Emmerdale spoilers: Is this Robert Sugden and Aaron Dingle’s first kiss as husbands?

This is your first look at a romantic scene in the second of the two wedding episodes which revolve around Aaron Dingle and Robert Sugden’s bid to become husbands ahead of Aaron’s sentencing in Emmerdale. But is this their first kiss as a married couple or has the arrival of the police ruined their big day?

Fans will already know that the police will burst into the ceremony that Robert, Liv and the Dingles have painstakingly put together at the last minute as a surprise for Aaron. But who they are there for and whether it will stop the wedding is a closely guarded secret.

In the run up to the big moment, Robert is desperate to ensure that the surprise isn’t ruined for Aaron. As Liv leads the decoration of the Woolpack, Robert and Chas enlist Cain’s help in preventing Aaron walking in early and blowing the whole thing.

So, of course, he ends up in the boot of a car. What else?

As Robert lifts the lid of the vehicle and invites the man he loves to marry him on that very day, Aaron is stunned but soon overjoyed.

But as Harriet kicks off the ceremony, chaos unfolds with the arrival of officers.

What happens next will unfold only on screen but a sneak preview from the following episode shows Robron sharing a tender and loving kiss. The question is – is it their first kiss as husbands?

One to watch: Tuesday 21st February at 7pm on ITV.

aaronxrobert  asked:

R u ready for the wedding? What r ur thoughts and opinion?

Hey, thanks for the ask :)

Am I ready for the wedding?? Hmmm yes…..no….yes :):) I am really excited for it and cant wait to watch the eps but I dont think I am fully prepared for the emotions that will be rushing through me. I will be internally squeeing as my hubby doesnt know the full extent of my obsession lol :) but will be expressing it on here for sure! I need it to be tomorrow now! I need the release! 

I think it will be so emotional and heartwarming. The vows…….the vows will finish me I think!

They have so much to fit in and I dont think we will have digested one scene before we are hit with another amazing one so I think there will be a few re-watches tomorrow as soon as it’s finished.

Lets not forget that we also get a couple of throwback scenes - the Woolpack stairs, the garage, a car boot! We have been truly spoilt and I love the fact that ED have given a nod to these iconic moments from their relationship and understand them as much as us fans. ♥

A trip to the shops to purchase wine, tissues, chocolate, oh and did I mention wine ;)

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Robert comes to the conclusion that The Woolpack is the perfect place for their big day, but getting Aaron there is easier said than done. Cain decides to step in to make sure Aaron is in the right place at the right time, but not everyone is as keen for the ceremony to go ahead. Forgetting the naysayers, Robert continues to decorate the pub, hoping that everything will be perfect by the time his partner arrives. When Aaron finally reaches the pub, the groom-to-be is absolutely over the moon by the gesture.
—  TV Now magazine (via @CatsFreir - full article)

Why the Woolpack is a perfect venue for the Robron wedding?

Like most of you, I was properly hoping for a barn wedding, I mean damn I already moodboarded the fuck out of it. However there is something more significant to the Woolpack then the barn. The fact that its public. The barn was the symbol of their affair, the private intimate secret moments that belong to them alone. So it makes sense that the proposal was planned their, a signifier that they’ve grown and moved on. The Woolpack is their home, where they are in a public romantic relationship. They are safe, out and proud together. A wedding is a celebration of your love, a declaration of your commitment, in the wider community. Thus a Woolpack Wedding is a glorious idea where they can get drunk, be comfortable with their family and still escape for private moments.


The Woolpack Wedding Aesthetic Moodboard

I’ve reconciled with myself that its not going to be a barn wedding. Just imagine them drunk dancing and having a welly drinking ceremony in the Woolpack. Among their family and friends, and the wider village community they will utter their vows of “I know”/ “You Know”, a promise of being husbands always. 

*dedicated to @gemmalou-x- because she is the bestest friend one could ask for, and always pushes me to create when I feel unsure.

Episode Descriptions (Week 8)

Monday February 20th

Robert is planning to spring a surprise wedding on Aaron, but various problems could affect the big day. A disapproving Paddy is one person who could throw a spanner in the works, while there’s also trouble getting Aaron to The Woolpack where everything is prepared for the ceremony – at least until Cain intervenes with some heavy-handed tactics to get him there!

Aaron is excited when he finally finds out what Robert has planned, but when police rush into the pub in the middle of the ceremony, will it stop Robron from tying the knot?

Tuesday February 21st

The police have gatecrashed Robert and Aaron’s wedding, but will they still manage to tie the knot before Aaron is sent to jail?

And who are the police at the wedding for?

no episode shown on wednesday due to the brit awards

Thursday February 23rd — 7pm

Aaron is sentenced to 12 months behind bars and sent to jail.

Will he be able to cope with his time in prison?

Thursday February 23rd — 8pm
Hour-long episode

Aaron struggles behind bars.

Friday February 24th

not mentioned.


“Robert comes to the conclusion that The Woolpack is the perfect place for their big day, (…).”
—  TV Now magazine 

Bonus : 

Yes Rob, this one day is Monday (and Tuesday) and this is happening in the room next to you :D 

And of course a little GIF about the Mill and their proper little family because that started in the Woolpack.