Today is the 3rd anniversary of Sewol Ferry Disaster in South Korea. Out of 304 deceased victims, 250 were innocent high school children who were on a school trip. And it’s 1PM here in my time zone, when one of the high school student Jung Cha Woong, was dead.

Please remember their despair.

WINKDEEP STOP BEING SO OBVIOUS jihoon was just sitting there and baejin came in all “why are you so cute i want to bite you” and jihoon HELD OUT HIS ARM rip all winkdeep stans (including myself)

*when asked if he likes euiwoong or woojin*
hyungseob: among the 01 liners i like woong the most and among the 99 liners i like woojin the most
euiwoong: what kind of ridiculous answer is that –__–
hyungseob: my love is fair!!
euiwoong: that’s like saying “among girls i like my mom the most and among boys i like my dad the most” when asked if you like your mom or dad

hyungseob’s cute love for woojin and euiwoong’s savage-ness is something i need in my life

Sleeping Beauty

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You’re eyes were on your phone as you drank from your wine glass, waiting for your food to arrive. This was when Bloo decided to attack and as quickly as possible took a picture of you. “Daniel!” you angrily shouted at him. 

He laughed as he starred at his screen. “That was a good one.” 

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