wool dread


Picture by: Eric Oaktree
model: LivingDreadDoll

Last pictures that I will upload for today. Dreads and gear made by me. This picture was taken at another event with Fase 3 LARP. it was an amazing weekend!  I had, what you call in Dutch a ‘Festival Dip’. when you had such a blast, when you are back home again..you feel a little bit ..well depressed. does..not..make..any..sense..:P :D 


Redid my tutorial on how to attach fake dreads to real, natural dreadlocks :D 

I am a mixed breed person, and I love that about myself, but there is a disconnect from my heritages, because of erasure, of both them, and of myself. I feel almost guilty that I get to experience both sides, but also feel I don’t belong anywhere. I am in the fringe.

Dreads by Dreadfulcat Synthetic Dreads

amethyst choker: Creationsbyacat


I rarely show my doll work any more (for many reasons, but mostly copycats), but here are some pictures of my latest piece. Starting with a Nancy doll from the trash (yes, Okkada’s gift), with clothes tailored and handsewn exactly like human clothes are done (and kept to haute couture standards), handpainted shoes, complete head repaint with human hair lashes, wig made completely from scratch with handmade wool dreads, plus a collection of extremely rare vintage Aztec symbology charms for her jewelry. A truly One Of A Kind piece that cannot be repeated.

There are over a hundred hours of highly skilled work into each of my dolls, so unless you are interested in making a very juicy offer (and I’m meaning several hundred euros), please don’t ask me to sell her. I’m sorry, but I don’t have the time to make custom dolls either.