VANITY HEADCANNONS- I’ve been writing these over the course of a few days,jotting down whatever random thing came to mind enjoy

–Charity can’t make a decent cup of tea to save her life. Vanessa agrees with Chas that Charity’s tea is strong enough to chew but on the rare mornings the vet wakes up after her girlfriend and is presented with a cup of tea she graciously takes it and smiles whole drinking it, never letting on for a second how bad it is.

-Charity is fearless…until it comes to spiders those creepy little death dealers are her biggest fear and she’s so thankful that Vanessa is willing to deal with them. Vanessa can only giggle at the dramatic texts she receives when a spider mistakenly enters the pub

-Charity is a perfectionist. Vanessa discovers this when she’s roped into helping decorate the pub, Charity could only be shut up with a kiss which is why Debbie hung so much mistletoe up around the pub.

-Vanessa has a secret love for crime shows but Charity’s offer of letting Ness tag along on her next scheme was not met with an enthusiastic response.

-Noah is a little wary of Vanessa at the start until she joins his campaign to convince Charity that every teenage boy needs a dog. Charity finally agrees when Vanessa volunteers to keep the dog at her place and train it before letting it move into the pub. Not only did it mean she’d be getting an obedient pup and half the work but it meant Noah wanted to go spend time helping Vanessa.

-One night when Charity is staying over, Johnny refuses to settle. He wakes up crying and Charity just gets up and goes to him. Vanessa quietly follows a few minutes after to witness Charity gently singing and whispering to him. Charity is welcomed back to bed for extra tight cuddles completely unaware her girlfriend had seen her.

-Charity is spending some time with Sarah and that often leads to Pop music dance parties because Sarah is full of energy and Charity loves when her granddaughter is crying due to laughter. She’s a little embarrassed when Vanessa let’s herself into the pub and catches them dancing to Little Mix but she’s absolutely delighted when she joins them and proves to be just a bad a dancer as her girlfriend.

-The Pub Bell has become a vital part of Vanity’s relationship. They use it to announce things in the spur if the moment or ask each other things. It was an essential tool when Charity rang it to proclaim her love for the vet and when Vanessa rang it to announce she was moving into the pub. The most significant announcement the bell was included in was when they announced their engagement to their friends and family.

-Things are still awkward between Frank and Charity but for Vanessa’s sake and their own both of them have decided to delete that particular incident from their minds.

-Leyla can’t help feeling sorry for herself when she’s around Charity and Vanessa, they only make it worse when Charity brings Vanessa breakfast from Bob’s because she couldn’t wait till after work to see her.

-Debbie is pestering Vanessa and being her usual grumpy sarky self. She earns respect for Ness when hits a raw nerve asking “Isn’t it weird that your girlfriend slept with you dad?” and the vet responds in the same monotone voice “Like it is between you and Ross yeah?” Charity is quite proud of how her girlfriend handled herself and suggests that she’s rubbing off on her

-Now that Charity is out, proud and loud her and Robert continue to gripe at each other but the two blonds are fully aware that it’s not personal. Vanessa usually just falls into a conversation with Aaron and rolls her eyes at her partner only intervening when one of them crosses the line.


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Robert comes to the conclusion that The Woolpack is the perfect place for their big day, but getting Aaron there is easier said than done. Cain decides to step in to make sure Aaron is in the right place at the right time, but not everyone is as keen for the ceremony to go ahead. Forgetting the naysayers, Robert continues to decorate the pub, hoping that everything will be perfect by the time his partner arrives. When Aaron finally reaches the pub, the groom-to-be is absolutely over the moon by the gesture.
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Why the Woolpack is a perfect venue for the Robron wedding?

Like most of you, I was properly hoping for a barn wedding, I mean damn I already moodboarded the fuck out of it. However there is something more significant to the Woolpack then the barn. The fact that its public. The barn was the symbol of their affair, the private intimate secret moments that belong to them alone. So it makes sense that the proposal was planned their, a signifier that they’ve grown and moved on. The Woolpack is their home, where they are in a public romantic relationship. They are safe, out and proud together. A wedding is a celebration of your love, a declaration of your commitment, in the wider community. Thus a Woolpack Wedding is a glorious idea where they can get drunk, be comfortable with their family and still escape for private moments.

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i literally just want them enjoying (and making the most of) the fact that they can kiss any time they want now

They’re in Davids, when Aaron realises.

Robert’s got a coffee in hand, scrolling through some news article he’d been stupidly excited about, his brow furrowed as he concentrated. Aaron’s nursing his own coffee, half cold now, and he wants to kiss him.

And he can.

They’d fallen in love in secret, done the affair, the sneaking around, and now - now, he could just lean across the table, and kiss Robert, if he wanted. Aaron wasn’t sure he’d ever get used to that, if it would ever sink in that Robert was his now, that they were in a legitimate relationship.

(“Boyfriends,” Robert had grimaced one morning, half dressed. “Partners makes us sound like we’re fifty, and over the hill.”)

“Robert?” Aaron said, scooting his stool a little closer to Robert. He was sitting next to him anyway, close enough that their knees were bumping together, and every time they did touch, it sent an odd sort of thrill through Aaron’s body.

A ‘you’re mine now’ sort of thrill.

“Hm?” Robert looked up, focus on Aaron now. He was so gorgeous, Aaron couldn’t help but think to himself, all messy blond hair, wearing that navy jumper of his that always felt soft to the touch.

Aaron simply grinned, leaning in and pressing a soft, close mouthed kiss to Robert’s lips. It only lasted a second or two, barely long enough to even count as a kiss, but as Aaron pulled back, Robert’s eyes were closed, a pink flush to his cheeks.

“What was that for?”

Aaron shrugged, turning his attention to his coffee. “I can just want to kiss my boyfriend, can’t I?”

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The Woolpack Wedding Aesthetic Moodboard

I’ve reconciled with myself that its not going to be a barn wedding. Just imagine them drunk dancing and having a welly drinking ceremony in the Woolpack. Among their family and friends, and the wider village community they will utter their vows of “I know”/ “You Know”, a promise of being husbands always. 

*dedicated to @gemmalou-x- because she is the bestest friend one could ask for, and always pushes me to create when I feel unsure.

So their intimate moment is their fucking heart eyes all over the place of course it is they’re so in love it’s bloody obvious for all the world to see how did they ever think they could hide a love as devastatingly pure and whole and unstoppable as theirs, seriously.

finger on the pulse

aaron develops a strange new habit, and robert doesn’t quite understand.

Robert was half asleep when Aaron got in from the scrap run he and Adam had been on all day, the two of them picking up a few new clients up Birmingham direction. He felt the bed dip beside him, and he was about to mumble out a hello when he felt Aaron do something strange.

It wasn’t unusual for Aaron to come in to their bed and wrap himself completely around Robert if he’d gone to bed first, but as Aaron settled himself around Robert, his chin digging into the space between Robert’s neck and shoulder, he pressed a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Robert kept his eyes closed and his breathing even as he tried to figure out what Aaron was doing, curious now. Aaron’s index finger was pressed to the inside of his wrist, right over the vein there.

Was Aaron checking his pulse?

Robert laid still, and waited, listened to the soft muttering Aaron was doing under his breath, too low for Robert to understand what he was saying.

After a few more seconds, Aaron moved his hand, shifting it to Robert’s stomach, bunching up the material of Robert’s pyjama top so he could press his palm to the warm skin of Robert’s abdomen, the usual way they’d fall asleep like this, with Aaron’s much stronger body tightly wrapped around Robert’s torso.

Taking a mental note to ask Aaron about it later, Robert buried his head further into his pillow, letting sleep take over now his husband was home, and in bed, wrapped up around Robert, exactly where he should be.

Robert had forgotten about it until it happened again, the two of them sitting in the Woolpack, having a quiet, post work pint. They were huddled together in a corner booth, not in the mood to socialise with anyone else.

They were sitting close enough for their knees to be knocking together, Aaron pressed against Robert’s side, comfortable in their relationship in a way Robert sometimes still wasn’t used to.

Marriage had changed them, made them better, made them more comfortable with each other and the love they shared. Robert wasn’t sure how, or why marriage had made such an impact on their relationship, but he was glad of it, glad of how willing Aaron was with things like holding his hand as they’d wander home to the Mill at night, or sitting, pressed close to him like he was now.

Robert was mid-sentence, telling Aaron about a meeting he’d had earlier that day when it happened again, Aaron pressing a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist, not once taking his eyes off Robert as he mumbled something under his breath.

Maybe the pub hadn’t been the best place to ask, judging by the wide eyed expression on Aaron’s face, but the words were out before Robert could really think about it all that much.

“Why do you do that?” Robert inquired, gesturing to the finger on the inside of his wrist.

Aaron looked flustered, yanking his hand away. “I’ll get us another round in, shall I?” he said, making as though to move out of their booth.

“Aaron,” Robert said quietly, putting a hand on his husbands knee. “Talk to me. Whats wrong?”

Aaron shifted uncomfortably in his seat, a blush rising in his cheeks as he spoke. “I just…… When I was inside, I used to dream about you, you know - just doing normal stuff with you, getting to go to bed with you every night. Sometimes I just need to remind myself you’re actually here, that I’m not dreaming.”

Robert’s heart ached as he listened to Aaron, understood why Aaron had taken up his odd new habit. “I’m sorry,” he blurted automatically, not wanting Aaron to feel as though it had annoyed him. “I was just curious.”

“I woke up a few times thinking I was at home, with you, and I’d be all alone in my bunk,” Aaron admitted softly, lacing his fingers with Robert’s, his grip tight. “I need to remind myself this is all real sometimes, y’know? That you’re here, that I get to be with you every day.”

Robert was torn between wanting to kiss Aaron for all he was worth, or wanting to hug him and never let him go. Aaron, his gorgeous, brilliant Aaron had been through too much in his life, enough to need to do something like check Robert’s pulse to make sure it was all real, that Robert was really there.

Robert settled for squeezing Aaron’s hand tightly, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his husbands mouth. “If you need to do it, never stop, okay?” he said, wanting, needing Aaron to have every coping mechanism he wanted, any coping mechanism that would help.

Aaron gave him a grateful smile. “Okay.”

It was weeks later when it happened again, Robert sitting at his desk in the portacabin, trying his best to ignore whatever contract Nicola and Jimmy were fighting over, the two of them doing his head in.

Aaron arrived in the door silently, heading straight for Robert’s desk, putting a coffee down in front of him. His nightmares had been worse that week, and Aaron looked exhausted, drained completely by four straight nights of interrupted sleep.

“Thought you might need it,” Aaron said quietly, not wanting to be dragged into Nicola and Jimmy’s argument. He had another cup of coffee in his own hand, and before Robert could reach for his, Aaron pressed his finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Just for a second, just for long enough for Aaron to breath a soft sigh of relief, pulling Adam’s desk chair over so he could sit next to Robert, the two of them pressed together knee to elbow.

“I’m here,” Robert murmured, under the pretence of mumbling a thank you for the coffee into Aaron’s ear. “You’re home, with me. I promise.”

SoapLife (Weeks 11 & 12)

Week 11

Wednesday March 15th

Liv’s expelled when she hits Josh after he humiliates Gabby on social media… how will Robert cope with the wayward teen? 

Thursday March 16th 

When Robert learns that jailed Aaron’s taking drugs, and fails to make him stop, he turns to drink… then Rebecca! 

Friday March 17th

Robert regrets his actions with Rebecca and begs her not to tell Aaron.

Chas fumes when she returns home and learns that Faith is working behind the bar at The Woolpack and that Aaron is taking drugs.

Week 12

Monday March 20th

Chas and Robert have news for Aaron. 

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An observation about Robert Sugden…

When he lived at the Woolpack, more often than not he was seen wearing a jacket/coat, even when hanging around in the back room. Something that always irritated me a little bit, but thinking about it, it was like he was always ready to just leave, not quite sure he belonged there.

Fast forward to last Thursday and moving into the Mill. His jacket was off as soon as they went inside, relaxed, somewhere he felt like he belonged.

Until Aaron kicked him out.

Then the jacket went back on, and stayed on throughout their conversations, right through their talks, Aaron deciding whether he could forgive him, right up until Aaron said ‘I do.’

Then the next scene, that beautiful final snuggling up scene.

No jacket, it was lying on the sofa behind them.

He felt like he belonged there again, that he was home and safe, like he wasn’t going to be asked to leave at a moments notice.

-I don’t even know what this is or the point of it but I’m just gonna leave it here anyway-