wool rings

The sign's aesthetics based on my friends
  • Aries : large-rimmed glasses, dyed hair, a notebook with the lyrics of favorite songs, sidewalks after the rain, large shirts, long scarves.
  • Taurus : loud guitar riffs, earrings, boxing, surf shorts, a favorite album played repeatedly, mint tea.
  • Gemini : black shoes of leather, a favorite backpack, messy hair, tank tops, flannels, tattoos.
  • Cancer : walking in the wind, the Northern sea on a winter day, sunglasses, dimples, a leather sofa, rolled-up sleeves.
  • Leo : group selfies, sports team jerseys, cheap beer on a sunny day, hoodies, loud laughs, a river in the mountain.
  • Virgo : a large cup of black coffee, a jazz song in the winter, seeing a favorite band live, singing along to a song in a car, a grey sweater made of wool, rings.
  • Libra : a bow-tie, suspenders, short hair, lying on the grass on a summer day, pocket tee-shirts, short nails.
  • Scorpio : a favorite Starbucks drink, a quiet folk song, fall jackets, fluffy hair, Polaroid pictures, black and white selfies.
  • Sagittarius : worn out Converse, books on a wooden bookshelf, goofy smiles, blue eyes, long winter coats, a tweed jacket.
  • Capricorn : ripped skinny jeans, a favorite beanie, bruised knees, a skateboard, driving with the windows down, fancy boxers.
  • Aquarius : walks on the beach, band tee-shirts, a baseball jacket, high-fives, a vinyl on a turntable, a fountain pen.
  • Pisces : a cigarette in the dark of the night, late night conversations, a sketch book full of drawings, rambles on the boulevards, black leather, a favorite jumper.