[MISC/TRANS] [150324] AfterSchool Club with Lovelyz - question about INFINITE

Q: Which INFINITE members gave you the most advise before you debuted?

A (Babysoul): Actually all of INFINITE members gave us a lot of advises. Because they have different personalities, each of them gave us good advises in their own ways. But INFINITE’s Sunggyu was probably the harshest (all Lovelyz’ members nodded and laughed agreeing LOL) he was really strict with us, really straightforward with his advises. Its because he wants us to do well.

Thats how INFINITE made it too, girls :)


LOVELYZ is ready for their comeback in “WoW!” MV Teaser!

Are you ready for this quirky concept?


Woollim introduces W PROJECT trainees Jangjun and Youngtaek in “Drought” MV ft. BéE!

Are you liking the rapper line of Woollim Boys?

[TRANS] Sunggyu’s self-produced album?

Tablo: Sunggyu-ssi, dont you have any greed to compose and produce your own album?

Sunggyu: Actually, I’m working hard on composing and writing songs now.

Tablo: I think you’ll do well though.. You’re still not brave enough to do it?

Sunggyu: At a broadcast, I sang it (his self composed song) a bit.

Tablo: Next time, in INFINITE’s albums or your solo albums, what about giving it a try?

Sunggyu: Sure, if I’m given the opportunity..

Tablo: By LJY CEO?

Sunggyu: Yes *laughs*

Tablo: Jungyeob Hyung wont allow you to do it? Jungyeob Hyung.. its a bit… (to Sunggyu) Do you even still need permission now? INFINITE still needs to get permission?

Sunggyu: Ah no, its not like that. Now, for the little things, we still do everything together with CEO.

Tablo: Well, please give him permission to do it soon, I hope to be able to listen to Sunggyu’s self-produced song soon.

source: 150520 Tablo’s Dreaming Radio