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So when he talks to her next late at night, the conversation had only been at ten minutes long when he said, “Alright Love, I’ve got to cut these shorter. You’re expensive.”

“But,” she had started, and Harry could hear the pout in her voice, “, you’re my favorite call of the night.”

Harry’s heart did this thing that it really shouldn’t with a girl he’s never actually met.

“Okay,” he murmured low, “We can talk for a little longer.”

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red in the face | shawn mendes

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word count: 1,421
author’s note: sorry this took so long, anon!! hope u enjoy <33333 also, disclaimer: since i am shawn-focused, i have no idea which of these boys have girlfriends or not, so some of this might be vague of inaccurate, but i tried my best!!

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You would never, ever admit it out loud, but sometimes you did it on purpose.
You just couldn’t help yourself; seeing the way it made his jaw lock in place, the way his fists clenched and his eyes blazed impossibly brighter - it sent a thrill racing down your spine, cool and fast.
And Shawn was usually pretty laid-back, and difficult to provoke like that. So jealousy wasn’t a trick you pulled out often, but rather one you saved for perfect opportunities, for times when it was oh-so-easy to make him squirm.
And squirm he did.

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Closed RP - Wickedscars

Edgar straightened his tie as the bartender finally approached him. And, of course, refused to look at him too long as he took his order. Honestly, people were so without tact! Whatever. “I’m sorry that my uncontrollable genetic disorder offends you, sir, but could you please stop acting like such a squeamish little girl and just bring me a glass of the Napa Valley merlot?” 

This caused the bartender to jump and fumble his way over to the shelf behind him, panicking as he pinpointed the correct bottle in the line. What a jumpy fellow. It brought Edgar some joy to watch him scramble.

As he waited, Edgar took in his surroundings once again. He was pleased to have found a place with a circular bar in its centre; it made scoping out the people around him so much easier, and it ensured that he didn’t have to sit too close to anyone. He was here of his own leisure for tonight and he would hate it to be spoiled by being squashed between two hulking lunks calling themselves men. But, he wasn’t here to think about that. No, no, he’d much rather be squashed between a pair women…or at least the assets of one. He smiled at his own mind and with a deep breath, he began to look into everyone else’s. 

He bounced across a couple of more feminine brains, as well as the masculine ones nearby to make sure they were not tied to one another. His drink came, a few minutes passed, and he found a couple women that he thought he may be able to…convince with enough effort. And then a new one entered. She was certainly unique among the common crowd. Fair skinned with white hair and a shapely anatomy. Edgar hummed contemplatively, resting his chin on one hand as he focused in on her mind, prodding lightly at anything that came up.

What did she want from here?

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Usually when he went joy-riding with the booth Bill was lucky enough to land somewhere well lit, or at least during the daylight. It helped for those trouble some ‘I totally misdialed that and I hope nothing heinous happens to me now’ moments. Which were surprisingly often.

This time however it was night. And Bill could sort of make out hills or something up ahead in the moonlight and there was … Wait wasn’t it a bit dark for there to be a kid wandering about?

“Hey! Are you lost too?” He called out, even if he hoped she wasn’t. Being stuck in the dark and trying to dial a way out sounded like a pretty non-triumphant way to spend an evening.