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1.) Name/Alias: rima 

2.) Birthday: december 17 

3.) Zodiac: sagittarius that’s why im evil 

4.) Height: 5'1" 

5.) Time: 02:07am 

6.) Sleep: my sleep schedule is messed up, i pass out at 5am and wake up at 2pm 

7.) Favorite Books: the last thing ive read and enjoyed was lorenzaccio by alfred de musset 

8.) Favorite artists: @woonyoung in general, and in the nar fandom じゃんぷ, their art is just so alive 

9.) Last movie watched: oh boy im not a movie kind of gal. the last thing i’ve watched was ca:civil war when it came out…

10.) College: i go to med school and i lowkey hate it 

11.) Dream Job: i’d love to be a freelance artist but um you need talent and patience for that 

12.) Meaning behind your URL: does it need explaining

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Occasionally I stumble across someone’s art that is so delightful that it makes me smile every time I see it. Woonyoung’s paintings are just that. He has created a wonderful world where witches hang out and go on road trips, ladies play sports with dinosaurs, and magical moments can …