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This fic was inspired by the lovely @xfile-cabinetx I was talking with her and she told me how she wanted a fluffy piece and she said a certain line and this idea popped into my head. I know that I owe that much since I have written two pieces that were super angsty.  I hope you enjoy! 
Word Count: 944 
Triggers: None 

Scully looked at Mulder’s sleeping form in the early hours of the morning.  She couldn’t stop smiling to herself.  She can’t remember any time that she has ever seen him this at peace while he was awake.  Scully slipped out of bed, grabbing one of his shirts hanging from his bed post, leaving the couple top of buttons undone.  She pulled light grey wool socks on that drooped around her ankles before padding quietly to the kitchen.  She glanced over her should to make sure she didn’t wake him before she started to rummage quietly through his kitchen cabinets for coffee and some sort of food.  She frowned to herself when she only found the proper stuff for coffee.

She looked at his overflowing sink of used coffee mugs and the outstanding amount of garbage that was stuffed into his garbage bin.  She couldn’t help but shake her head before pulling her hair into a loose pony tail as she tried to figure out what to tackle first.  Finding a clean mug or finding something edible.  She let out a soft snort and figured that it would be easier to clean two mugs.  

Mulder leaned against the door frame, grinning to himself.  He watched the way that she stretched for his dish detergent.  He admired the way his boxers peeked out from underneath his shirt.  He wished he had a camera to freeze this moment in time for eternity.  This was one of his favorite ways of seeing Scully.  

Scully rolled up her sleeves before running the hot water.  She nearly jumped out of her skin when Mulder wrapped his arms around her lithe waist.  She felt his gentle lips and his prickly stubbled rub against her skin before she felt him kiss where her neck and shoulder met. She heard his deep inhale and couldn’t help but smile to herself.  

“Mmmm…. if you keep doing that, we won’t have coffee until noon!” Scully teased as she relaxed her body against his.  

Mulder smiled to himself as he squeezed her tighter to his body, “Oh is that so? Well, I guess that will have to wait until later.  After last night, I need some coffee and food in my system before I can even function properly.”  Mulder didn’t have to see Scully’s face to know that she was blushing.

“Then how about you let me get to work and accomplish this for us?” Scully quipped as she gently rubbed her palms against his bare arms.  She could feel his heat radiate into her body, warming her to the bone.  

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I remade my old needle felted Fonn a while ago, but never got a chance to take a decent photo of her. So here it is! She’s about 15" tall from ears to claws, and 24" long from the tip of her nose to tip of her tail. The feathers on her wings were wet felted first, pieced out, and needle felted onto the wing’s base. I’m, pretty happy with this incarnation of her, but of course there’s always ways to improve! Each version of her has its own unique charm to it and I wouldn’t give up either of them. <3 I will be making a larger, more life-size version of her when I gather up enough materials.

She’s made with a combination of wools, like Merino and a core wool blend, she has a wire armature so she is poseable, including her wings and ears.

Engineered Garments - Jacket

Gitman Vintage - Shirt

Anvil - T-Shirt

Apolis - Hat

Independence - Scarf

Fox River Mills - Socks

Oak Street Bootmakers - Boots

Makr - Bag

Eruri Week 2014: Day 1 - Past/Memories

During the Great Depression, Levi is an orphan living in a shanty town in the middle of Central Park. When a little boy with a cherubic face offers charity to the indigent Levi, his life changes in an unpredictable fashion.

*This is based off of La Dame aux Camélias by Alexandre Dumas fils, which inspired La traviata (my favorite opera), which is what the Moulin Rouge movie was based off of, so yeah, you know where this is kinda going. Yeh.

All prompts for this week will be one contiguous storyline. Things happen later, I promise.*

for tinypredator, who inspires all my eruri feels


The newspaper made a soft crinkling in his hands as he handed it back to Hange.

“It’s him,” he announced, and Hange squinted hard at the black and white photo of a well-dressed blond and his date, under which the caption read: “Coffee heir returns from the London season to attend New York society soirees.”

“Are you sure?” Hange asked, incredulous.

“Yeah,” Levi says, taking a sip of his tea. “Which is why you have to get me into one of those parties.”


Levi’s memories of those days are hazy, at best. During the Depression, days ran into each other like a tide, and it was impossible to recall what one did from one day to the next. Levi starved and slept, and begged and scrapped and did what he had to do to survive. So when the society ladies in their wool coats and fox furs came to administer their version of the dole, consisting of day old bread and canned beans handed out behind the prophylactic protection of expensive lambskin gloves, it was an occasion not to be forgotten.

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