22 May 2017 - Part 2

[In Robert’s Porsche outside the Woolpack]

ROBERT: Thanks for taking over driving Aaron. I just couldn’t do it after all. You know we’ve come so far from me threatening you to not to touch my car and then having sex afterwards to me actually letting you drive it…and probably still having sex afterwards…well..eventually…cause your my husband now and we have all the time in the world…well…

AARON: If you mention the Plot one more time Robert!

ROBERT: We’re back now, we’re gonna have to deal with it!

[Out of Robert’s Porsche outside the Woolpack]

(RYAN: *groan…groan* I really need them to let Robert get a new car. I don’t know if I can keep getting out of this one with it so low to the ground. Damn my dodgy knee!)

(DANNY: *gets up and out with no problem* Don’t know what you’re talking about mate, it’s pretty easy!)

ROBERT: You’re missing her already aren’t you?

AARON: Who? Me mum?

ROBERT: No Aaron. Keep up. Liv, you know, your sister, the plot device that let us escape for five weeks.

AARON: Right right. So what if I am? It was nice being away from the Plot I know nothing about.

ROBERT: Let’s just hope a holiday cured all of our problems.

AARON: Yeah, it’s a shame it had to come to an end. It’s also a shame that your tan is so weird and blotchy? What happened? I told you to put sun cream on! (DANNY: Seriously though, what happened mate? Your Brazilian tan looked way more natural)

ROBERT: (RYAN: it’s not my fault the makeup department decided to go extra orange. They’ve always struggled with foundation for me. You look great though *heart eyes*) Hey, as of now, things can only get better. Nevermind, don’t believe a word of that Aaron. I’m pretty sure they put that in here for irony.

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i re-uploaded it so heres a new post i know people are aware they’re tagged already but yolo heres the new post with the video attached, im deleting the original post :)) anyways thanks for the nomination @strongboyfriends i love accent challenges!! i nominated @dannymillers @reformedcharacter and @capseycartwright

Emmerdale Accent Challenge :)
- Your name and username.
- Where you’re from.
- Pronounce the following words: Emmerdale, Beckindale, Hotten, Yorkshire Dales, Woolpack, Moira Barton, Marlon Dingle, Pearl Ladderbanks, Nicola King, Paddy Kirk, Rishi Sharma, Victoria Sugden, Laurel Thomas, Brenda Walker, Lachlan White
- When did you start watching Emmerdale and why?
- Top 3 favorite female characters?
- Top 3 favorite male characters?
- Favorite canon ships? Non-canon?
- Top 3 favorite storylines from 2016?
- Top 3 worst storylines from 2016?
- Favorite storyline to date?
- Storyline you wish would happen in the future of Emmerdale.


Why the Woolpack is a perfect venue for the Robron wedding?

Like most of you, I was properly hoping for a barn wedding, I mean damn I already moodboarded the fuck out of it. However there is something more significant to the Woolpack then the barn. The fact that its public. The barn was the symbol of their affair, the private intimate secret moments that belong to them alone. So it makes sense that the proposal was planned their, a signifier that they’ve grown and moved on. The Woolpack is their home, where they are in a public romantic relationship. They are safe, out and proud together. A wedding is a celebration of your love, a declaration of your commitment, in the wider community. Thus a Woolpack Wedding is a glorious idea where they can get drunk, be comfortable with their family and still escape for private moments.

finger on the pulse

aaron develops a strange new habit, and robert doesn’t quite understand.

Robert was half asleep when Aaron got in from the scrap run he and Adam had been on all day, the two of them picking up a few new clients up Birmingham direction. He felt the bed dip beside him, and he was about to mumble out a hello when he felt Aaron do something strange.

It wasn’t unusual for Aaron to come in to their bed and wrap himself completely around Robert if he’d gone to bed first, but as Aaron settled himself around Robert, his chin digging into the space between Robert’s neck and shoulder, he pressed a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Robert kept his eyes closed and his breathing even as he tried to figure out what Aaron was doing, curious now. Aaron’s index finger was pressed to the inside of his wrist, right over the vein there.

Was Aaron checking his pulse?

Robert laid still, and waited, listened to the soft muttering Aaron was doing under his breath, too low for Robert to understand what he was saying.

After a few more seconds, Aaron moved his hand, shifting it to Robert’s stomach, bunching up the material of Robert’s pyjama top so he could press his palm to the warm skin of Robert’s abdomen, the usual way they’d fall asleep like this, with Aaron’s much stronger body tightly wrapped around Robert’s torso.

Taking a mental note to ask Aaron about it later, Robert buried his head further into his pillow, letting sleep take over now his husband was home, and in bed, wrapped up around Robert, exactly where he should be.

Robert had forgotten about it until it happened again, the two of them sitting in the Woolpack, having a quiet, post work pint. They were huddled together in a corner booth, not in the mood to socialise with anyone else.

They were sitting close enough for their knees to be knocking together, Aaron pressed against Robert’s side, comfortable in their relationship in a way Robert sometimes still wasn’t used to.

Marriage had changed them, made them better, made them more comfortable with each other and the love they shared. Robert wasn’t sure how, or why marriage had made such an impact on their relationship, but he was glad of it, glad of how willing Aaron was with things like holding his hand as they’d wander home to the Mill at night, or sitting, pressed close to him like he was now.

Robert was mid-sentence, telling Aaron about a meeting he’d had earlier that day when it happened again, Aaron pressing a finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist, not once taking his eyes off Robert as he mumbled something under his breath.

Maybe the pub hadn’t been the best place to ask, judging by the wide eyed expression on Aaron’s face, but the words were out before Robert could really think about it all that much.

“Why do you do that?” Robert inquired, gesturing to the finger on the inside of his wrist.

Aaron looked flustered, yanking his hand away. “I’ll get us another round in, shall I?” he said, making as though to move out of their booth.

“Aaron,” Robert said quietly, putting a hand on his husbands knee. “Talk to me. Whats wrong?”

Aaron shifted uncomfortably in his seat, a blush rising in his cheeks as he spoke. “I just…… When I was inside, I used to dream about you, you know - just doing normal stuff with you, getting to go to bed with you every night. Sometimes I just need to remind myself you’re actually here, that I’m not dreaming.”

Robert’s heart ached as he listened to Aaron, understood why Aaron had taken up his odd new habit. “I’m sorry,” he blurted automatically, not wanting Aaron to feel as though it had annoyed him. “I was just curious.”

“I woke up a few times thinking I was at home, with you, and I’d be all alone in my bunk,” Aaron admitted softly, lacing his fingers with Robert’s, his grip tight. “I need to remind myself this is all real sometimes, y’know? That you’re here, that I get to be with you every day.”

Robert was torn between wanting to kiss Aaron for all he was worth, or wanting to hug him and never let him go. Aaron, his gorgeous, brilliant Aaron had been through too much in his life, enough to need to do something like check Robert’s pulse to make sure it was all real, that Robert was really there.

Robert settled for squeezing Aaron’s hand tightly, pressing a soft kiss to the corner of his husbands mouth. “If you need to do it, never stop, okay?” he said, wanting, needing Aaron to have every coping mechanism he wanted, any coping mechanism that would help.

Aaron gave him a grateful smile. “Okay.”

It was weeks later when it happened again, Robert sitting at his desk in the portacabin, trying his best to ignore whatever contract Nicola and Jimmy were fighting over, the two of them doing his head in.

Aaron arrived in the door silently, heading straight for Robert’s desk, putting a coffee down in front of him. His nightmares had been worse that week, and Aaron looked exhausted, drained completely by four straight nights of interrupted sleep.

“Thought you might need it,” Aaron said quietly, not wanting to be dragged into Nicola and Jimmy’s argument. He had another cup of coffee in his own hand, and before Robert could reach for his, Aaron pressed his finger to the inside of Robert’s wrist.

Just for a second, just for long enough for Aaron to breath a soft sigh of relief, pulling Adam’s desk chair over so he could sit next to Robert, the two of them pressed together knee to elbow.

“I’m here,” Robert murmured, under the pretence of mumbling a thank you for the coffee into Aaron’s ear. “You’re home, with me. I promise.”

So their intimate moment is their fucking heart eyes all over the place of course it is they’re so in love it’s bloody obvious for all the world to see how did they ever think they could hide a love as devastatingly pure and whole and unstoppable as theirs, seriously.


The Woolpack Wedding Aesthetic Moodboard

I’ve reconciled with myself that its not going to be a barn wedding. Just imagine them drunk dancing and having a welly drinking ceremony in the Woolpack. Among their family and friends, and the wider village community they will utter their vows of “I know”/ “You Know”, a promise of being husbands always. 

*dedicated to @gemmalou-x- because she is the bestest friend one could ask for, and always pushes me to create when I feel unsure.

vckaarrob  asked:

i wish for a fic where aaron admits he actually fancies robert. like, just thinks he's properly fit. because, FACTS.

It’s not as if Aaron didn’t know he had a good-looking husband. He was well aware that Robert was a good-looking bloke, thank you very much, Robert’s looks had been one of the first thing’s he’d noticed about him, all preppy blonde hair and a smarmy grin fixed in place on his mouth, two things Aaron had never known he found attractive in a fella.

But today? Today Robert was out to ruin him. It was the height of summer, and they’d come to the Woolpack for a few post work pints. Aaron was sitting at one of the outside benches with Adam and Victoria, nursing the dregs of a cider, waiting for Robert to come back with their next round.

Expect he was yet to stop talking to Nicola, standing with his hands on his hips, those ridiculous blue trousers he’d donned that Saturday morning highlighting the curve of his arse, the material tight across his thighs. 

God, Aaron loved his arse, and those trousers did nothing but highlight his husband’s great arse. The white shirt he’d paired it with wasn’t exactly helping either, the pristine shirt rolled up to Robert’s elbows, showing off his broad shoulders, the length of his back.

Aaron knew every inch of the skin under that shirt, every freckle, every scar. His mouth was practically watering as he stared at Robert, admired the summery outfit he was wearing, admired the way his blonde hair was slightly messy, his new sunglasses perched on top of his head, his serious business face fixed in place as he and Nicola chatted.


“Huh?” Aaron turned to his sister -in-law, flushing bright red as he realised he’d bene caught staring.

“A picture would last longer.” Victoria smirked, sipping on one of the summery cocktails Charity had decided to start serving as they’d entered the height of summer, long bright days making people happy enough to hand over ten quid for a badly mixed glass of spirits and food colouring. 

“I don’t know what you’re talking about.” Aaron shook his head, draining the last of his cider. He shouldn’t feel embarrassed, getting caught staring at his own husband’s arse, but he wasn’t exactly used to being so open and honest about how much he honest to god fancied the pants off Robert, even now, over a year down the line from when they’d first gotten back together.

“Mate, you were practically drooling!” Adam snorted, tossing a handful of peanuts into his mouth, 

Aaron rolled his eyes. “Yeah, well, I’m allowed to fancy my husband, aren’t I?” he grumbled, spinning his empty glass between his hands, watching as Robert finally ducked inside the pub to get them their next round.

Victoria beamed at him. “I don’t think I’ve ever heard you say you fancy Robert!” she exclaimed, nudging Adam. “Have you?”

“It’s not like we’re always talking about that sort of thing.” Adam shrugged, polishing off the last of his peanuts.

“Talking about what?” Robert asked, arriving back to the table with another tray of drinks for them, his sunglasses back in place, blonde hair mussed up and glowing in the sunshine.

“About how much Aaron fancies the pants off ya.” Victoria giggled, reaching for her fresh cocktail, looking delighted with herself as she tossed her hair over her shoulder, trying to gauge their reactions.

Robert simply smirked, giving Aaron’s knee a squeeze under the table. “Good thing I fancy the pants off him as well then.” 

tell me what fic you wish i’d write

Robert comes to the conclusion that The Woolpack is the perfect place for their big day, but getting Aaron there is easier said than done. Cain decides to step in to make sure Aaron is in the right place at the right time, but not everyone is as keen for the ceremony to go ahead. Forgetting the naysayers, Robert continues to decorate the pub, hoping that everything will be perfect by the time his partner arrives. When Aaron finally reaches the pub, the groom-to-be is absolutely over the moon by the gesture.
—  TV Now magazine (via @CatsFreir - full article)

capseycartwright  asked:

robron and number 8 🤗

 8. “i´ll be right over”

Robert was sitting at the table in Keepers with his laptop in front of him, when his phone rang.

The sound was muffled by the mountains of paperwork that Nicola had dumped on him after he and Aaron had returned from their makeshift honeymoon almost three weeks ago. Robert started to sift through them, lifting up pile after pile in hopes of locating the damn thing.

He had found that burying himself in work and hiding from all the villagers with their judgmental looks and their endless gossip at Vic´s was the best way to get through this “pause”, as Aaron had called it. Not that his stay at Keepers didn´t come with its fair share of disappointed, sad looks from a certain brunette. 

“Pause”. The more he thought about that word, the more Robert hated it. Nevertheless, it was preferable to “fuck off” or “break-up”, so he didn´t dare to complain. It was far more than he could have asked for.

Robert kept rustling through the papers in search of his phone, getting more and more agitated with every ring, when it finally dropped out of one of the piles and landed in his lap.

Him and Aaron were grinning up at him from the screen, dopey, drunk smiles on both of their faces as they sat in one of the booths of the Woolpack on the day of their wedding, Robert´s arm wrapped tightly around Aaron´s shoulder.

As Robert let his thumb hover over the “accept” button, it felt like someone had drained all the air from his lungs. His heart ached just at the sight of his husband whom he hadn´t seen or spoken to in two weeks now.

This would be it. It had to be.

Sure, once the crying and screaming had stopped, Aaron had said that he wanted to work through things. Together. Had promised that he wanted to at least try to make their marriage work.

But this wasn´t your normal run-of-the-mill fight. Robert hadn´t just forgotten to buy milk, or to screw the cap back on the toothpaste.

No, Robert had betrayed Aaron´s trust in the worst way imaginable and deep down he was quite certain that he didn´t deserve his husband´s forgiveness. Not on this one.

Which meant that this had to be it. 

The moment he would pick up that phone, Aaron would make or break them. The chips would fall and determine the rest of Robert´s life, without Robert having a say in any of it.

Aaron held Robert´s heart in his hands and there was nothing Robert could do, but hold onto the tiny sliver of hope his husband had left him with when he´d told him he just needed some space and time.

Well, there was something else he could do. He could just not pick up.

Prolongue what seemed inevitable and instead stay in relationship limbo for just a little while longer. Enjoy just a few more hours of “maybe” before everything would be over for good.

He stared at the ringing phone for what felt like hours, but could only have been seconds, weighing the pros and cons and then,

then he took a deep breath and picked up.

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so @robertsuggles​ post a list of aus and she posted; met you at a bar but it turns out you’re a soldier and you’re getting shipped into combat tomorrow au which of course i decided need to be a fic. but this is not that fic. this is a future on from that.

Robert’s tired.

The kind of bone deep exhaustion that comes from spending six months in another country, body always one step behind, mind dedicated to staying alive.

He rests his head against the back of the taxi, avoiding the inevitable questions from the cabby by feigning sleep. He doesn’t think he’s doing a good job, but he’s not in the right frame of mind to talk about where he’s just been.

There’s a warm bed waiting for him at home, comforts he hasn’t had in months, and the press of a familiar body to his back.

Robert wants that more than anything.

Home, he thinks, as he sees the Emmerdale sign flash into view.

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SoapLife (Weeks 11 & 12)

Week 11

Wednesday March 15th

Liv’s expelled when she hits Josh after he humiliates Gabby on social media… how will Robert cope with the wayward teen? 

Thursday March 16th 

When Robert learns that jailed Aaron’s taking drugs, and fails to make him stop, he turns to drink… then Rebecca! 

Friday March 17th

Robert regrets his actions with Rebecca and begs her not to tell Aaron.

Chas fumes when she returns home and learns that Faith is working behind the bar at The Woolpack and that Aaron is taking drugs.

Week 12

Monday March 20th

Chas and Robert have news for Aaron. 

via @dawneva3

Yesterday on...

Plotdale - 12th April 2017

[Running in the Village with Robert and Aaron who look unfairly adorable in their running gear *Fan Baiting Alert*]
AARON: Why don’t you just go home Robert? You’re clearly not fit enough to keep up with me. (DANNY: Plus, Ryan, I know your knee is still bothering you and I can’t watch you limp anymore, bro)
ROBERT: No Aaron, you’re my number one priority, so I must be seen doing these kinds of activities with you. If you’re going to be doing an activity that you’ve previously used as a method of self harming I have to appear willing to go with you to keep an eye on you. Plus, I need a reason to be outside right now. (RYAN: It’s getting better, honest. Nice that they keep giving me all these scenes where I have to walk and run though. But hey, at least the plot says I get to stop for now)
*Two lines of cute banter* - for the fans
ROBERT: Go on Aaron, I have a plot cramp. I’ll catch you up.
AARON: Doubt it.

[In the Village with Robert and Rebecca. Swing set clearly shown as Robert walks by…as if the audience needed a reminder]
ROBERT: Have you done the thing I’m forcing you to do yet? I have my evil reputation to keep up.
REBECCA: Later today, as you asked. I am deeply conflicted about this. Doesn’t it show?
ROBERT: What time is it exactly? I need to know so I can stalk you later and make sure you really did the thing.
REBECCA: *Shows appointment on phone* There you go. Happy stalking! Oh and just to give you another opportunity to sound like a jerk, happy now?
ROBERT: I will be when it’s done. (Thanks, I needed that. I wasn’t sure my jerkish side was properly showing in this scene yet)

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