wool free

- James and Sirius start an underground business at Hogwarts called Moonywear in which they sell off Remus’s sweaters.
- All the Gryffindors secretly have at least one.
- They’re really soft okay
- And they smell nice.
- And everyone low key has a crush on Moony.
- Remus is just confused as hell.
- Like where are they all going?
- he’s just glad that his mum’s neighbor back in Wales (fite welsh moony is life) gives her free wool.
- Sirius keeps the most worn ones to himself. They have the most memories attached to them he could never let just ANYBODY where them.
- James insists that he ‘test drive’ them all before selling. ’ What if one turned around and strangled out customer pads!? That’s bad business!’ He’s just too dignified to save any for himself.
- Peter keeps the one with the Apple and pear patterns.
- They pull in a lot of profit from it though. Everybody wants some Moonywear. It’s the new trend.
- it’s actually kind of hilarious seeing all of these people walking around in oversized jumpers with hideous patternry like they’re top shit.
- Remus gets more confused
- They spend most of the money on blackmarket pain medication and chocolate.
- And if a new pair of shoes show up under his bed just after his ancient boots finally give up the ghost then who is Remus to complain.
- also Remus DEFINITELY recognises that jumper and why the fuck is Ted Tonks from HUFFLEPUFF wearing it!? It is NOT a coincidence James I KNOW my mother’s stitching!
- he only finds out after Hogwarts when he’s visiting James and Lilly and a bunch of his old jumpers are hanging out on the line.

Eton’s Scarf

After knitting many scarves, sweaters, and wristwarmers, I have a collection of teeny half skeins lying around. I’ve decided to use up my scrap yarn to make an awesome gradient scarf based on a simple pattern that really lets the yarn shine.  Hope you like it :)


Yarn: Variety of worsted weight wool, alpaca, and mixed yarns

Needles: Size 6 (4mm)

Dimensions: Approximately 6 inches wide.  Recommended length: 5 feet.


Cast on 32 stitches. You can make the scarf narrower/wider by using another number that is divisible by 4.

Slip the first stitch of every row.  Slip knitwise if it’s a knit stitch and slip purlwise if it’s a purl stitch.

Rows 1-4: (K2, P2) – repeat til end of row.

Rows 5-6: (P2, K2) – repeat til end of row.

Rows 7-8: (K2, P2) - repeat til end of row.

Rows 9-10: (P2, K2) - repeat til end of row.

Repeat rows 7-8 and 9-10 until happy with length of scarf.

At end of scarf, add 4 rows of Rows 7-8 to create a ribbed pattern to match the beginning of the scarf.


Knit fabric tends to stretch a little after washing.  Depending on your yarn, it can stretch a couple of inches to several inches.  Please keep this in mind when determining the length you knit!

When starting a new color, replace first row of pattern with all knit stitches to create nice seam between colors.

Pretty simple, eh? It makes for some great train knitting while listening to music or podcasts.


Tiny lil pug pattern!

This is just a little pattern i whipped up inspired by some adorable pictures i saw. 

I used a light tan wool for the body, legs, and tail, and a mid brown wool for the ears. The face is embroidered using brown, pink, and black thread. (feel free to use buttons or felt or improvise for the face if you dont want to embroider though haha) I used a size 3 crochet hook, but a slightly larger hook is also fine.


Body & tail
R1: mc 4 (4)
R2: inc around (8)
R3: *sc, inc* around (12)
R4: *sc2, inc* around (16)
R5: *sc3, inc* around (20)
R6-10: sc around (20)
R11: *dec, sc2* around (15)
R12: *dec, sc* around (10)
(attach legs, stuff)
R13: dec around (5)
R14: slst gap closed, don’t cut wool
Tail (continuing from butt)
R15: ch 5
R16: hdc in 2nd chain from hook back to the body
slst to attach to body
tie off wool end and cut and weave in
attach ears and embroider face

Paws X4
mc 3 (3)
inc around (6)

Ears X2
ch5, turn (do not ch1 when turning)
sc4, turn
sc3, turn
sc2, turn
weave wool tail back through, attach

That’s all there is to it! Go forth and make yourself an adorable lil potato

Please feel free to contact me if you find an error in the pattern.

are you a knitting or crochet kind of person? An acrylic or wool kind of person? A paid pattern or a free pattern person? A metal or wood hook/needle person? A ‘project at a time’ or a 16 WIP person? A ‘I crochet/knit everywhere I go’ or a ‘I have a specific spot’ person? 

YO MY FRIENDS, the other day this blog hit 100 followers! Thank you guys so much! <3 I had to brainstorm what to do to celebrate, and honestly I had no idea. 

But I went with this: the bachelor/bachelorettes favourite animals! Hope you like!!!

Abigail - Guinea pigs. She loves her David Jr. He’s fairly easy to maintain, which is good for her (she probably has a short attention span for work), plus he’s super fluffy and cute! 

Alex - Doggo. These bros will play catch on the beach, run together on the farm, and, of course, practice gridball each and every day.

Elliott - Ducks! They’re so beautiful (just like him). (but he still is bffls with the crab in his pocket).

Emily - Sheep. She loves all animals, but these dudes = free wool! She feels bad for taking and using their wool for her projects, but makes up for it with hugs and kisses. 

Haley - Bunnies!!! Honest she is utterly in love with how cute they are (and also how goofy they are!) but she isn’t so keen on the mess they make. For true love, you must make sacrifices. 

Harvey - Birb. Particularly parrots (yes Emily has a parrot, but!) A smart bird for a smart man, he would never be lonely again with this lil guy on his shoulder. 

Leah - Squirrels. She loves nature, so will occasionally bump into these cuties whilst on her quest for wood or just on a general walk! She knows the squirrel in the secret woods by name. She has a huge soft spot for these cuties, and will occasionally bring them nuts. 

Maru - Dinosaurs! You know this babe would nerd out if she realised you had a freaKIN’ DINOSAUR?! 

Penny- BEES. My queen bee. She would love all the animals on the farm, but she really loves the bees, she is very invested in any “save the bees” project she comes across, because dang, they do so much for us! How could you not love them?

Sam - (ok I tried my best not to use the same animals twice BUT) Dog!!! He would have a big dog with a lot of energy to match his own! 

Sebastian - Cat. Petting animals helps with stress, so imagine this boy sat at his computer desk, kitty curled up on his lap, purring away. Pure happiness. 

Shane - please do I even need to answer this. CHICKEN BOI. He sits in the coop to chat with Charlie, and it’s just, he’s home.


Posting studio photos from plush I made for Zenkaikon in the spring!
You can see their new owners in this post!  http://lithefidercreatures.tumblr.com/post/160450016801/part-1-of-owner-pics-from-zenkaikon-some-people

This shows all three versions of the chibi deer pattern, deer, unicorn, and pony.  The pony is handmade wool felt with free motion quilting. The unicorn is custom minky, and the deer is a low pile minky with hand-painted constellations.

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Joaquin Phoenix on Abouse in the Wool Industry and Cruelty-Free Options

hihiyas  asked:

Enjonine + 35

“You heard me. Take. It. Off.”

It was no secret that there was little love lost between Gabriel Enjolras and Eponine Jondrette. 

In fact, just about the only thing they had in common was their propensity to argue - and 99% of the time, they were arguing with each other. Loudly. In front of everyone (because they were never in the same room without at least half of the gang). For the entire time they were together. Creating scenes. Always. Every. Single. Time.

Grantaire and Courfeyrac, having discussed their friends’ mutual loathing extensively, were both of the opinion that what these two really needed - and really, for the good of the group, who burned through so much migraine medication they were probably pretty much supporting the drug companies - was a good, hot, and heavy hate fuck. 

And thus, “Operation: Frick-Frack Paddy-Whack Give ‘Ponine E’s Bone” was born. Fortunately, the name was awesome.

Unfortunately, the plan was a complete and utter failure. 

They had tried everything from locking them in tight quarters together (a scream that had sounded very promising at first was actually just Eponine slapping Enjolras. When Combeferre gingerly opened the door, the two had been in the middle of a slap fight of all things) to purposefully buying foods that were popularly viewed as aphrodisiacs (it hadn’t helped Enjolras and Eponine, but hey, at least Grantaire got lucky - with Jehan, of all people). 

Finally they decided to call in reinforcements. 

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