Street rabbit. When I scout for locations, I see many things that are interesting, amusing and sometimes intriguing, eg a crafted sign warning naughty dog owners to pick up their dog’s poo or a cat hanging out a window or a cat hanging off a mailbox (letterbox camper) but never quite like this - a free range bunny that gets to roam the neighbourhood and return to its cage whenever it feels like it.Things you come across on location scout. I love my job. More pics on my other blog© JK Blackwell  

Buzo Trattoria (1 hat) - 28 July 2011

Upon entering Buzo Trattoria you can easily tell that this is a local favorite in Woollahra. It’s a two story cosy restaurant with the majority of tables upstairs an a few down stairs either side of the kitchen door. We were seated probably at the worst table being right next to the kitchen door and in the path of the entrance. The plus side was that we got to see all the yummy food coming out.

We chose a delicious Sangiovese to start and the rest is history (because we didn’t take notes and can’t remember what we ate, with the exception of the Vincisgrassi, which was an amazing truffled spin on lasagne). It was nice food - that we do remember and it’s definitely a restaurant we recommend to people in the area or looking for top class Italian food.

3/5 stars