The Aftermath of a Crazy Alchemist

Playing in a One shot lvl 4 party, our DM has a peaceful city of elves under siege from goblins, hob-goblins, trolls, and bug bears.

Me, Summoning Wizard: I go into the wood working shop, and throw chairs out the window and into the hole.

Alchemist Player: I take about 20 bombs and drop them in the open hole. *rolls success*

DM: So after all the important people run off, the bombs explode and the hole and surrounding building colapse and leave a bigger hole in the ground, but almost all the goblins are gone.

Alchemist IC: “HOoo Ho hooo. Enjoy that now, you hear?”

Me: Idhrenor Wooloo ‘Aku A'awoepa IV gets out from behind the table he was hiding behind, and walks to the door and goes through to see the damage.

DM: As ‘that guy’ closes the door, it 'closes’ and falls to the ground with a thud.

Me IC: “Uh.. hmm.. Well that was a blast.“