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Last Film: I don’t even remember?? I barely ever watch films. Um….this is shameful….I think I watched Force Awakens recently??

Last Song You Listened To: Where’s My Love by Syml (if you want to cry go listen)

Last Show You Watched: If we’re counting Critical Role then Critical Role (I’M STILL UPSET) but if we’re talking TV then Poldark

Last Book: ACOTAR for the third time, before that ACOMAF for the fourth time, when will I be free

Last Food: This weird-ass post-war dessert my gran used to make, it’s like condensed milk and raspberry jelly mixed together and it’s amazing 

If you could be anywhere right now: The sand dunes at Woolacombe beach

Where would you time travel to: The past to assassinate Nigel Farage and Donald Trump. 

First thing you’d do with lottery money: Pay off my student loans, pay off my mum’s debts and the mortgage, buy a house in Devon with a paddock for horses, take a shittonne of art classes and get a beautiful cintiq

Fictional character you’d hang out with for a day: Rhysand. Actually, all of the Court of Dreams. Can you imagine?? how awesome?????

Time right now: 7:51pm (waiting for D&D sesh to start ayy)

Tagging anyone who wants to do this because I’m lame and I find tagging stresSFUL