woolwich attacks

So what I gather from my Facebook newsfeed British people are incapable of murder and its only those dastardly Muslims. It’s Sickening, when a British citizen murders someone there is never this kind of uproar ever. If people are gonna be racist at least be honest about it don’t use somebody’s death to cover your racist agenda.

A man and no doubt a good man lot his life today from the acts of two terrible people, not a whole religious group or a whole race. Two people.

To demonstrate defiance in the face of this sad violence we must be loving and compassionate to one another. Let’s look beyond our superficial and fleeting differences. The murderers want angry patriots to desecrate mosques and perpetuate violence. How futile their actions seem if we instead leave flowers at each other’s places of worship.

Let us reach out in the spirit of love and humanity and connect to one another.

Perhaps we will then see what is really behind this conflict, this division, this hatred — and make that our focus


Russell Brand’s feature in The Sun calling for calm and non-violence, in light after the Woolwich attacks in England.

Blame this on madness…not Muslims | Russell Brand, The Sun, 26th May 2013.

I am a bit upset that I have seen only one post about the Woolwich attack (a terrorist attack that happened in London).
When one happens in America, Tumblr is all over it, with everyone talking about it. Our news coverage in England is following everything about that thing in America.
When something happened in England, nothing on Tumblr and by the seems of it, nothing in any of your news coverage.
The only thing I have seen America obsess about on their news of something of England was the Royal wedding in which you were more excited that we were.