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Diagonal Shawl

The Diagonal Shawl adds interest to any outfit. Its diagonal construction stands out with eyelet stitches and self-striping yarn. Measures approx. 16” x 60”. Has wood beaded fringe. Made with wool blend yarn (78% acrylic, 22% wool). Machine washable, lay flat to dry.
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Lubov Tchernicheva, star of the Ballets Russes, in costume for Une Nuit d’Egypt (later Cléopâtre), 1918. Costume by Sonia Delaunay (Russia, active France, 1885-1979).

Une Nuit d’Egypt premiered by Diaghilev’s troupe in 1908. The ballet was revived in 1917 and exquisite and fantastic (as in a product of the artist’s Egyptian fantasy) new costumes were designed for the revived production by Delaunay. This costume was made from silk, sequins, mirror and beads, wool yarn, metallic thread braid, and lamé.

CLEARANCE SALE Felted Wool and Crystal Necklace - Beaded Necklace - Statement Necklace - Felted Wool Beads - R69
Felted Wool and Crystal Necklace - Beaded Necklace - Statement Necklace - Felted Wool Beads - R69 Romance and warmth. Colors inspired by that time between midnight to dawn. Felted wool beads are strung with an assortment of crystal beads - Czech Fire Polished Roundel beads, Swarovski Aurora Borealis bicones and other vintage finds. All are hand-knotted together on a hand-dyed silk ribbon. Focal point of the necklace is a felted flower with embroidered and beaded center. Closure is lobster clasp. Necklace is 16 inches long. Flower: 2 ½ inches in diameter Wool bead: 3/4 to 3/8 inches diameter ECO-FRIENDLY: Why is this product eco-friendly or “green”? First, by using materials that were destined to be discarded, repurposing them, we keep them out of the landfill. Second, by creating products from existing materials, we reduce the demand for the production of new materials, which reduces the energy used, natural resources consumed and waste products and often pollutants generated by the manufacturing processes … reducing the carbon footprint of the product. COMBINED AND ALTERNATE SHIPPING Shipping costs listed are for USPS First Class Mail. If you desire an alternate shipping method, please contact us BEFORE paying and we can alter your invoice. We are happy to combine items for shipping to reduce shipping costs, just get in touch with us before you pay so we can calculate the charge for the specific additional items. For some combinations, there is no additional charge. But say you bought this item and added an embellished bowling ball (which we havent ever made ... yet), there would be an upcharge in shipping.
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Beaded doll: Ahsoka Tano

This week’s doll is Ahsoka Tano, first introduced in the Star Wars: The Clone Wars series, and let me just say right from the start please forget everything I’ve ever said about hair being difficult.

Well. In case the above sentence didn’t make it clear, that was quite a tricky one ;)  I actually started on this doll several months ago, then got stuck trying to figure out how to shape the head tails, got frustrated put it aside for a while, came back later, and so on, until I finally sat myself down a little while ago and didn’t let up until I found a shape that worked. I probably made five or six “test heads” before I figured out the final version…

Once I had the design finished, the actual construction was a bit of a problem as well, because there’s hardly any room - once I had the head and body finished, I actually had to grab my needle with small pliers at times to attach the arms because my fingers couldn’t fit under the lekku to reach her shoulders and upper back. So all in all, this is definitely the most challenging doll I’ve made so far, and I must say I’m rather proud for finishing it :)


Materials: 11° and 15° TOHO and MIYUKI seed beads, round beads, bugle beads, felting wool, craft wire, nylon thread

Size: approx. 3.3 inches/8.5 centimetres


My bead dolls sorted by fandom

Beaded doll: Harry Potter

For this week, I have a doll I never actually planned to make, but as I was going through my collection of “practice heads” (doll heads I made when I first started making bead dolls in order to figure out the best head shape/hairline etc.) to see which ones I turn into whole dolls since unraveling them all seemed like a waste of time, I found that I had made one with green eyes and a black hair base, and I figured it would make a nice Harry Potter. So here he is :) 

The glasses, BTW, are proof of the reason why my very few attempts at wirework never went very far…


Materials: 11° and 15° TOHO and MIYUKI seed beads, round beads, felting wool, craft wire

Size: approx. 2.6 inches/6.5 centimetres


My bead dolls sorted by fandom 

There is little joy in those first moments of recognition – for the reality is that most encounters of such depth, most first glances of love come to nothing. And while the sincerity of that rare moment when your heart is bursting should be the signal to fling yourself on the ground in the path of this stranger, it’s the depth of such sincerity that paralyses you, holds you back from the silence of phrases like “hello” and “good morning.” And as they pass, granting only single, torturous details like fingers upon the handle of an umbrella, or a hair pin bearing the weight of a twist, or a wool collar beaded with pearls of rain – there is only one thing you could ever say that would be true, that would make them stop walking and turn to face you. But such a thing is unsayable.
—  Simon van Booy, from “The Mute Ventriloquist,” The Secret Lives of People in Love: Stories

Gauze Célèbre All sorts of sheers are drawing the attention of flashbulbs now, with chiffons and organzas embellished with sequins or other rich appliqués. Bottega Veneta beaded wool–and–silk tulle dress; select Bottega Veneta boutiques. Van Cleef & Arpels bracelet with diamonds.

Photographed by Patrick Demarchelier, Vogue, December 2014