wooo this was in my drafts


That was a biggun, phew! What a great draft I had guys. I feel like I’m slowly peeling back the Magic onion, and finding layers of Meta and Combos that make my eyes water. I’ve been playing around with a funny Elves standard deck at the moment, need to pick up some new cards though… I haven’t buckled and bought individual cards yet. I suppose I should…
My real work life is getting a bit more intense at the moment so we might be looking at a more 1 comic a week schedule! Enjoy your magic and don’t forget the MTG World Championships are this weeeek! WOOO! I need to look through the competitors and follow one. I guess I should root for Alexander Hayne as that boy is a Montrealer! Where the Aussies at?! I guess I’ll just have to go compete next year. Sheesh