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Can we have some more hc about hbb ? Pretty pretty please?

I’m gonna do some domestic HC’s

- Yuri’s job is to hold the flashlight when Otabek is working on the cars or the bike. Sometimes Yuri is the best damn flashlight holder in the world. Sometimes he’s the worst and Otabek is just like, “okay go sit over there and talk to me and keep me company.”

- Yuri isn’t a very good cook. Nikolai does a decent chunk of the cooking when he can / feels good enough to do so. Yuri’s specialty is breakfast food, and makes that most often at home.

- Otabek does the laundry. He’s so fucking diligent and knows which of Yuri’s nice items to hand wash, or hang dry, or at least throw some off brand woollite into the machine.

- Yuri puts on a crop top and cut off jeans and mows the lawn. Otabek always begins by stealing glances at how good Yuri looks, and then laughing at how angry he gets trying to pull start the mower, and then leaves him a cold glass of water on the porch for when he gets red faced and worn out.

- Nikolai watches a lot of crappy daytime TV judge shows. Otabek legitimately love to join him whenever he’s not working/in class. Of course Yuri will stomp in and be jealous that Otabek’s not giving him the attention. He’ll try to steal the remote or direct the attention elsewhere.

- The best games of pool (and most fun) are the ones they play down in the basement with no money and no pressure. But Yuri would never admit that.

-Yuri babysits the Nishigori triplets a lot. They also end up with Otabek’s nieces and nephews a lot because it’s a free way to help out his siblings.

-Yuri is the confirmed crazy cat man who leaves out food for the strays. Several of the indoor cats were strays that were nice enough to live inside.

- House sitting for Victor and Yuuri is always their favorite odd job. Yuri eats all the ice cream in the freezer, and then he and Otabek fool around in every room of their house.

-Yuri hates playing cards. He’s not very good at it. Otabek and Nikolai like to get a game going when they can.