In Canada a strange hole was recently discovered during construction, but authorities are refusing to say exactly where due to public safety concerns.

A team was sent into the hole as it was at first thought to be an undiscovered cave, but it was soon revealed to be something much more bizarre.

Near the entrance were many pie tins carelessly tossed around, but all had been thoroughly licked clean without even a crumb of pie left in them. Over the past year there had been a mysterious string of pie thefts in the area, so at last the mystery as to where they all wound up had been solved. But… How did they get there in the first place?

Tintin comics, Predator related merchandise, and various other things were found, but it became much more disturbing the further the team went inside. For unknown reasons a shrine containing a broken Hulk doll with the words “Never forget” were scrawled on the wall. Even worse was when the corpses of animals that were partially eaten and covered in chocolate syrup were found.

Eventually the team found a narrow passage so dark that even their flashlights could not penetrate it. There was only enough room for one to enter, so they used a Drummond Cave Radio in order to stay in contact with the brave man who volunteered. Shortly after he entered, tragedy stuck when suddenly his screams were heard on the Radio before suddenly going silent. The last thing heard was an unknown voice shouting “WHEN’S MAHVEL?!”

The remainder of the team immediately left the cave. Sadly, it was decided it was too dangerous to attempt a rescue and there are plans to seal the mysterious hole off.


SBF Zaibatsu Pt1 The Woolie Hole

FINALLY I get to make the Super Best Friends Zaibatsu in all their huge nerd glory.  For those who don’t know, youtube Two Best Friends Play.  First up is Woolie!  Since Woolie is the one that ordered these plushies I figured I’ll make him first.  I’m really proud of myself here!  I think he turned out super adorable X3  I’ve never done yarn hair before, but it really turned out spectacular.  I’m also really proud of his hat.  It’s one of those hats that has the hole in the back for his dreads to come out.  I always love when I get to crochet hats for plushies!
Anywho, Wooile is 1 of 4 plushies for Woolie from Two Best Friends Play! 


Ok so two things!
These MAGNIFICENT docs, were a grand total (drum roll) of

2 squidding euro!

If that doesn’t sell charity shopping to you, I don’t know what will!
Not to mention that the dress and cardigan featured in this photoset were 1 euro and 3 euro respectively all in sue Ryder charity shop.

So in love with all these things >.