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fingers crossed // a jily fanmix  [listen] // for the ray of sunshine that is ollie (@jilyislife )
For Lily having an identity crisis and running from her feelings for James, until one day she stops. A playlist for when she finds herself crossing her fingers that he still feels the same way.

Avengers 4: Double Date

Yeah, Tony’s not sure what his life has become either, but apparently double dates with human-born aliens and their alien-born alien significant others is now, possibly, a regular occurrence.

Okay, yeah, he’s married to Pepper, and, yeah, going on a movie date isn’t really something either of them have done, but Peter and Gamora don’t appear to have gone on many “conventional” dates for whatever reason, and somehow a discussion comparing movie theaters in the ‘80s to today turned into going on a double movie date.

Pepperony Week 2017, Day 7: Free

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It’s been an interesting couple of weeks.

The Avengers may or may not have just won an, uh, intergalactic war, for one thing. Tony’s still trying to wrap his head around it all: aliens and Infinity Stones and Thanos.

And, of course, their new alien friends (besides Thor)—

The Guardians of the Galaxy.

Yeah, Tony decided to just not question the name either.

(And, hey, who is he to judge? He’s in charge of a group called the Avengers, which is only slightly less dorky-sounding than Guardians of the Galaxy, to be honest.)

A week ago, he’d been ready to stare down death in the face for the protection of his family, friends, and home planet (and entire universe?).

Now he’s in a movie theater, watching some dumb new action movie.

Pepper’s curled into his side, though. That’s a plus.

And he’s holding a bucket of popcorn for them to share. Sweet, buttery death after an actually close brush with death. Another plus.

On the other side of Pepper, though?

Peter Quill.

And his…partner? Girlfriend? Date? Wife? Tony really doesn’t know…his Gamora tucked comfortably into his side, curiously examining a piece of popcorn for herself.

Yeah, Tony’s not sure what his life has become either, but apparently double dates with human-born aliens and their alien-born alien significant others is now, possibly, a regular occurrence.

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anonymous asked:

What traditional drawing tools/supplies do you use?

OHHH~!!! (O    w O) thank you for asking! i’ve used pretty much everything and anything over the years… but i’ve definitely narrowed it down to just a handful of favourite items in recent years! <3

1) zebra M-301 .5 mechanical pencil - i LOVE this pencil (7O   A O)7 i love, love, LOVE IT! i’m sad when i can’t draw with it. i don’t use any better or cooler led inside than your standard .5 mechanical pencil led you get from Staples, but i just love how narrow and sturdy it is. the metal body of this pencil and the hard grip surface make it my all-time fav!

2) prismacolor premier fine line markers - i have use SO MANY expensive fine-line pens over my lifetime… UGG! and i’ve mostly hated all of them. very few of them held their line size over a long period of time or gave me the kind of true-black i was looking for. BUT OH BABY!!! i adore my prismacolor pens! they aren’t the most expensive and they don’t even seem that fancy, really! but the pen tips hold their shape great and the black is VERY black! i have yet to have a pen tip spread on me ~ something my very expensive copic pens did ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! my three go-to sizes are .005, .01, and .05!

3) staedtler mars plastic 526 60 eraser - has every artist owned this eraser? LOL! it’s THE BEST ERASER in my opinion! but!!!! i work exclusively in cheep, standard, HB mechanical pencil led! i can’t say what it’s like for other pencil types. but if you’re a mechanical pencil fan like me~ it’s THE BOMB!!! stupid cheep, available anywhere, and IT NEVER SMUDGES! at least, it never has for me! it also doesn’t ruin the shade of black pen lines as much as other erasers i’ve used. you’ll still lose maybe 10-15% of your blackness when you erase over it, but as long as the ink is dry i’ve never had a problem with smudging.

4) canson universal sketch book - i’ve had so many types of sketch books over the years… good gawd! and honestly… i mostly draw on computer paper these days because i draw SO MUCH that it’s a waste of sketch books! BUT! when i DO want to use a sketch book, my favourite is the basic canson one! the paper is pretty bright (i personally hate working on yellowish or greyish paper) and the tooth of the paper is pretty low. i don’t like a lot of texture because, again, i work entirely in mechanical pencil - so i don’t want a bumpy surface. it also takes ink well and is heavy enough not to bleed through for most uses. (though i always work with a backer paper anyway!) 

5) kneadable eraser - i don’t have a favourite brand yet of kneadable eraser… but i will say this… I CAN’T DRAW WITHOUT IT!!! my process is 100% dependent on having a kneadable eraser!!!!! if you’ve never used on before - F’n go out and try it! OMMMGGGG~!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUUUCCCHHH!!! for anyone who’s never used one, a kneadable eraser is… just that! it’s squishy and stretchable and soft! (you have to keep it in a box or package at all times when you’re not using it! else it becomes filthy and useless!!!) you can shape it however you need! for me though… i use it to “layer” my work! after i finish a basic sketch i use it to remove 90% of the drawing’s opacity by “sponging” away the pencil lines! this makes cleaning up the sketch SUPER EASY!!! then i can remove 90% of THAT version (thus pretty much fully eliminating the basic sketch) and cleaning it up again and again until i’m happy! then i take away most of the pencil layer again before i ink! making it ULTRA easy to see my lines! (too bad it doesn’t help me draw them back in in ink better! LOL!)

anddddd… that’s it!!! (O    w O) anything else i use is purely experimental, i am no longer a traditional artist… i made the switch over to digital too long ago… (T  w T) i don’t really know what i’m doing by hand anymore! it’s too frustrating not to be able to cut and paste, size and rotate things! i was never a perfect artist and drawing by hand makes it even more obvious! THOUGH!!! (-^   O ^-) i’ve been getting more and more comfortable since i broke my tablet like a month ago now! hahaha! as usual~ practice, practice, practice is what it’s all about! no two ways about it! LOL!

in fact! i just bought that sketch book in the photos a couple days ago~ and i’ve been braking it in with a piece of my newest OTP!!! (oO   w Oo) the hiatus has left plenty of time for games! and by “games” plural ~ i mean “game” singular… AKA… Persona 5 (no spoilers please!) (=   w =) hehhehe~ (MC) Akira / Yusuke ~ aka shukita is my jam (T   w T) omgggg… misunderstood criminal boy and soft artist boy… oh goodness… MY HEART!!!! WELL! (O     v O) there will be a bit more traditional work to come before i get a new tablet~ so thank you very much to everybody who’s hung in there with me! i can’t wait to be back in action! (T   w T) <3 *feeble but loving hugs to you all*

(this question is also from many days ago~ (oO AOo) and again, i’m so sorry! the Tumblr app didn’t send me any alerts about new mail! i’m going to check more diligently myself until my hiatus is over when i get a new drawing tablet!)

The continuation of my small Hogwarts!AU, now featuring Hufflepuff DADA Professor Gimli and Slytherin Care of Magical Creatures/ Flying Instructor Proferssor Legolas!

I’m really torn between modern clothing and middle earth clothing so I’m probably gonna end up just drawing both at some point tbh.

Also, more shitty headcannons under the cut!

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Hannibal/Will AU | 'Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea'
!!!!! I OWN NOTHING---ALL RIGTHS GO TO THEIR RIGHTFUL OWNERS; ONLY FOR FUN!!!! My second attempt at a S4 AU! :D As soo n as I heard this song I started this....

WOOO, I FINALLY FINISHED THIS THING! If you haven’t heard Missio’s “Bottom of the Deep Blue Sea” I HIGHLY RECOMMEND IT (even if you son’t watch the vid)! He is such a brilliant artist and deserves soooo much attention! Lyrics below!

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The Date [Kenji Katsaros]

Authors Note: I finally finished this wooo!!! I wanted this to be short and casual but apparently I don’t know how to do that lol. I hope that if you take time to read this you enjoy it even though it’s a mess honestly. Feedback and comments are always welcome, and I want to thank everyone who supported me. It truly means a lot ❣

*: I need to add that i got this idea from a post that said something like “What if MC and Kenji like each other but as heroes MC and Talos don’t get along?”

I fix my skirt once again with my hands before entering the luxurious bar. I look up to see the neon lights illuminate part of the building and its surroundings. Is he trying to impress me?

I start to look around, observing carefully the strange faces walking along the sidewalk as I look for my date. My date, how nice does that sound? The loud music from inside echoes all the way to where I’m standing; the beat booming through the walls.

“Hey!” Someone says behind me; trying to get my attention. I turn around to find the owner of the voice and I see him. He’s wearing that same red hoodie and yellow shirt I saw him in earlier today. Who knew yellow and red could go so well together?

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Hi I’m that person who said they were gonna color your art and I finally finished coloring wooo! It was really fun and hope you like it 😄
(I thought this was gonna go in anonymously but oh well hello)

Look at this madness of a dedication someone did for my art. Hello to u too XOXOX. Sunshine, I’m so honored you took the time to make this. It’s the loveliest thing. I’m so glad you enjoyed your time coloring this <3 I just heard the most heavenly cover from my OTP and now I see this, I’m gonna go to bed w/ the loveliest dreams tonight. Thank you so much dearest @thishouseofcards

anonymous asked:

can you do vampire!namjoon for the drabble game? thank you 💞💞

ayy here you go. and ofc lil bean youre welcome.  This is the last request for the game wooo! So glad I finally finished em all.


Vampire!au; Namjoon.

389 words. Fluff.

“I hate you right now.” You hiss, fear and anger melding together like molten doping.

Namjoon chuckles heartily, dimples more defined than your own future at the moment. A gust of wind blows past the two of you and you shiver, cursing your wild hair and admiring how his blond quaff stays in shape so perfectly as if it’s made immune against strong winds.

“I got you, baby.” He kisses your temple in an attempt to soothe your fears which isn’t doing much right now but still, you cling tightly to him, arms thrown over his neck.

“If you drop me, I will murder you.” Your threat must’ve sound so meek, weak like a newborn’s skull.

You chance a look over his shoulder, the view of the ground making your nauseous and foretelling your instant death if he does drop you.

“Come on.” He said. “I want to show you something.” He said. “You’ll love it.” He said.

You feel so attacked right now. How can anyone enjoy having their boyfriend carry them in his arms thinking it’d be a romantic getaway and finding out he’s standing on top of the tallest building of the city to introduce them to their death?

“I won’t.” He tilts his head down and kisses you and in that moment, you forget about all your worries as if there’s only him and you and a 2000 feet fall to the ground.

Namjoon smirks into the kiss and you know damn well what it means. In a blink of an eye, his secure arms are gone from you and you find yourself free falling, the sight of Namjoon becoming smaller and smaller but you don’t miss the chance to shout out.

“Kim Namjoon, you’re a dead man!” That is, if you make this out alive.

Instead of the impact of the godforsaken ground, you feel the loving sadistic arms of Namjoon wrapping around your body, getting to you fast thanks to his flashsteps and you’re back on even surface of the pavement. His laughter resonates from his chest as he holds you tight. You punch his chest hard, channeling the fright of your near death experience all in one hit but it doesn’t seem to affect him the slightest bit, much to your dismay.

“See, it wasn’t that bad.”

“Fuck you. We’re breaking up.”


Drabble game; request an au and your bias! (closed)


🍃 town goals squad 🍃 | @clovoid | @okmayor | @lazysusantable | click for full resolution please! 


Rating: R (for violence)
Word Count: 3.2K +
Here is finally FBI calum! Once again, this is quite different from most of the things I’ve written, but I hope you enjoy!
FBI Luke
TW: blood, violence, guns

“I’m sick and tired of being behind this guy, according to his time table he could be out there hunting right now and we don’t have shit,” Calum groaned, running a hand through his hair as he stood in front of the large whiteboard. Three victims, drowned in their bathtubs, then resuscitated and shot, added in with no leads, had him chewing on his lip in frustration.

“This is definitely a weird one.  The drowning and resuscitation is an obvious power play; he gets off on it. But why not just drown them again? Why shoot them?” Luke puzzled over the board alongside his partner, trying to decipher this guy just as they had done the past three days. Calum felt himself getting more and more angry, glancing over to Katie, who had been furiously typing all morning in an effort to find the connection between all the victims. Half the team, Luke, Michael, Ashton, Katie and Hannah were all in the conference room, whilst Eli and Grace had been sent to investigate the last crime scene.

“I would say the shooting is another power play. He’s trying to prove himself to someone.” Ashton, the team leader, came to join the team by the board.

“How so?” Hannah questioned, her dark eyes pointed and focused as she scanned over records.

“Well, you see, guns often give the shooter a sense of cont-“

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Day 4: Favourite little things - Francis and Mary wanting this marriage

WOOO! I finally finished it! 8D Please forgive the bad photo though; it’s still night here, so the picture didn’t turn out well when I photographed it. I’ll upload a better quality pic later.

Anyway this is the first speedpainting in the painting/glitter project I’m working on, which is a series of headshots of canon characters that will be painted in acrylics and glitter. First up was technically Nightmare Moon, but this one is the “official” first one. Nightmare Celestia, otherwise known as Solar Flare by some. C:

So I looked up several versions of nightmare!Celestia, and many of them had her completely black, or red, with hair composed of fire. Now, the designs were great, but I wanted to do something a little different. Instead of a dark red or a complete black, I went with something that darkened Celly’s pelt, but not drastically so, so I chose to use a beige brownish color. For her mane, I was gonna go with just a fiery look, but then I painted over that so I could go with what I did with NMM; a nebula, only with red, yellow, and orange instead of green, purple, and blue.

It’s because I completely redid the mane that this took longer than originally intended; it clocked in about 9 hours of work. :/ But, it was tons of fun to do, and very well worth it! 8D

As far as the painting itself, this badboy will be on sale very soon. True to the intention of the project, this image will be exclusive. There will only be 10 prints of her made, and the original will be able to be bought. Once those things are gone, however, THAT’S IT. Nothing more will be made of her. I will be posting up a journal about it here soon, so keep an eye out for that if you’re perhaps interested.

In the meantime, feel free to ask any questions if you have any. And thanks a bunch for checking this out! 8D