wool rings

  • *ban ryu, soo ho, and yeo wool are drinking tea together when yeo woo's phone rings*
  • ban ryu: hey, yeo wool! your phone is ringing!
  • soo ho: *looks at contacts* DADDY? wait, your dad is calling you? oh boy... if we get to hear whoever's on the other line, then we can figure out who your real father is!
  • ban ryu: aren't you too old to call your father 'daddy' no matter who they are?
  • soo ho: this is so hilarious! YEO WOOL STILL CALLS HIS FATHER 'DADDY'.
  • yeo wool: jeez guys. i'm gonna take the call now so quiet.
  • yeo wool: *picks up phone*
  • yeo wool: hey, han sung.
  • soo ho: *chokes on tea*

This is the perfect knitting ring, but don’t take my word for it, check out the great reviews in my shop.

Last year, I got an email from a lady who loves to knit, but knitting had become more difficult due to arthritis in her fingers. The arthritis in her fingers was so severe that it was hard to hold on to the yarn while she was knitting. She wondered if there was any way I could make a ring that would hold the yarn in place and take the tension away from her fingers tips. I made some drawings, we emailed back and forth and finally I came up with this design for a knitting ring. It was an instant hit! This lady is now my greatest promoter and knitting up a storm.

Since then, I’ve designed a ring for 1-2 strands and 1-3 strands. Each ring is custom made from vintage silver plated copper or brass. A fun way to repurpose old silver.

My knitting rings have been featured in: Simply Knitting, magazine UK, May 2014 - Knitsy, emagazine UK, 2014 - Knit Wear magazine, USA Spring 2013

If you want to see the other knitting rings just click www.etsy.com/shop/ItsVera
And check the menu for Knitting, crochet rings.

The sign's aesthetics based on my friends
  • Aries : large-rimmed glasses, dyed hair, a notebook with the lyrics of favorite songs, sidewalks after the rain, large shirts, long scarves.
  • Taurus : loud guitar riffs, earrings, boxing, surf shorts, a favorite album played repeatedly, mint tea.
  • Gemini : black shoes of leather, a favorite backpack, messy hair, tank tops, flannels, tattoos.
  • Cancer : walking in the wind, the Northern sea on a winter day, sunglasses, dimples, a leather sofa, rolled-up sleeves.
  • Leo : group selfies, sports team jerseys, cheap beer on a sunny day, hoodies, loud laughs, a river in the mountain.
  • Virgo : a large cup of black coffee, a jazz song in the winter, seeing a favorite band live, singing along to a song in a car, a grey sweater made of wool, rings.
  • Libra : a bow-tie, suspenders, short hair, lying on the grass on a summer day, pocket tee-shirts, short nails.
  • Scorpio : a favorite Starbucks drink, a quiet folk song, fall jackets, fluffy hair, Polaroid pictures, black and white selfies.
  • Sagittarius : worn out Converse, books on a wooden bookshelf, goofy smiles, blue eyes, long winter coats, a tweed jacket.
  • Capricorn : ripped skinny jeans, a favorite beanie, bruised knees, a skateboard, driving with the windows down, fancy boxers.
  • Aquarius : walks on the beach, band tee-shirts, a baseball jacket, high-fives, a vinyl on a turntable, a fountain pen.
  • Pisces : a cigarette in the dark of the night, late night conversations, a sketch book full of drawings, rambles on the boulevards, black leather, a favorite jumper.