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Rating: R (for violence)
Word Count: 3.2K +
Here is finally FBI calum! Once again, this is quite different from most of the things I’ve written, but I hope you enjoy!
FBI Luke
TW: blood, violence, guns

“I’m sick and tired of being behind this guy, according to his time table he could be out there hunting right now and we don’t have shit,” Calum groaned, running a hand through his hair as he stood in front of the large whiteboard. Three victims, drowned in their bathtubs, then resuscitated and shot, added in with no leads, had him chewing on his lip in frustration.

“This is definitely a weird one.  The drowning and resuscitation is an obvious power play; he gets off on it. But why not just drown them again? Why shoot them?” Luke puzzled over the board alongside his partner, trying to decipher this guy just as they had done the past three days. Calum felt himself getting more and more angry, glancing over to Katie, who had been furiously typing all morning in an effort to find the connection between all the victims. Half the team, Luke, Michael, Ashton, Katie and Hannah were all in the conference room, whilst Eli and Grace had been sent to investigate the last crime scene.

“I would say the shooting is another power play. He’s trying to prove himself to someone.” Ashton, the team leader, came to join the team by the board.

“How so?” Hannah questioned, her dark eyes pointed and focused as she scanned over records.

“Well, you see, guns often give the shooter a sense of cont-“

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so this is how i spent my weekend. in my room i recently hung up a huge (huge) photo frame/bulletin board to hang up all my photos and collages, and i decided that i really really really wanted to have a massive rotbtd collage on it. the collage is actually landscape so it looks much better that way, but i was not gonna be able to post a 13200px wide photo on here so you guys get the modified version! the colour gradient actually looks much better in it’s original version, so ill try to post some pictures once i get it printed. (its gonna be huge. like 66in x 17in. im veRY excited.  (・∀・ )

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WE NEED TO TALK ABOUT A THING- when Matt was on a talkshow (don't know which one, I'm a butt, sorry) and he claps and goes 'wooo' he looks so much like Simon when he clapped and did the 'wooo' thing when Matt won his award. And I was thinking the other day that couples start to look alike, and that's just a thing they do 100% the same. Naaaw.


Usually when he went joy-riding with the booth Bill was lucky enough to land somewhere well lit, or at least during the daylight. It helped for those trouble some ‘I totally misdialed that and I hope nothing heinous happens to me now’ moments. Which were surprisingly often.

This time however it was night. And Bill could sort of make out hills or something up ahead in the moonlight and there was … Wait wasn’t it a bit dark for there to be a kid wandering about?

“Hey! Are you lost too?” He called out, even if he hoped she wasn’t. Being stuck in the dark and trying to dial a way out sounded like a pretty non-triumphant way to spend an evening.