they had to do this or that before he was gone, and more than once even made a joke out of Naruto handling the money and house without him. Sometimes Naruto exploded in rage, other times he would glare dejectedly at Sasuke and leave for a walk, to end up crying in the park

More than anything, he hated being confronted with the reality of Sasuke’s illness. Hated the thought of losing him…

Now, though, he and Sasuke had grown to silently accept it. That was why, he returned the squeeze and leaned down to press a kiss on the orange cat-ear beanie, pushing Sasuke along in his wheelchair to a better spot to see the winter wonderland.

“Yeah, it’s pretty,” He smiled faintly, then a tiny lightbulb appeared above his head, “Sasuke let’s catch snowflakes on our tongues! They say it’s good luck!”

“It’s frozen water that’s falling from the sky, what’s so special about that?” Sasuke grumped.

“Come on, just one?” Naruto pleaded, pouting.


The sight of Sasuke sticking his tongue out to catch a snowflake was something Naruto knew he’d remember for a long time, and hoped with a little luck he would see again.

Luck, however, was not in Naruto’s favour, next winter. He stood alone, out in the freezing cold with the same orange coat and wearing the cat ear beanie.

Staring at the memorial stone under the same spot as last time, Naruto couldn’t help but think it was even prettier than last year.

‘You would have loved it,’ He thought solemnly, watching the way the snow seemingly glittered over the golden-embossed name.

Sasuke Uchiha.

FANART BY: @vo-dcc 

DRABBLE BY: @narusasunaruheadcanons 

Lets get started shall we?

Billie Dean walked into what is fondly nicknamed “The Murder House”. She gazed into the kitchen, and then walked to the study that served as Ben Harmon’s office. “The desk should go here”, she called out to Bernice, her secretary.

“This is now my office Ben”, she murmured to herself.

Walking to the large stained glass windows she peered outside. Laughter resonates throughout the halls along with some banging. Billie runs into the hall and sees two boys with bats trying to put holes into her walls.

“STOP IT!!” she yells. They stop and gaze at her. She smiles.

“Troy, Bryan… How would you like to be on television?”

The boys glance at one another and smile.

For anyone

Billie walked outside and placed the last box in the recycling bin.

All done!’ She thought cheerfully. Glancing next door she saw the kitchen curtains move slightly.

‘Constance’ She thought sadly.

She hadn’t spoken to the woman since the idea of buying the house popped into her head.  Billie wondered if the old southern belle was angry at her decision to buy the house, or that she herself didn’t have the means to do it.

Billie walked up to the back porch and sat down on the swing chair. Only a few days before the house would be flooded with cameramen and she would start screen tests with Elizabeth and Moira. Hopefully the camera would catch them.

Now only if she could get the others on board, like Violet and Vivian, but that seemed almost like a lost cause. She had barely seen them since she moved in. And the presence of Swayze while at first threatening was truly very sweet.

“It’s going to be a bumpy ride,” Billie mumbled to herself as she swung in the bright sunlight.