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  • Their names : Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong.
  • They lived in NY for a long time. 
  • They’re friends with miss A’s Min.
  • They were mentioned in 2PM’s Junsu “Thanks to”. 
  • They are speaking English, Korean, and Chinese. 
  • Their hobbies are : skateboard / basketball.

Tasty-woollim will do their biographies when we’ll have more information.

(sorry if my english is not very well … )

cr: thetasty2wins

Character You’re Applying For: Jung Daeryong (Lil’ Dragon)

Character Age For This Roleplay: 24

Entertainment Group/Company Your Character Belongs In: Tasty2wins/Woollim Entertainment

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Character Background: 

Kidnapped from his home and thrown into a whole new world of color and thrill, Daeryong had been raised with concern for beauty and divinity, to become an aesthetic. It wouldn’t be until much later that he would find out his fate had changed drastically, by the hands of man, and his only connections severed since the day of his birth.

April 11th, 1988, the very first day where he lost something, and yet gained everything. Jung Daeryong was raised as a Kim for the first seventeen years of his life, son of honored artists, Mr and Mrs Kim of Pyongyang, North Korea. Each with their own unique skill, they entrusted their claimed ‘son’ with his own abilities and gifts, raising Daeryong to become an aesthetic of the arts, an artistic critic. North Korea was notorious for their traditions that remained unbroken, and punishments for the rebellious. Daeryong had grown up in a loved, but terribly strict home and homeland, and had been moulded to comply with rules and restrictions. He knows nothing of freedom, nothing of running away, never thought of escape. For him, this was his life, and he was to abide by these practices.

Until the day the truth had failed to evade him, and all Daeryong could see in his father’s office were documents of his seeming life, the life he had lost without an opinion. Files upon files, dockets upon dockets, treasured items upon treasured items - everything that Daeryong was meant to live through, everything… stuffed inside one single room, a room he had never dared touch until that day. Until the day that everything rained down on him, and without a second thought, confronted his ‘parents’ about the truth.

On the eve of April 11, 1988, his biological parents had made enemies of Daeryong’s current guardians, one mistake that had never been revealed to Daeryong himself. He would continue to live his life without the knowledge of the event, and what had happened, because his parents had already been murdered the following day his world came crashing and burning. Revealed were his parents’ hidden agendas, in which they had planned the assassination of Daeryong himself, the moment he turned eighteen, through the sadistic governmental power all having fallen for Daeryong’s parents’ charms. But not only did they fail to accomplish this certain goal of theirs, they had even offered Daeryong a chance to escape before he could be caught, out of their growing love for the boy. Having broken a pact with the darkened government, Daeryong had been evacuated by a family friend, all the way to Incheon, through the unfamiliar territory of South Korea. He was promptly abandoned by the station, at which he accidentally wandered onto a train to Seoul, paving the way to a new life, a new start for him.

As he reached Seoul, he was whisked among the crowds toward a large stage by the station, a small concert being performed to raise money for a local charity. That was the moment everything for Daeryong finally started to click - he had been taking dance lessons behind his parents’ backs for the past ten years, and now was his moment to shine. He caught the eye of one of the teachers and was pulled upon the stage, the light shining straight onto him.

He could never abandon his drilled-in, artistic roots - he just had to find his own meaning of ‘art’.

Character Personality: 

Daeryong is initially timid and a little odd to strangers; having lived in such an isolated world with his parents as the only social interactions he had, he has no people skill. However, this part of him is concealed carefully as he keeps to himself, constantly practicing dance in the hall near his apartment, and whenever he’s forced to interact with people, he makes sure to interact with a cool, calm presence as to not arouse suspicion.

He has also never experienced that little thing called ‘love’. Because he was so often locked away in his own little world, he had never met someone that struck him as someone he could love. He had never even had a ‘crush’ either - he isn’t even clear on the meaning of the word. This is why it almost frightens him to meet people; he’s not sure he’ll ever be ready to fall in love with anyone. Ever.

With that being said, he has a playful character past his shy exterior, and he also has an oddly incredible passion for what he does - dancing. He believes his fate is to be an entertainer, and entertaining is what he does best with those who are closest to him.

Two Secrets: 

  1. Daeryong has a twin - he read this somewhere in his profiles, but he can’t seem to gather enough information to go find him. It tears Jung apart to not know the identity of his own brother and biological parents, so he keeps this fact to himself.
  2. During his escape to Incheon, the family friend who had evacuated him had been killed while trying to protect him. A soldier from the North Korean government had stalked them down and shot the older man, leaving Daeryong to hide in the shadows and continue alone to Seoul - not many people know of his story, but he could not bear to reveal this little tidbit of his life. The guilt he feels is so overwhelming, he hasn’t had a proper night’s sleep ever since.

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Any comments, questions, queries? I didn’t include Soryong because I didn’t want to close off his options. And since Daeryong was kidnapped from home since birth, the other Jung twin won’t have too much of a problem with a thread, if we ever create one. We’ll learn to intermingle :D

MSN, if you’ve created one: None yet!

Welcome to the ‘Little Liars’ society, Daeryong. Be sure to re-read the rules on what to do next. You have 5 days to make your account. Thank you.



>INFOs about Tasty (very interesting)

Jung Daeryong and Jung Soryong 
Born in the year 1988
Also known as the Dragon Twins. (Big D and Lil D)
Lived in NY, U.S.A for quite a long time
Rumored to be around 180 cm
Used to be trainees at JYP
Close friends with Miss A’s Min

Mentioned in 2PM’s Junsu’s “Thanks To”
Can understand English, Korean and Chinese well
Interested in Skateboarding and Basketball
Living in Infinite’s old dorm as of the moment source:thetasty2wins