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raziikale  asked:

Any advice for beginning knitting?

Oh boy. 

- Stay away from novelty yarn. It can be difficult even for seasoned knitters.

- Cheap acrylic yarn from Walmart is fine. Some will try to steer you to pricier wool and natural fibres, but save that stuff for when you’ve got more practice in and know what fibre is best for what project.

- Cheap aluminum needles are fine too. You’ll learn what you prefer as you go so there’s no need to spend a ton. Most of my supplies actually come from thrift shops.

- If you’ve got good tension, you’ve got everything. Pick up a ball of cotton yarn and just knit garter stitch (all knit stitch) washclothes for a awhile. You’ll work your way into a natural tension for you and still come out with something useful.

- Don’t be afraid of frogging (ripping back) your work or making mistakes. Those are great for learning.

Other than that, I’m not sure. I  gained most of my knitting skills in one crazy year where I knit obsessively to deal with grief. I gathered information from relatives, friends, youtube, books, etc. but can’t exactly remember how it all came together. I do know there are a lot of people out there who are too willing to tell you that how you’re doing it is wrong and what you’re using (in terms of needles or fibres) is wrong, so don’t listen to them. :D

Also, I’m here so if you encounter any roadblocks or need a bit of advice or want to show off progress, let me know!

anonymous asked:

What traditional drawing tools/supplies do you use?

OHHH~!!! (O    w O) thank you for asking! i’ve used pretty much everything and anything over the years… but i’ve definitely narrowed it down to just a handful of favourite items in recent years! <3

1) zebra M-301 .5 mechanical pencil - i LOVE this pencil (7O   A O)7 i love, love, LOVE IT! i’m sad when i can’t draw with it. i don’t use any better or cooler led inside than your standard .5 mechanical pencil led you get from Staples, but i just love how narrow and sturdy it is. the metal body of this pencil and the hard grip surface make it my all-time fav!

2) prismacolor premier fine line markers - i have use SO MANY expensive fine-line pens over my lifetime… UGG! and i’ve mostly hated all of them. very few of them held their line size over a long period of time or gave me the kind of true-black i was looking for. BUT OH BABY!!! i adore my prismacolor pens! they aren’t the most expensive and they don’t even seem that fancy, really! but the pen tips hold their shape great and the black is VERY black! i have yet to have a pen tip spread on me ~ something my very expensive copic pens did ALL THE DAMN TIME!!! my three go-to sizes are .005, .01, and .05!

3) staedtler mars plastic 526 60 eraser - has every artist owned this eraser? LOL! it’s THE BEST ERASER in my opinion! but!!!! i work exclusively in cheep, standard, HB mechanical pencil led! i can’t say what it’s like for other pencil types. but if you’re a mechanical pencil fan like me~ it’s THE BOMB!!! stupid cheep, available anywhere, and IT NEVER SMUDGES! at least, it never has for me! it also doesn’t ruin the shade of black pen lines as much as other erasers i’ve used. you’ll still lose maybe 10-15% of your blackness when you erase over it, but as long as the ink is dry i’ve never had a problem with smudging.

4) canson universal sketch book - i’ve had so many types of sketch books over the years… good gawd! and honestly… i mostly draw on computer paper these days because i draw SO MUCH that it’s a waste of sketch books! BUT! when i DO want to use a sketch book, my favourite is the basic canson one! the paper is pretty bright (i personally hate working on yellowish or greyish paper) and the tooth of the paper is pretty low. i don’t like a lot of texture because, again, i work entirely in mechanical pencil - so i don’t want a bumpy surface. it also takes ink well and is heavy enough not to bleed through for most uses. (though i always work with a backer paper anyway!) 

5) kneadable eraser - i don’t have a favourite brand yet of kneadable eraser… but i will say this… I CAN’T DRAW WITHOUT IT!!! my process is 100% dependent on having a kneadable eraser!!!!! if you’ve never used on before - F’n go out and try it! OMMMGGGG~!!!! I LOVE IT SO MUUUCCCHHH!!! for anyone who’s never used one, a kneadable eraser is… just that! it’s squishy and stretchable and soft! (you have to keep it in a box or package at all times when you’re not using it! else it becomes filthy and useless!!!) you can shape it however you need! for me though… i use it to “layer” my work! after i finish a basic sketch i use it to remove 90% of the drawing’s opacity by “sponging” away the pencil lines! this makes cleaning up the sketch SUPER EASY!!! then i can remove 90% of THAT version (thus pretty much fully eliminating the basic sketch) and cleaning it up again and again until i’m happy! then i take away most of the pencil layer again before i ink! making it ULTRA easy to see my lines! (too bad it doesn’t help me draw them back in in ink better! LOL!)

anddddd… that’s it!!! (O    w O) anything else i use is purely experimental, i am no longer a traditional artist… i made the switch over to digital too long ago… (T  w T) i don’t really know what i’m doing by hand anymore! it’s too frustrating not to be able to cut and paste, size and rotate things! i was never a perfect artist and drawing by hand makes it even more obvious! THOUGH!!! (-^   O ^-) i’ve been getting more and more comfortable since i broke my tablet like a month ago now! hahaha! as usual~ practice, practice, practice is what it’s all about! no two ways about it! LOL!

in fact! i just bought that sketch book in the photos a couple days ago~ and i’ve been braking it in with a piece of my newest OTP!!! (oO   w Oo) the hiatus has left plenty of time for games! and by “games” plural ~ i mean “game” singular… AKA… Persona 5 (no spoilers please!) (=   w =) hehhehe~ (MC) Akira / Yusuke ~ aka shukita is my jam (T   w T) omgggg… misunderstood criminal boy and soft artist boy… oh goodness… MY HEART!!!! WELL! (O     v O) there will be a bit more traditional work to come before i get a new tablet~ so thank you very much to everybody who’s hung in there with me! i can’t wait to be back in action! (T   w T) <3 *feeble but loving hugs to you all*

(this question is also from many days ago~ (oO AOo) and again, i’m so sorry! the Tumblr app didn’t send me any alerts about new mail! i’m going to check more diligently myself until my hiatus is over when i get a new drawing tablet!)


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The Storm

“This man is not your leader. Black and me are and nobody else is. Please understand that!“ Red bean exclaimed, holding their sword to the demon’s throat. 

 Arte held their gun tighter. "No. You are not. You both failed at being so. I will not say it again. remove yourself from him or I’ll be forced to shoot." 

 “Yes, I did fail you, yes I killed you blinded by rage. But that is no reason to leave Slouchy behind, the person who helped you!" 

 They narrowed their eyes and took aim. At the back of the solider’s mind was a horrible regret upon doing this. The empty facial expression remained though.

 Red Bean turns to look down at Tord “You’re my friend. I’m not losing you again Artie.” The angel said, holding the sword closer to the man below them.

 Red leader slowly held his finger up to speak “By the way! Did you know something interesting about Artie?" 

 “I don’t care Tord.” Red Bean said bitterly. There was an obvious look of concern on their face but they said nothing in return. 

 "What? I’d think you’d have liked to have known that you had the grandchild of a high ranking angel under your wing- oh wait, they aren’t there anymore, are they?" 

The horrible man snickered. 

 They slashed the man’s arm. Earning a yelp from him, likewise a large hiss as well. "God dammit!” He spat. Red bean grabbed him and picked him up by the collar with great force “Listen twat! I don’t care if their loyalty doesn’t lie with me. I don’t care what Artie is or what type of fucking wings they have, or what type of species they are! They will always be a friend in my eyes!”

 A gunshot. Artie had finally worked up the courage to shoot. 

 Tord sneered at them, gritting his teeth slightly from the pain in his remaining arm and kicking Red bean off him. “Welp! So much for your plan Red!" 

 “Do you really think a bullet is going to kill me?” Red Bean asked, laying on the floor. They had heavy breaths but other than that no damage was done. They winced, finally feeling the effects of the bullet though. 

 Suddenly, a ocean of soldiers marched in, surrounding Red Bean "Interrogation room. Deliver them straight there.” Tord announced. 

 … Red bean sighed and looked to the ceiling “Oh Yeah.. What could go wrong there?” They muttered sarcastically.

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OK THEN. Lets Do This.

Leo turned to face Spock, abruptly aware of their close proximity and of his continued clumsiness of self-expression.

“Not at all.” Spock murmured. He leaned in, long, deft fingers making quick work of the job. He was close enough that Leo could smell the slightly spicy scent of his cologne. He stepped away, and it was all Leo could do to not sway forwards to follow his warmth. He really was going to kill Jim – or else having to try and appear normal around Spock was going to kill him first.

This worked out So Well! 8D I love me some Spones…

OK RIGHT 7 writers huh…

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