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[현장직캠] 어른의 연애의 풀버전 (보너스 메이킹 포함) 《스브스캐치|수상한파트너》
[스브스캐치] 구독하기▶https://goo.gl/bnT3WD 지욱과 봉희 두 어른의 연애 현장 스브스 캐치와 함께해요~ "노지욱의 취향 따라하기" https://goo.gl/zioFyn 스브스캐치 페이스북 ▶ https://www.facebook.com/SBSCatch/ 스브스캐...


  • They’re SO comfortable with each other
  • His reaction when jihyun asked if they were gonna kiss all the way to the room (smirk smirk they should’ve)
  • He said 우리 지현이 !!!!!!!!!! 
  • Him jumping the gun right at the beginning
  • That dance before starting rehearsals
  • Him grabbing her hand to get up from the bed
  • Him fanning her 
  • Their skinship is so natural oh god i live for that

URGH HEARTS IN MY EYESSSS literally screamed the entire video

SBS is really a tease, made us wait a week for this good stuff, and THEN adding that BONUS MAKING VER AT THE END almost as a form of apology like “hey guys sorry for making y’all wait but here’s to feed all your pervy minds to prepare for a new episode tonight” WHY THANK YOU SBS

Idk if anyone’s already done this but this is the first thing that came to my mind when I saw Chewie shooting (but not killing) Ren in that certain scene.

december prompts! ~ *~*~*~*~*~*mistletoe*~*~*~*~*~*

hux panics a little too fiercely at receiving his first mistletoe kiss on Life Day… half of the finalizer had to evacuate because of kylo’s unexpected holiday smooch

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May we get winged!baby!Obi-Wan in the créche? It could be related to any winged!Obi you already have, if you want. (fluff or angst or both, whatever)

There’s a soft flutter that catches the creche master’s attention first, a tiny flap and then silence before a soft squawking noise fills the air. Its enough to make the old wookie get to her feet and slowly move towards the mostly silenced room of sleeping Initiates.

Except for the soft squawks.

She knows who it is before she sees the wings and gently picks up the startled boy, blue wings giving a powerful flap of surprise that should have unbalanced her had she not been a wookie, heavier then the strength of a four year olds wings.

Shushing him quietly, she takes him from the room, the dim light showing her the pale almost white wings that she knows with age will steadily turn bluer and bluer until they match a deep ocean.

Until they match Qui-Gon Jinn’s.

But for now they are soft downy things in the palest of baby powder blue.

Tiny fists rubbed at green eyes before sleepily tucking into the creche master’s fur, the wings setting against the little ones back.

/Awake again little one?/ She cooed at him, feeling a soft nod to her chest as she settled back down in the squishy chair she had been settled in for most of the night to keep watch just for little stragglers like the ones in her arms.

Most Initiate slept well, occasionally some of them woke because of visions.

The older ones didn’t need her.

And then there were little ones just like the one in her arms. /Same reasons as last?/ Another soft nod and then she started to gently groom the downy wings. /Oh little Obi-Wan. Its alright./ She hummed. /Your wings will be just as wide and large one day and they will carry you into the sky. Just you wait and see. Bruck’s words are only hurtful if you let them be hurtful./ Honestly, she’d have to have a word with some of the other creche masters.

Bruck’s words were starting to become a theme and they didn’t need to raise bullies.

“…He tugged out some of my feathers today.” Obi-Wan whispered into her chest, hiding in the fur and letting his mingle with her slightly silvering browns.

/Little one, did you tell the creche master on duty?/

“He was busy.” Obi-Wan sniffled even as he sleepily relaxed into her warmth as she continued to groom the little off colored wings he had. “Its still sore.”

Yes she was certainly going to need a word with the other creche masters about Bruck Chun. Gently she searched out the sore spot in the meantime and ran healing Force over it, soothing the pain and soreness.

In her arms, Obi-Wan started to settle even more and she could hear his breath slowly evening out as she rested her hands against his back and tucked him to her chest.

It will be fine, the Force is calm and it does not feel like anyone else will wake.

She can sit with this little gem of an Initiate with his soft wings that one day will let him soar high in the sky and allow him to break the laws of gravity all on his own.

This little bird can fly far one day.

But not today, sleeping against the wookie creche master’s chest with his thumb in his mouth.

Home Run

A short for the first day of Han and Leia Appreciation Week Day 1: Home.  I’ve missed this the last couple times, so I am excited to participate!  A quick summary: Leia’s pride trumps her pride, and though Han can be a really big jerk, he can also be really helpful when he wants to be.


This is for your father, your planet and the Galaxy, Leia reminded herself as she made her way through the hanger.  The ships were mostly quiet for the night, dark and hulking, almost stately, like standing sentinels guarding the base in its sleep.  She twisted her hands together as she thought about what she was going to ask, her face flaming a little as she remembered their last heated argument.

“If you’re gonna order me around like a slave, you might as well chain me up, Princess.  Would make it hell of a lot more fun!”

Han and she had been sniping at each other for days on a fraught mission to Eadu. Leia didn’t know why they kept fighting like this.  She would always go in with the best of intentions.  Sometimes with affection, and trust, and…even a little anticipation.  Moments with the Captain were certainly never boring (and he isn’t too terrible to look at either.)

At first they’d get along fine.  Sometimes they’d laugh and tease each other and banter in that way that made her skin prickle with pleasure.  Leia had always been smarter than most of the people around her - even the diplomats, senators, and advisors that surrounded her parent’s court.  The last thing she had expected would be to find such a worthy sparring partner in an inveterate smuggler who had so obviously been brought up light years from polite society.

But he was smart.  Smart as a whip.  Maybe he didn’t have the book learning that Leia did, but he was observant, innovative, and had the kind of knowledge only the streets or the space lanes could give.  So why did their amusing mental exercises so quickly turn into heated snark?

“It would certainly be safer!” Leia growled back.  “If you don’t stop showing off, you’re going to get us all killed.”

“Showing off?  Is that what you call loosing the squadron of tie fighters that responded to your bantha-brained comm?”

Leia seethed as she scrambled for a response.  

“Well, if you hadn’t insisted on taking that kriffing short cut - on risking all our lives AGAIN in the process - we wouldn’t have been early enough to garner their attention.”

Han gave her an odd look, the scowl on his face warring with the slight quirk of his lips.

“Did you say kriffin’?”

And Leia could have smacked him, the slight flip in the pit of her stomach be damned.

“This isn’t a joke, Captain.  I can’t continue to fly with you, if you willfully flout my authority time and time again.”

The smirk disappeared in an instant.

“Your authority?  Your authority?!  I am not taking orders from a pig-tailed, snot-nosed girl who’s barely reached her majority.  I don’t care if you’re a Princess or a Senator or a kriffing Jedi.  Han Solo,” he hit his chest like some jungle primate, “don’t take orders from no one.”

“That’s,” Leia had fought through a heady mix of hurt and fury, “a double negative.”

Leia grimaced at her pathetic comeback as she picked her way, more slowly than she should to his ship.  They hadn’t spoken in more than a week. The one time they had crossed paths in the mess hall, neither had been willing to cede Luke so they had both sat silently on the either side of him, only responding to direct address from the flummoxed young Jedi-in-training.

She wasn’t going to admit she missed him.  Not in a million years.  But, she couldn’t help the relief that melted into her as she got closer to his ship.  

What was it about that man?  How could she hate him one moment and then…

“GLUUUUggggghhhhh,” Chewie’s greeting rolled through the near darkness.  

Leia couldn’t help her smile.  

“Hi Chewie,” she said as she came up next to him.

He patted her on the head, a move that would have made her bristle if it came from any other sentient creature.

[Where…been?] he asked.  

Leia, a whiz in most languages she heard, had made an consistent effort to trade vocabulary and sentence structure (well, as much as Shyriiwook had) with the Wookie for the last couple years.  She was only just beginning to get the gist of his growls and yips.

Her girl’s eyes scanned the Falcon as her politician’s mouth did its job, “I’ve been preparing for a diplomatic visit from a few different planetary officials.”

Chewie gurgled good-naturedly.  Leia picked up something about “Pup” and “dumb” and “sorry”.

Leia looked up at the Wookie, suddenly hungry for more information.

“Is he there?”

Chewie nodded, waving towards the cockpit, [Go…talk…sad.]

Leia felt a well of frustration at her piecemeal translations.  She really needed to spend more time with the Wookie.  Of course, that meant spending more time around his friend.

“I’m sure he’s fine,” Leia mumbled, thinking of the way he never seemed perturbed by their arguments.  He’d saunter into the mess, laugh with the other pilots, flirt with every woman in the place.  All the while she was still steaming, still coming up with retorts that would have been just right.
Chewie shook his head, and said something too complex for Leia’s comprehension.  She shook her head apologetically, reaching up to finger the bun she wore.  No braids this time.  Pigtails.

Chewie slowed down this time, [He. Likes. You.]

Leia blinked.  She knew that.  Of course she did.  But as Chewie ushered her up the ramp, she wondered just what kind of liking he meant.  

She walked to the cockpit, with purpose though without speed.   She suddenly felt so tired.  Didn’t she have enough on her plate without these skirmishes?   Couldn’t he just smile at her and banter with her and put his arm around her the way he did on that mission to Rishi?

The door was open and there he was facing a side panel, absently tinkering with a mess of wires Leia hadn’t seen before.  She thought he looked absent at least.  He didn’t have his goggles on - the ones that made her mentally chuckle every time she saw them - and his tools were strewn about rather than in his hands.  

“Han,” she murmured.

He glanced up and before he could stop it, that smile spread on his face.  She secretly called it the Leia smile.  He only gave it to her right before he said:


And there was her own Leia smile, stealing onto her face like a thief, responding to the silken sound of her name on his lips.

Why had she worried so much about coming here?  They grinned at each other like loons for a moment, before the weight of the last week settled back into the space.

He released the wad of wires and leaned back in his chair. With a lazy hand he gestured to the co-pilot’s chair.

“Take a seat, Princess.”

The Leia smile vanished - off both their faces - as she gingerly picked her way across the graveyard of fallen tools.

“What brings you to my ship?  Or, I’m sorry, to my decommissioned manure tank?”

Leia grimaced.  She really had said that, hadn’t she?

“At least you got the stink out.”

The side Han’s mouth quirked, and his eyes sparked a bit, even as he crossed his arms in a non-nonsense manner.

“What do you want, Princess?”

Leia sighed.  She smoothed down her pants and looked briefly out the cockpit window.  It wasn’t much of a view, though she could just make out the door that lead circuitously to her side of the base.  She frowned as she thought of Han catching her coming into the hangar.  Was that why he was so often ready with a teasing remark or a needling question to stop her in her tracks?

“Well, good conversation,” he muttered, “If you don’t mind—“

“I need you to teach me Smash Ball.”

The silence that followed had the feel of a bad joke.

“Excuse me?” He managed to sound incredulous, amused, and annoyed in the same flick.

“Smash Ball,” she said, somehow retaining an air of dignified authority, “The Rogues are hosting game against our visiting diplomats, and, well, I agreed to play for the visiting team.”

Han didn’t even try to keep the smile off his face this time.  But it wasn’t her smile.  This one was the shit-eating grin that both aggravated her and attracted her in equal measure.

“And what made you do that?”

Leia wanted to cite any number of logical, cool-headed reasons, but a deep twang in her gut told her that Han wouldn’t buy any of it.  “The Rogues didn’t want me on their team.”

Han quirked an eyebrow, and Leia quirked one right back.  With a chuckle, he shook his head.

“Just when I think I got you figured out.  How’d that happen?”

“I’ve been trying to be more…” the word felt foreign to Leia’s mouth, “friendly.  I want to increase camaraderie, support the troops.  My father was always so good at that.”

Han’s expression softened infinitesimally as he listened.  

“So, when the topic of the game came up and they were short a man, I offered to round out the team.”

“And they said no?”  Han sounded both amused and offended in a way that made her aware in a strange way of the vicinity of her heart.

“Not exactly.  They sent Luke to,” a blush stained her cheeks as she ground out, “let me down gently.”

Han whistled.  “Kid doesn’t know who he’s dealing with.”

Leia couldn’t help her slight smile and ping of pride.  Han knew.

“So, I signed up for the other team.  It will be good for relations, after all.”

Han beamed at her and she wondered if there was another Leia coming on.

“That’s right.  Wouldn’t want those politicians to feel unwelcome.”

“So you’ll help me?”  

There was just a moment, a slight pause, that made Leia want to squirm.  She wasn’t sure why she’d felt she could ask him, after the fireworks of the week before and frostiness of the following days.

But Han stretched his hands in front of him, lacing them together and giving them a good crackle.

“Oh, I’m gonna do more than help you.  I’m gonna make you the best damn ball player on this side of the Galaxy.”

The warmth that flooded through her as he pulled her up with him was almost drug-like. His hands remained on hers, so big and warm and strong.  She suddenly wondered how many sports those hands had played, not to mention that tall, athletic body.  

“You got any equimpent?”

Leia nodded dumbly, finding her voice after a slight bit of digging, “We can use the rec room. It’s closed for the night.”

“Well come on then,” he tugged her towards the exit without a backward glance at the mess he’d left in the cockpit.  “And grab some caf.  We’re not leaving till you hit a home run.”

Leia grinned down at their joined hands then looked up in confusion, “What’s a home run?”

GFFA Ages of Adulthood

This is something I’ve been curious about, since Star Wars is a sci-fi with a lot of very Middle Ages culture.

From what we see, Padme is legally considered adult/responsible enough to be Queen of a planet at 14. Legends states that Naboo determines age by maturity, whereas others have said that the Queen is more of an internship position. But looking at TPM and what’s said in AotC, clearly Padme was considered adult enough to make laws, lead into battle, and even start a Vote of No Confidence in the Galactic Senate.

This also continues with Mando said to be adults at 14. But in TCW, the teenagers Ahsoka teaches are clearly thought of as children/teens, and not full adults, despite being around Ahsoka’s age.

However, then we look at the Jedi pre-Clone Wars. Obi-Wan defers to Qui-Gon and isn’t knighted until his early twenties, and knighthood is roughly equivalent to adulthood in that you do not have to defer to an adult and can take responsibility for a child. Anakin, while knighted young, is knighted at 19, which is close enough to our world’s Standard Adult Age of 18. This of course gets muddy throughout the war, with 14 year old Padawans being used as child soldiers.

Soldier wise though, the clones seem to be biologically around the age we would consider adults when they are sent to the field. Outside of Star Wars: Rebels, the Rebellion seems to be made up of what we consider adults. Same with the Imperial soldiers.

(Rebels itself though has Ezra as a padawan, Sabine as a young warrior, and Leia shows up at the ripe old age of 15. Though to be fair about Leia, the movies imply she has been a Senator and working for the Rebellion throughout her teen years, not just once she turned eighteen.)

This leads me to believe that while there’s roughly an age when you’re considered an adult in the GFFA, there’s no real standard measure and every planet/culture has their own. Which makes sense; an 18 year old wookie is probably the equivalent of a young kid, and the same might apply to Yoda’s species. However, that could also mean that it’s really damn hard to pin child soldier charges on anyone, because their culture might argue that a tween is actually an adult.

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For the AU meme: Anakin isn't human. How does that alter things? IDK what other species, there are so many to choose from... Twi'lek? Firrerreo? Togruta? Mirialan? Your choice!

… this is actually kind of hard because Star Wars sort of sucks at providing anything in the way of in-depth nonhuman cultures in the movies (and honestly is sort of hit-or-miss on in-depth movie culture in general, imo), which are pretty much all my reference points aside from Wookiepedia soooooo in honor of Wookiepedia I GUESS WE’RE GOING WITH WOOKIE!ANAKIN. >___>

  • For starters, Qui-Gon finds a very unhappy nine year-old Wookie SWEATING TO DEATH in a Tatooine junkshop. The amount of grooming/brushing-out-the-undercoat that Anakin and Shmi both have to do is just d e p r e s s i n g. AND LET’S TALK ABOUT THE SAND, AND EVERYWHERE IT GETS. “You’re a slave?” Padmé asks in shock after C-3PO translates, because C-3PO was definitely more important to finish when it was Wookie!Shmi needing him. Wookie throats can’t vocalize Basic and Shyriiwook is not a commonly-understood language on Tatooine. Tatooine is not commonly a place where Wookies ARE. “The young sir is a person, and his name is Anakin,” C-3PO supplies in translation of Anakin’s dissatisfied rumble-trill. 
  • Since Wookies have a much longer lifespan than humans, the Council is like “… okay, TECHNICALLY he’s not REALLY too old so I GUESS he might still grow out of the fear and attachment thing” and is a little less paranoid about him in general. Anakin is smol and fluffy, okay: they’re Jedi, but they’re not made of STONE. SMOL AND FLUFFY PADAWAN WITH SMOL AND FLUFFY PADAWAN BRAID. AND LOOK AT THAT CUTE FACE, FOR FORCE’S SAKE. 
  • Obi-Wan is immediately resigned to being outgrown by his smol and fluffy padawan from day one. There are no illusions that Anakin might not outgrow him by a million miles. Also, now he has to learn Shyriiwook, and Obi-Wan is Not Good At Shyriiwook but he does his best. Palpatine, meanwhile, completely fails to notice Anakin at all. Yes, yes, impressive midichlorian count and “Chosen One” mythos and all, but Wookies are WOOKIES. Maul was one thing, but a WOOKIE? They’re stupid, hulking beasts that can’t even speak BASIC, for Force’s sake. “Cowardly and angry” is only useful in an apprentice who can wield a damn lightsaber without using it as a club. This is really just proof of how low the Order has sunk, that they could mistake THIS pathetic little creature for their SAVIOR. It’s actually rather amusing, in fact. And no, this definitely won’t backfire for him in any way whatsoever, why would you ever think so? “Sweet Force, Anakin,” Obi-Wan says, staring at the fucking MASSIVE lightsaber that his preteen padawan has built. Anakin waves it and beheads four training dummies in one fell swoop. And nearly Obi-Wan, whoops. “SWEET FORCE, ANAKIN.” 
  • Tiny Togruta padawan Ahsoka Tano constantly perching on her huge-ass Wookie master’s shoulders. Tiny Togruta padawan Ahsoka Tano constantly using her huge-ass Wookie master’s shoulders as a LAUNCHPAD to rain down JEDI HELL on a droideka. THRILLED CLONE SOLDIERS WATCHING THEIR HUGE-ASS WOOKIE GENERAL SHRED A WHOLE DROID BATTALION LIKE SO MUCH SPACE TISSUE PAPER. 
  • Also, Wookies and humans are not genetically compatible, so Padmé and Anakin are both eventually going to be VERY CONFUSED when she gets pregnant with adorable but weirdly short only-mostly-Wookie twins. Very, VERY confused. Wait, no, actually this does sound like how his mom explained conception to him, Anakin thinks; never mind. “IT DOES NOT SOUND LIKE HOW MY MOM EXPLAINED IT TO ME,” Padmé says. 
Aftermath (Kylo RenxReader)

Originally posted by trashwilldo

“You’re angry with me.”

Your eyes flicked up to his but you said nothing. You continued the task at hand and kept applying the iridescent serum on the burn that marred Kylo’s face. The cells were already repairing themselves, the mark already lightening.

“That’s it isn’t it?” His eyes narrowed as he searched your usually smiling face and found your mouth was set in a hard line.

“Not at all,” you sighed. You stood up and looked down at Kylo, taking him by the chin to examine the mark. Satisfied you had done what you could, you sealed the jar and placed it on a nearby shelf. “It’s something far worse than that.”

“What is it then?” You turned to face him before answering plainly.

“Disappointment.”  He immediately rose from his chair, hands clenched and brow furrowed into a glare. “Oh don’t bother,” you said unfazed. “The time for fighting has passed, which you failed at. Miserably. The proofs all…” you paused to flourish your hand at his face. “There.”

You stood your ground as he stomped toward you, forcing all the furniture of his way as his anger filled eyes met yours.

“You weren’t there you don’t understand!”

“I wish I had been.” you hissed. “Maybe then we wouldn’t be on an escape ship running to the other side of the system!”

“She was strong with the Force!” he yelled.

“So are you,” you seethed. “You’ve been training since you were a child and she discovered her powers mere hours ago yet here you stand, ‘Master of the Knights of Ren’, mutilated and defeated.”

“She was stronger than us!”

“Not stronger than me,” you spat. “You obviously, but not me. Maybe if you hadn’t been distracted with your familial ties she could have been apprehended earlier.”

“That was something I had to do. It was ordered by Supreme Leader.”

“Don’t use that as an excuse. Your father could have been dealt with at any time yet you let that take priority over the mission at hand. But at least we know you cannot be outmatched by 60 year old smugglers. Though it seems Wookies still pose a threat.” That comment made him snap and he grabbed you by the throat and held you against the wall. You kicked him in his injured side and he immediately let go. He fell to his knees, holding his side and gasping. You yelled out in frustration. “The command in this order is useless! First, Phasma allows herself to be blindsided and lowers our shields leaving us completely vulnerable. Then you go running around in the forest and let the scavenger and the traitor get away without even getting a glimpse at the map. At this rate will be done within months, if we’re lucky enough to get that much time!”

“Well since we failed so miserably what were you doing during all of this!” Kylo exclaimed. Within the next second you had a fistful of his matted hair and yanked his head back.

“My job!” you yelled. “If it hadn’t been for me we wouldn’t have even been able to leave that iceberg!” You opened your hand and shoved his head before grabbing the light saber from his belt. He grabbed your wrist to stop you.

“What are you doing?”

“Taking this so you don’t destroy or kill anything while I’m gone.” You snatched your arm away and clipped the saber on your belt next your own.

“Where are you going?” he demanded as you made your way to the door.

“To speak to Hux. Who would have thought he would be the only one I could count on.” You stopped when you reached the door and spoke softly, your back still to the injured sith. “I’ll be back later to check on you.” The doors slid open and you exited, determination in your step.  Kylo sighed and leaned back against an overturned table. He couldn’t remember the last he’d seen you this angry. If you were this angry with him, he felt bad for Phasma if she managed to run into you.  

The “They have met before but only Kylo remembers Au”

Once upon a time, in a Galaxy far far away…..

There was a very bussy Space station where people of all kinds gathered to buy fuel for their ships, trade, and rest from their space journeys. 

In that Space Station, a young cadet on his way to the Academy named Hux the second finds an eight year old young boy crying for his parents and lost. 

Hux helps Ben to return to his Wookie friend (Oh, Han is in SO much trouble) 

Ten years later, in a planet in a Galaxy far far away…

Met Lt. Hux (22, scary), lost in the middle of nowhere while gathering intel. Ben Solo (18, emo padawan), he has a thing for gingers since he was eight.  


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I need more CHEWIE and Ben solo stuff. I NEED IT

alright consider

  • chewie meeting ben for the first time right after he’s born
  • ben looking up at him real quiet-like, all curious and somehow contemplative, and chewie swearing to himself “i’ll protect this child no matter what”
  • chewie holding tiny baby ben in his arms, so afraid he’ll break him, so in awe over how small humans are when they’re this young
  • chewie carving him a traditional wookie toy out of wood, which is sacred in their culture but he makes the exception for ben
  • chewie calling him “cub”
  • ben falling asleep in chewie’s fur
  • ben beginning to understand chewie as he grows older
  • ben understanding chewie as well as he understands mama’s alderaani and dad’s corellian by the time he’s five
  • fluently, more or less
  • (didn’t chewie roar at kylo when he shot him? what if he actually screams “why, ben?!”)
  • ((and ben… ben doesn’t know.))
  • (yeah, i’ll see myself out)
  • more under the cut

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